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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 32


TT: "Uxolo sisi, Aish, andisakwazi ukuzibamba, ndavelendathi mandi ziteste(zilinganise) ukubazi comfortable kangakanani, huu sana ndiyazithanda kakhulu le zihlango zako,zintle, ndiyayithanda kak-huku nelokhwe yakho,the color,the length and the way it perfectly fits you,umhle sisi, uTK has gotten him self a hot newCherie.Honestly,uTK uzifumanele intombi entle kuwena.

uZikhona ( aka Zee will be jealous bethu-na)xa ndimxelela ngawe,uzakuba nomona xa ndimxelela ukuba ndidibane nawe.Lo ntombie really messed a good thing ,wazimoshelapha ku TK,ndamxelela ukuba xa ehlukana no TK akasoze ayifu-mane nakuphina indoda enje ngo TK, khawuzijonge kukuba umhle kanjani, she used to be in your shoes."

Wait a minute,what on earth is going on? And Ausi o yena o tswa ntlhaefe ya lefatshe? I don't know her and she doesn't know me either. But for her to take my shoes without my permission, and wear them, that's pure disrespectful, ruri. I was pissed off.

Worse she went on speaking IsiXhosa,which sounded foreign to me. Yaa Welcome to Jozy Obonolo, tse tota, ke a simolla go di bona. If she was indeed apologizing, she had a weird,funny and nasty way of doing it..Cos I heard nothing.

Nna mmemogolo yo O nkgodisitseng, onthutile gore, I should not ever go around wearing other women's clothes. My grandmother is Christian but she also believed in those old woman trivia's & myths O ne are, matheka a rona ga a tshwane, so if you go around o adimisana ka diaparo,o tsamaya o tseya meriti ya batho mo diaparo tsa bone. Gape o ne are, batho ba bangwe ba diri-sa mesunkwana le dipheko mebeleng so you will inherit those muthis,sicknesses that they have.

She said because the clothes with muthis or whatever stuff is on the other people's clothes are not meant for you hence you could get sick or even die. We never in a single day, wear or let anyone wear your clothes,even my cousins. Re gotse jalo, mongwe le mongwe a apara diaparo tsa gagwe.A tlhokomela diaparo tsa gagwe.

Le fa oka timetsa diaparo tsa sekolo, one o tshoga gore di skabe tsa wela matsogong a batho ba sa nnang sentle or ba ba dirisang kana tsa tshelwa ka mesunkwane or dipheko.I don't know how true those talks were, fela di re rutile gole gontsi. Go timetsa seaparo, go adima kapo go adimisana ka diaparo, ka po gosia diaparo,ditlhako le diaparo tsa fo gare ko ntle,bosigo was not an option. Those were great Lessons learned.

Iyooo, Ke ne ke kgamaretsigile, ke maketse ele tota, this strange woman,helping herself to my shoes,proudly so.

As I stood there,listening but not even hearing what she was saying,trying to figure out.Some parts sounded like compliments, umuhle, which I knew meant o montle. Cherie, & other words she was throwing,now and then in English. The only other things I heard were names.uTK ,uZikhona, Zee, Ntombie.

Ke ne ke itse sentle gore Tk ke mang,but whose Ntombie, Zikhona & Zee? And why was this lady,rudely talking to me in a language I didn't know,but clearly telling me something? Whose jealous,who messed things, who used to be in my shoes?

E le ruri I was just confused. I wore my shoes, uncomfortably so. I said excuse me, I need to freshen up. Off I went to the bathroom. First thing I did, was also one of the many home remedies for a lot of stuff. Ke tshwele mathe ame fo gare ga ditlhako tsame. Makgolo swore by that. She used to say mathe, ke setlhare/more mogolo. I took a tissue,dampened it and wiped my shoes. Now I was being paranoid about the stranger wearing my shoes.

As I was caught up in my thoughts, I heard Kev calling for us. I think they left 5 minutes earlier, went outside. They didn't even witness the altercation between TT & I.

I finished off, went to where Kevin was, as he kept calling. As I got out, there was TT coming down the stairs, she now had a different top and shoes. Ok wait a minute, during the introduction time,I didn't see no bag of clothes around, when we left them downstairs to talk,they didn't leave the house,so I could not think she went to the car to fetch the clothes so quickly in such a short period, Kgosi was still outside when Kev entered the house to call us. So why is madam TT coming from up there, hardly 5 minutes and now she's changed.

Something is fishy. What's going on?

Kev disturbed the zillion questions playing in my head.

Kev: "Bobo, o Sharpo my shugaboo? You look like you just saw a boogeyman."

I chucked a little and said no, just pre occupied my Lavo.

He came closer and said,say it again, I asked what? He said, what you just said, I was confused, I said a mouthful.

Kev: "No say that again, the name you called me, say it again tuu."

Nna: " Ohk Kev, I can't remember what I said. Please remind me.

He said no.

Kev: "You must remember if you meant it.If you don't,then you would not even remember it.

Hai, this man, o tla ba strong.

Right now I have so many things playing on my mind, I don't record some silly things I might have said while answering. Kev held my hand and we went outside the apartment.
TT was already outside with Kgosi

Kevin locked up.He said

Kev: "Shuga, I don't know if you will mind. Kgosi want us to use one car to go to Rivonia, because they will sleepover here after party, so taking two cars, its kinda weird,especially if we coming back to same place."

Ok,tell me Kevin is joking. Honestly. As it is,I can't stand this loud mouth,rude,disrespectful and bad-mannered Xhosa woman. So to drive with her in which ever car,was not what I expected nor imagined. I actually didnt want to.

Just a moment ago, seeing her going out of the door, I felt relieved that I will only see her again by the place we going to. Now this? Kev, fa gone, wa e latlha abuti. Ga ke rate the sound of that. Besides, Im not sleeping over, how am I getting home? From Sandton? Unless if we going to spend just an hour there and they drive to Meredale, then come back to Rosebank. I was just thinking about Kevin's question, deep in thoughts about the uncomfortable thing he is asking me...

He lightly smacked my hand,

Kev: "Bobo, ke eng, and please ke a go kopa, don't say nothing because I can see you are not ok. Your face is written sad all over. Talk to me shugaboo. I'm here.

I cleared my throat.

Nna: " Kev, I was hoping you and I would drive alone, re feleletse go bua, I have questions I need to ask you,I said. Look if you say we are all driving to Sandton, then we wont have time to talk.Another thing, are you aware I need to be dropped ko Meredale before midnight? Right now it's 20:50, how are you planning around that? Please tell me,then I will answer your question."

Kevin: "Oh sharks shuga, I have completely forgot about that hey. For some reason, in my mind, I thought you were going to spend a night here.Finish off what we started ko Southgate parking lot and inside there...Yoo, I'm so hypnotized by your presence. Yaa, joy killer. Let me clear this with Kgosi."

Is this guy for real? Me sleeping over? Hai o tshameka gampe. Especially because I told him before hand that I must be home before midnight. Tse a di buang, ke metlae le dijo tsa dito-ro.Matter of fact,O a tsenwa. I was waiting by the door, when he gets back from Kgosi's car.

Kevin: "Ok Shuga,all sorted, we will use one car, Our car. By 23h00, I will go drop you off , alone and go back to fetch Kgosi and TT.We can finish off on the way to Meredale. You can ask me anything then.Are you ok with that my Shugaboo?"

I see this man just don't get it. Our drive to Rivonia was going to be a chance for us to talk. I needed answers. But then I thought of the last question he asked me at the Mall, the one I never got the chance to answer? The one I thought deep and even planning to lie about, so my salvation came when Kgosi called and asked him to join them? That time I was so happy to be in the company of people to avoid answering uncomfortable questions. I even insisted that we join them? Even when Kev was not too keen to? Also earlier he asked me if we should cancel and spend the evening together, I still insisted that we go. So why am I now being impossible? And selfish? I thought to myself.

Kev and I have a long journey ahead, a lot of alone time, a lot of things we still need to know about each other. Anyway I will be driving home with him ,alone. So Obonolo,take a chill pill. Questions will have to wait. Let me go have fun with Kev and Kgosi.

Nna: " Ok Lavo, lets go party."

I said in high spirit.

Kevin: " Can you repeat that again Shuga?"

Kevin asked, as he came closer to me.

Nna: "I said Lets go party,why?"

Kev: "Bobo, is that all you said? I don't think so. So please, slowly repeat what you just said earlier, full sentence."

Nna:" Mmmm,I scratched my head,trying to recall the full sentence I said. Ooh no, ok,uuhm, I said Ok, Kev,lets go party...yes I said that didn't I? Kev shook his head, and said

Kev: "You changed the sentence. Lets start over."

Kev: "Shugaboo, my Bobo D, you can ask me anything you want on our way to Meredale,I'll be so happy to answer any question. Are you ok with that shugarbobo waka?"

Without thinking,I said,

Nna: " No problem Lavo. Now can we go party?"

What did I just call Kev? Oh, no, it just came out. Yes, I called him Lavo. Ohh, I did. I thought, well, He is Lav'of my life. It just happened to come out. Is that why he asked me to repeat? I then remembered earlier, I called him Lavo then, and he asked me to repeat. I couldn't even recall because I was preoccupied with stuff and TT.

Nna: "Ok Kev, I repeated what I said, was the sentence correct this time?"

Kevin: "You have no idea how that rhymes in my heart and my head. I like how you unknowingly called me that. Twice in a row. I think it is genuine. I really like it, scratch that, I love it Shugaboo."

He came closer and kissed me on my cheek, held my hand, and we went to where he parked his car. While walking there, hand by hand, I said, no one has ever called me a sweet name.

Haahaaaa, I was Mabhebheza to Rich, which was not rhyming grand nor romantic...Haaaaa..This is a first of many new things to come from Kevin Karabello Tau....Lav'of my Life.

I love the Shugaboo too. It gave me butterflies.

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