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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 48


The bridal entourage and close family members and friends went to the other side of the garden to take pictures and creating beautiful memories .
After the ceremony, guests moved to a cocktail area.The lushly draped outdoor chill-out area was glamorous and inviting. The seating arrangement had chaise lounges,cocktail style chairs & comfortable couches under the glow of the stars,fairy lights and soft romantic lighting .
This is where high tea and pre-reception cocktails will be served to the guests,so they can mingle and enjoy the sweet threats before the reception. Also enjoying a bit of live jazz by the Band.
A novel touch was the photo booth where guests could have fun having their pictures taken.

A cocktail /high tea lasted for about an hour and half.
After taking pictures, I mingled a little with guests, as we awaited for Reception time which was scheduled to commence at 13:15.
Batso came to me and Kevin, and gave us a very warm hug. She was congratulating us on sealing our love right where we met and wishing us a prosperous marriage. She even joked about the misunderstanding we had. Her crush on Kevin (aka mystery man) and how she almost ruined our friendship because of anger…

Just then, I thought about what happened that weekend of meeting Kevin…
Apparently, Kgosi let out the secret before I could tell her. Remember I asked Kevin not to tell Batso the good news because I wanted to be the one to share with my roommate? Kgosi a ntsha ditaba, a sa itse gore it was not meant to come out that way. He apparently told her sister that they were with me ko Club Coco. Kgosi was shocked that I didn’t tell Batso gore ke kopane le Kev ka lenyalo la Nkagiseng.

On Sunday morning, Batso, her family, Kevin and Kgosi’s friends drove together in a Vito to see him board the plane to USA. Just before Kgosi could go on those gates, He was hugging everyone for the last time, wishing them well, saying what he will miss about them.
As he hugged Kevin, he said, " I don't have to worry about you anymore buddy, Obonolo will take great care of you, I don't doubt it. I will check you every week; I need update about the two love birds.”

Kevin are he turned pink after hearing what Kgosi said especially in front of Batso. Since ba ne ba palame one transport to go to the airport,apparently, Batso was so quiet the whole trip to the airport and back home..Her mom even asked her if she was okay. She just said she was missing her brother already..
As soon as they got back, Kevin and Kgosi’s friends left. Kevin rushed back to Rosebank. As he got to his apartment, he received an SMS from Batso.

It reads: ( I am beyond hurt that you played me like that. All along you were getting closer to me, gante you wanted her? Why did you mislead me? Now it makes perfect sense why you cancelled our date yesterday, athe you were meeting up with her? When you Smsed saying "something important came up" athe you were referring to my friend? Well no scratch that my two faced roommate? Kgosi told me before we left that you were with her at some Club.You broke my heart, you could have told me from the beginning that you were not interested in me, instead you two lied to me. I will never forgive you and her for playing me for a fool.)

Kevin was shocked by what Batso said.

On saturday night when Kevin dropped me off, we planned to spend Sunday afternoon together before I headed back to Sunnyside. He was gonna drop me off later ko that day. Kevin came to fetch me around 13:00 , off we went to Rosebank. While there, Kevin told me about Kgosi letting the secret out. He also mentioned the SMS from Batso.

He said before He came to fetch me, he went to Batso to try and explain the whole story. He said it seemed like Batso, somehow thought that he was interested in her especially that time when he was being too friendly with her to get information about me.Apparently Batso got it all wrong. She thought Kev was going to declare his undying love for her.
Kev went to see her. He said, at first she refused to talk to him. But then, seeing that Kev was not about to leave until he explained the whole thing, she agreed. Kevin wanted to tell her the whole story about how and when we first met ,but remembered that I asked him not to mention that we knew each other and also that we met at the wedding as I wanted to tell her myself. But Kev said he could not let her believe otherwise, especially since Kgosi has told her something. Kev decided to tell her everything about how he's always been in love with me all along, and that Kgosi was helping him to get me.

Just as Kev was telling me about Batso, It all came to my mind that, Kevin, was actually, "the mysterious man" that Batso was talking about since January. The mysterious man who could not make a move until the SMS he send, that he wanted to see her. It made perfect perfect sense.That is why that time after Kevin and Kgosi left, she was funny at me, saying I was selfish. He must have thought I was flirting with Kevin.

Wow,now It really made perfect sense. Yooo, how am I going to face her tomorrow?

I was not looking forward to going back to face her.Not after reading her message to Kevin....

Weekend was over so soon,I was not looking forward to go back to the flat because I didn't know how to face Batso. I slept over at Kevin 's place Sunday night. Lets just say, I didn't get to sleep. We had a Love making party. If you think Rich was top Dogg when it came to sex, you will have to think again. Wow, I was sexed that night. If you ever thought heaven was beyond reach, trust me when I say, Kevin literally opened heaven's gates for me, and got me right in the heart of it.I was blown beyond my imagination of love making.

You see, I got to know the difference between having sex and making love. I learned that, you don't necessarily learn how to make love so much as you learn about the partner you are "loving" by losing yourself in that person. Having sex" is a physical act with physical reactions but "making love" is beyond the realm of physical contact. Sexual interaction is something wonderful to enjoy but "making love" is something to experience. No words can describe lovemaking and no one can capture or package it."Having sex" can be filmed, described, sold, packaged and even justified but making love is outside of everything. It transports you to another place, not only physically but more emotionally. Sex is momentary but lovemaking touches the eternal.

Given a choice I believe most people crave lovemaking but settle for having sex. Perhaps not a popular opinion but I believe it to be true. Rich and I had great sex,make no mistake, but what I experienced with Kevin, was vavavoom , we really connected in a way beyond,we reached a place beyond. Kevin is a real gentleman, he really gave me Fifty five shades of heaven, if heaven has shades. What I loved about Kevin was how one can be so selfless. He was more for ensuring I was comfortable,fulfilled and satisfied.He paid more attention to me than himself and that also pushed me to forget about myself and focus on pleasing and pleasuring him. Now, that's how I believe, we were really making love.

I once bumped into my sister Tsitsi's book called Kama sutra - the art of love making, yoo, the positions I saw on that book,hai, I remember asking myself gore ba teng batho ba ba tsayang nako trying those positions?, boy, I got my answers. Kevin was doing me in those positions. Kare kamasutra bagaetsho. At some point ke ne ke nagana gore ke tla robega, fela, having a skilled man like Kevin, ke ne ke palangwe to come nice. Mmm love making is Art tlhe, but e batla a great artist. In Kevin I had such, a skillful man.

I must say I was used to Rich and I's quiet and silent bumping and grinding, well apart from our moans and groans'. With Kev there was talking,praising,worshipping and sexy name calling. I must say,it was music to my ears that needed some getting used to. It was overwhelming. I guess I preferred silence. Not that I was complaining but, hey, that kind of pleasure talks di batla o itshepa. O tseba taba tsa gago...You would not want to spoil the moment by saying Maria instead of Theresa. I never liked that about our sessions. Although Kevin was consistent in calling my name, well playing safe by sticking to Shuga and Boo , I kind of not liked that.

Anyway, yaa. My steamy kinky night was out of this world. I made love to my boyfriend for the first time that Sunday night, and I was not disappointed.
Morning came, I really didn't want the night to end, it was too beautiful. Kevin left for work and promised to come back.

Kevin was going to leave work lunch time to take me to Pretoria. I asked him to make it lunch time because I wanted to be there before Batso arrived,usually she goes back in the afternoon. I wanted her to find me there so that I could read her reaction towards me. How she will act, from opening the door, greeting me etc. I thought I was pushing the whole confrontation to her.

I remain in bed when Kev came to kiss me goodbye. He said I must make myself comfortable around. I was woken by a call. It was around 9:30, I reached for my phone, and checked who it was before answering. Oh it was the Lav'of my life.

Kev: " hey shuga, how are you? Aish, I wish I was right beside you, enjoying you."
Heeeee I giggled and remembered how we set the room with fire last night.

Kevin asked me if ga ke ise ke tsosiwe ke some lady naa? I said no. He told me I must expect a visitor,if she's not there yet. His house helper is coming through anytime now. Her name is Dikengkeng, she has a key so I must not freak out.Kevin told me he already told Dikengkeng that I was in the house.

I quickly got off bed, made the bed,brushed my teeth and headed downstairs to have breakfast, I was starving.I was still in my pjs, I put Kevin's robe on and went downstairs.

Yooo my legs were locked, I couldn't walk properly, that was the aftermath. I was really doing aerosexercise last night.

Just as I got downstairs, I heard a knock, I thought, Kevin said Dikengkeng has a key, why is she knocking? I went and opened the door.

Ohh no. Not this one.

Before my eyes stood Tatenda ( aka TT, Kgosi's Xhosa girlfriend) and some lady. What a mood killer.

" O batla eng, so early in the morning?.She knew very well that Kevin is probably at work? I thought to myself"

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