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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 5


Kevin took his phone from my hand, and answered it, right in front of me.
Kev:"Hey you, what's up? Hai maan, I haven't forgotten about you, I will send those GPS coordinates as soon as I drop, sharp." Then he dropped the phone.
"Ke mang LSG, Lavo?” I curiously asked.
"Oh Bobo, it’s one of the people I worked with, ko Vereeniging, she's waiting for the directions to come to the wedding, so ere ke mpe ke diromele before I forget."

As he turns and walks away from me, I heard a beeping sound of a message notification, all that came from my mouth was, "kante your lady colleagues calls you Babe?"

Shocked by my question, He returned to where I was standing, held me in his arms, and smoothly whispered in my ears.
Kev: “you are my only Babe and I am your one and only babe, which is what I know. In few hours we will be sealing that, in front of all our friends and families. That is what I suggest you should be focusing on. I don't have control of what other people calls me.”

He slowly put a wet peck on my forehead and my heartbeat and blood pressure slowly went down and I smiled. He is right, I don't know for sure if the caller was referring to My Lavo as "babe" or maybe she was talking to her babe when I finally answered, because Oratilwe already pressed the answer key. I decided to let go & focus on my wedding.

Kgosi interrupted our little moment, shouting that O itse step gore kgaisa; we can all go to bed and watch the space tomorrow.
Kev held my hand, and we started walking towards Kgosi & Baksy (that’s how Kev calls my friend. Obakeng)
As we got to them, Obakeng said she's going to tuck Minnie (her daughter Minenhle) in, so she will be back. I was standing with Kev, still holding hands, with Kgosi in front of us.

Just then, my sister called me, she said I have seven missed calls on my phone. I quickly let go of Kev's hand and ran towards where my sister was standing. I grabbed my phone to see who it could be, giv-ing me 7 missed calls. The first three calls were from my Wedding Planner- Patricia Derango, the two calls were people I know, which I was planning to return their calls later. The remaining two was from a number I didn’t recognize.

I dialed the first unknown number, it rang twice, and then a guy answered.
Guy: "Hello ausi Obonolo"
Wow, I was like, who is this, calling me with my full name? I said, Hello too, who is this?
Guy:"O bua le Budgy from PDDs"
"Where is PDDs? I asked?" The guy said PDDs is Pat Derango D├ęcors. He went on explaining himself. I quickly remembered Patricia Derango, my wedding planner. Budgy o boletse leina la company as an acronym, nna ke tseba owner. I apologized to him and remembered that I have appointment with Pat.

He then said, Pat asked him to call me as she is almost done, and want us to come check the venue. I quickly remembered that Paula, Baksy, Kev and I were supposed to go check the place by 20H00.
Paula was already asleep, rile she is taking her beauty sleep, because she's got a lot of swans to give a make- over tomorrow, heehee. That is my diva, wedding coordinator for you.
It was 20:30, I told Budgy that we are on our way to the venue, will be there in 5minutes. I went inside, woke Paula, remembered the Thank you gifts and other stuff that the Decorators asked me to get. Paula was irritated by me waking her up, Yoo; she can swear neh, in Sesotho. But she eventually woke up, freshened up, saying a girl never leaves point A to point B without wearing a Red lipstick n a little powder on her face, just in case a potential Mr. Right Now is waiting out there for you. That is her motto and she lives by it. A ka se dire phoso e jalo, she's always on point. Whether o ya ko next-door, or across the road, or just by the gate, she always makes sure, she is on point.

While I was waiting for Diva Paula, I phoned Baksy gore a ye ko Lapa, re a tsamaya. I also called Kev to be ready. Diva was done quickly; we rushed off to the venue.
Since we were closer to the venue, it took us less than 10 minutes to get there.

Yoo Avianto is gorgeous, A village made in heaven, I first fell in love with it ke tlile lenyalong la Nkagiseng, ausi wa tsala ya me Matebatso (one of my bridesmaids). It was ka November 2001, that's where I met Kevin.

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