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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 23


Saturday finally came. Ous Tsitsi arrived around nine in the morning.We sit down in the garden, and had our breakfast; abuti Omphi was still sleeping. O fitlhile mo ntlung in the wee hours of the morning from work. I dropped the bombshell that I have been carrying since February. My two sisters were shattered and so disappointed by the news. They all said Omo o phaphetse dilo tse di tonna ka bonako. She will learn the hard way about being a young mother and a student.

My sister Tsitsi was furious; her relationship between her and Omo ene e setse e se right because of Omo’s affair with a married man. Now it will be worse. I think it hit her very hard. It hit closer to home. Her husband Rendani Mulaudzi impregnated her at a young age, while at grade 11, exactly Omo's age. Rendani's family forced him to pay lobola. They took the child to live in Venda while she continued studying. So when she completed her Nursing studies, she fetched her son and stayed permanently Rendani and their son.

As time goes on, Rendani started cheating on her. His affair produced a child. Ous Tsitsi found out that her husband’s mistress was a very young lady. Regardless of the infidelity that hurt her marriage, her self-esteem and her heart, she stayed in that marriage. She is even looking after her husband’s illegitimate child. I really understood her feelings about Omo. She had always told us that she didn't want what happened to her, and to mama happen to either of us. Being go cheatiwa or go cheater with other woman’s husbands. So Omo being pregnant by an older married man opened her wounds.

She and Fifi called Mama and asked her if she's seen Omo lately. She said she has not seen her for four months. Mama said Omo has been avoiding coming home. Omo & Ole were at Board-ing school. Omo at Girls only school in Rustenburg, staying at the school’s hostel. Ole was at a Boarding School at Settlers, staying there as well. So Omo hasn't been home since she went back in January, so she's hiding there.

Ous Tsitsi told mama the news, she was also hurt. Worse because the wife of the man who im-pregnated Omo, goes to the same church with mama, apparently she doesn't have kids and the husband works with papa. It was such a messy situation.

The day went very fast, Tsitsi left. I was preparing for my “date" with Kevin. Ausi Fifi always taught me how to drive, so she said since I was going around, I could take her car but I must be careful. Off I went to my bedroom and check out what I was going to wear. I wore a light tight jean, a white long sleeved shirt, arms folded back, my dreads was twisted and styled, I put on my stilettos. I took my handbag, checked my face. I was looking good.

Back then I never used makeup. I just put my Ponds perfect colour complex lotion, a clear lip-gloss and I was ready to go. It was just after12:30, so I decided to leave early, because I needed some stuff by the shops. I didn't tell my sister in law Fifi gore I'm meeting a guy. I said I'm going out with my friend Hlogi, who was still at Witbank.

I got to Southgate quicker, did my shopping. My phone rang, ai saan, I forgot to change the contact name, from Don't Answer to Kev's name, so seeing that, I laughed so hard then answered the phone

Kevin: "Hey lady, how are you?"

Kev's voice was so mesmerizing me. He had this deep, coarse but firm tone especially on the phone. You would think, he was a strict guy. He spoke so gentle and soft. You will pick up his model c accent. One of the things that turned me on about him that first day at Avianto, was his voice.

Nna:”Hey TK, I'm good wena?"

Kevin: "Where are you ?"

Nna: “Mmm Aish, I'm in Alberton, I left with my sister askies." I jokingly said.

Kevin: "Ooh, is that so? Have you forgotten about our date? Must I come there, because I was already in Southgate. I don't mind. Tsatsing lena hone, ke batla ho ho bona .I don't care how far you can be, I won't sleep ke so bue le wena."

I laughed and said I was kidding . I told him I was there too. Just opposite Edgars. He said he just passed Edgars. He said I must wait right outside, he was coming. It was 13:10; we were both punctual, which was a good thing. I really hate waiting long for anyone. I am one of the most punctual people I know.

I used to fight with Rich about waiting. Yooo the guy a ka go tshwarisa pala. Whenever he says he will see you at 13:00, he always shows up ka 14:00, so I was getting used to delaying all our appointment with an hour, knowing he will be late. Most of the times, I was right, at times he would even go beyond an hour. I’d either cancel, or use maxi taxi to go wherever I was planning to go. He was so unreliable like that.

As Kev approaches, I had a clear view of him. I studied his body, his walk & his confidence. Monna wa seriti o mmona a sale kgakala. You can tell a man's caliber or personality by how he carries himself when walking, how his steps seems ordered, how he throws his weight for every step he takes. Well not necessarily, but, I had time to pick up a few things about him as he approached. He was clearly not tall, but average height, he had muscles, he surely works out , he had brackets legs.He got closer, I noticed his shaved head & his hazel brown eyes met with my almond brown eyes, he opened his arms for a hug. I went for it.

Our hug lasted for about 3 minutes. We just held on to each other without uttering a word. The hug was tight, like that one when you scared that if you let go, the person might run away.
Ooh, nothing turns a woman on like a scent of a man. I tell you, especially the one giving you such a close and personal hug. A bold and divine smelling scent. No one likes a soap smelling man tlhe. Ka boamaruri, monna o fitlheleng a nkga Lux, Dove, Protex or worse Lifebuoy, is a total turn off. So points were increasing as I window shopped him.

He smelled so good, actually he smelled Givenchy. I knew the smell very well, my cousin Phaladi uses it and whenever he visits and gives us hugs, He will say, he’s sharing with us his expensive Givenchy, because, long after the hug, you still smell it on your clothes so no need to put our cheap Shield. We used to laugh at his statement, because it was his signature smell.

I broke off the hug, and looked down on him, ooh not as in degrading him type of looking down, but, checking him out. You see, with me, I look at a man from down, middle, up, down and up again. Ke simolla ka ditlhako, yes, ditlhako. So my eyes went straight down.
Ke a tshepa mo o teng you may be saying to yourself, “Shoes? Really?”

Eya, ditlhako bathong. Let me say I can’t explain why, but I have a thing for guys’ shoes. No, not that kind of thing. My mom always says you can tell a lot about a guy, by the type of shoes he is wearing. It is really true. I do believe that, by looking at a guy’s footwear you can tell a lot about his personality without even speaking to him. I’ve been with enough shoes to know which ones belong to chill, artistic, interesting, stylish bros and which ones belong to boring, pretentious, irritating dudes. Then follows the weather, I would sleep with you, based on your shoes type of thing. That’s how I ended up with Richmond. The first time I met him, I looked at his shoes first, and inside my heart I thought..Yaa, abuti oo , Nka mo dira....

So was Kevin, I knew I would chow him, just by looking at his shoes.

Women, although I cannot presume you share my taste in men, the red flag shoes should be universal. I’m talking, Grasshoppers, Carvella, John Drake, Fila Takkies, etc, you know those maan. So, Kevin had a white & red ✔ Nike sneakers, With a blue faded Jean, and a powder blue tied-fitting Pringle golf t-shirt that molded his physique and showing off his broad muscled shoulders. He looked classic, clean and handsome.

We locked eyes, saying nothing. I bite my lower lip, lusting for him. He just smiled. Ohh that man's dimpled smile, Aish, se ndira motlholo, I melt.

Kevin: “What’s your curfew. How long do I have with you.

Nna: “Curfew? Seriously? Hai wena, I'm 21 years old, ke nale pasa. I’m responsible. So, hope that answers your question."

He laughed.

Kevin: “Ok, I get you. Let’s go to Sandton, Southgate ya bora.”

I thought, hai, I come here all the time when I am in Joburg, its close to my brothers' place. So, boring? I really don't know that about it. But hey, Sandton has lots of options in terms of shops, restaurants and mood. I've been there a lot with Rich & other times with my friend Fiks. I said Sandton it is.

Wait a minute; I have my sister’s car. What am I going to do with it? Either I must drive back, drop it and let Kev come pick me up. Aish, what am I going to say to my brother & sister about the ins and outs that I am planning? It was already mid afternoon, it will be tough to go home drop the car, and leave again. I will have to let them know where I am going etc. My brother is very strict & overprotective, if I tell them my plans; they will want to know how I am going to Sandton, who I'm going with, blah blah.

Just when I was deep in thoughts about what I was going to do, Kevin's phone rang. He looked at it and shook his head. He ignored the call and let it ring longer and pressed ignore. Just as he came closer to me, it rang again.

He said he had to take it; otherwise the person will keep calling until he answers. He asked me to excuse him.I nooded.
He pressed answer and moved away from me.

I thought maybe it’s the Girlfriend.. Kevin spoke for some time on the phone.I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but he was looking like he was irritated.

While he was on the phone, mine also rang, I checked the caller id, Oh No, it was Richmond.

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