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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 49


TT: " Molo sana, wuuu, usasekhona apha? bendicinga ukuba umkile, uphi u sisi Diks? bendifuna impahla zam, nje ngoba u Kgosi se hambile, ayikho imfuneko yokuba ndizishiye apha."

Mmm, Ok, I thought to myself…can this woman learn some communication manners. Firstly, I am pure Tswana, just like she is pure Xhosa. But for us to hear each other out, we need to compromise. Atleast speak English .I am not being funny, but I barely heard a word she said, only Kgosi's name and sisi Diks. Which I figured she is referring to Dikengkeng.

Nna: "Hello TT, hello ausi( looking at the lady standing next to TT), yooo I did not hear a single word you said, except when you mention Kgosi's and Diks name, what did you say?"

She just looked at me, more like ignoring me. They didn't even wait for me to invite them in, they just barged in and sit on the couch, leaving me standing by the door. Batho ba Modimo? What is this? Ok, I've been in Kevin's life for like 30 hours, and he told me, that, his house is mine, meaning, it is my territory. So to have his friend's girlfriend rock and disrespect me like that was just a no no. So I closed the door and followed them.

When I finally got to where they were seated, I heard them talking, but couldn't hear what they were saying. The lady was even laughing.

TT: "Oh Noni, meet Ichomi yam, u Zee, uyakhumbula ndikuxelela ngaye on Saturday, ndisithi uyi icherry ka Kevin? Chomi lo, ngu Noni andazi noba ndithi yi ntombi ka Kevin okanye u makhwapheni, into endiyaziyo yeyokuba badibene ngo mgqibelo, kodwa sele ezenza umnikazi walendlu."

The ladies both laughed. I guess she said things that seemed funny to them .I swear ba bua ka nna, and they knew I could not hear any word they spoke especially in Xhosa. One thing I heard was that initially TT introduced me to Zee. And said I'm Noni, we met Saturday, and that I'm cherry ya Kevin, and also, heard some, familiar words like makhwapheni and indlu.

Oh Wait, I now remember on Saturday night TT mentioned some woman's names. Although I can't remember most of them, but, she did mention Zee.

I looked at Zee, waved my hand.

Nna: "Hallo Zee, I'm Noli, not Noni. Nice meeting you."

She rolled her eyes and looked at me with disgust. Why is she performing for me though? I thought to myself. Anyway, I am not going to entertain them. All I need is to ask them to say or do what they came here for and leave or ba emele Dikengkeng or even better ba founele Kevin.

Clearly, they have agenda, and its definitely not with me. Besides, they speaking a language I do not understand. So there is no communication between us.

Just as I was about to tell them my take on this, TT, stood up and headed to the stairs.
You gotta be freaking kidding me. Really ladies, what right does she think she have, to get into my man's place and do as she pleases? In my presence nog’all? Without even letting me know?

Ke ikutlwile ke setse ke rile," TT, where do you think you are going? "

She turned, a beya matsogo mo boer figure ya gagwe and came back to where I was standing. Her face changed. I saw attitude and sensed a battle brewing. But I was just not going to let her railroad me. Or even fight with her. I was too much of a lady.

TT: "Hayi ke sana, sukundiqhela kakubi, ungubani wena, wandibuza imibuzo enje, ayondlu yakho lena, yindlu ka Kevin, futhi ngolwazi lwam,actually the last time I checked, Zee was still Kevin's girlfriend hayi wena, so ungazobhanxa apha, ndilapha ngozothatha impahla zam, apho ndazishiya khona wena ungekho,so you can't stand there and demand answers.

Ndicela ungalinge undiphazamise ngalemibuzo yakho yobu bhanxa. Ooh, actually mandi phendule umbuzo wakho sisi,but ungacinguba kunyanzelekile ndi ku phendule. Matter of fact ndiyayazi le ndlu ngaphezu kwakho, ungabinangxaki ndiyayazi indlela eya ekamereni yam no Kgosi, njengoba no Zee uyayazi indlela ye ndlu yakhe no Kevin, wena hlala apho ukhoyo usiyeke senze lento sizoyenza apha. If you can give us that space, thina nawe sizovana kakuhle.
What I mean is, since you saying you can't hear me speak my language, I'll say this once, To wrap it all up, " Mind your damn business and we will do the same so that, we can all get along without any hassle."

What? Did I hear this lady correctly? Zee ke girlfriend ya Kevin? Did she say that? Ke utlwile ke tatasela.

Yoh It came to mind that ga kea botsisa Kevin about his exes or if there is someone in his life. I was just focused on being his woman. Right there, I figured out what was happening. Bits and pieces though. I got scared. I thought this is clearly not my place to behave like a superwoman.

This ladies are right, I should mind my business. Ke tla swela go itira mme wa motse wa Kevin ke sa itse gore maybe already go nale wife or fiance.Zee being one. She was too calm, letting nothing out, she used body language and rolling her eyes.
I thought, my bags are upstairs in the guest bedroom, let me go move them, and also move out of this two ladies' way, ke letsetse Kevin a tle go dealer le drama ena pele ke tswa kotsi.I just looked at TT, from bottom up and then Zee. I was going upstairs.

Just as I was about to go towards the stairs, ka utlwa mojako o bulega. It was a young lady, I figured out gore e tshwanetse ebe ele Dikengkeng. I stopped.

TT: " Hey Diks, unjani Cc.Yoo, you are late today, normally you are here by 8:00?"

Diks: " Dumelang ausi Tati, ausi Zikhona and Ausi ??, Intshwarele ke lebetse lebitso la gago."

Nna: "Ooh, ke Obonolo, O ka mpitsa Noli"

Diks: "Ooh Eya ausi Noli, abuti Karabello o mpoleletse hore ke tlo ho fumana monana. Ke ne ke sa lebella baeti ba rona ba ba bedi. Ha ba ho sokodisa? Kana yo motenya yo o bapileng haufi le ena, o moferefere hona.Ke a ipotsa naa, ha ho kgathatsa. Ya dutseng fatshe ena, ha ke mo batle honana, o ikutlwa ele motho hare ha batho."

Nna: " Ba buletse ke nna, ba fitlhile metsotso e ka bang e lesome tlhano e fetileng.Yoo o kare wa tlhaloganya, o ntenne go feta.Ke ne ke nagana go letsetsa tlhogo ya lelapa lena ke fetse ke pakise merwalo ya me ke itsamaele."

Ke ne ke bua le Diks. I made sure I speak pure Tswana and Sotho gore ba se ke ba utlwa. I was following Diks lead.I could see they were lost. They looked at each other. Then TT spoke.

Diks: " Le kgale, o kekebe wa tsamaisa ke matekatsi ana. Ho tlameha ho tsamaye bona."

TT: " Diks, I was here to fetch my clothes. You know I won't be coming here for the next four years,since Kgosi is away."

Hee banna, she speaks English with Diks? Clearly she can't converse in Sotho or Tswana, yet when she spoke to me,she uses Xhosa. I realized gore o ne a dira ka bomo by speaking Xhosa.Mxx.
Diks: " Ohk ausi Tati. I had trouble with transport, that is why today I am late. Anyway I will go get your stuff for you."

TT: " No don't worry, I will get them myself " Zee, Ndhi kaphe choma.
Nna: " Nnaake wee, ke siile dilo tsa me ko go robalang baeti tlhe, ke nagana gore o ba sale morago o di tlose tlhe. Ga ke a tshepe matekatsi ale."

Diks laughed and immediately ran after the two witches. A few minutes I followed, just incase Diks is not as genuine to me as she portrayed. They were already in the room when I reached the top of the stairs.

Diks was already putting my suitcase in Kevin's bedroom but she left another bag. As I approached the guest room, I heard them talking, in English this time.I stopped and listened.

TT: " Choma , are you going to let this lying around like this? Are you going to keep quiet and say nothing? Uya bona that bitch has already moved in. Call Kevin sana, fix things, you can't let go without a fight. Ku kwakho lana, claim your spot, man like Kevin exist once in a lifetime, this is your chance."

Zee "Hai Choma, I messed up and hurt him pretty bad.Ndizimoshele yazi, lento endiyenze ku Kevin is unforgivable and cruel. I doubt if Kevin will ever want me or love me again, worse, noba uzondixolela na. He means so much to me,yena ndisamthanda ,kakhulu. He really does not deserve the way I treated him. When you love someone like Kevin, you are supposed to be faithful. Hai choma, I will try again to reach out, noma andazi noba uzokuphendula naa xa ndimfounela.Yoo choma ndizamile umfonela for a very long time after the incident, even yesterday after you told me about her, kodwa akayibambi. The only time uyibamba xa ndimfounela nge private number,nakhona xa esiva ilizwi lam uvele ayicime, andazi ndenze njani ukuze andinike ithuba lokumxelela ukuba ndimoshile futhi ndiyazisola."

TT: "Chomi yam yenza yonke esemandleni akho ukuba abuye.Whatever it takes to get Kevin back.Zikhona yenza ngamandla akho onke sana. Lo' Msuthu akano suke azothatha indawo yakho lula kanje,dont let her take over your life, yilwa tshomi, with everything you have. Even if it means you have to use something traditional, nokuba kuzofuneka sibuyele ku Makhuzwayo siyofuna uncedo, sizokuya.Ndine themba lokuba, u Makhuzwayo uzosinika something for him to love you again, or into yo ku hlamba or yo kutyisa u Kevin ukuze ashiye lentombi yakhe yoMsotho. Noma ntoni, ndiqele uzame tog.Make sure you get rid of her. Your future depends on it.u Kevin uzokunika ikamva eliqaqambileyo, myeke uNathi akana mali, uzolamba nje kuye."

Yooo, I could not believe my ears. What TT was advising Zee to do. Clearly she did something bad to loose Kevin, now here in that room, unaware that I was listening and eavesdropping on their conversation, TT is telling her to do anything to get rid of me and get Kevin back. I was stunned and shocked. I got inside the room, to fetch the remaining bag that Diks left behind.

I just opened the wardrobe and took it out.

They stood frozen, wondering if I overheard or not.

Nna: “Ladies, did you get everything you wanted.

TT & Zee: "Yes we do"

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