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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 44


The heavens favoured us, the day was bright,shinny and beautiful.The weather was Perfect for the outdoor set up I opted for.

The day started at 10h00 as guests,family and friends made their way down the venue's lavender and rosemary fields for the traditional ceremony.An elegantly decorated,long white aisle led to a breathtaking gazebo which was also decorated in dusty peach / coral types of flowers and creamy roses.

All Female guests were given white parasols as wedding favors.The parasols were blinked in the sun as everyone took their seats. Just by the side of the gazebo, was TLC live band,headed by Sibusiso Yeni ( Kev's brother in law) and his violinist providing background music.I could hear them performing Ave Maria softly and sweet.

Kev and his groomsmen were already waiting at the front of the gazebo, everyone seated.Budgy directed the bridesmaids & maid of honour to head down the aisle, allowing 10 seconds between each one. When the five of them had all made their way.

Paula helped the flowergirls and pageboys find a pretty formation, with the girls on the one side and boys on the other. The flower girls were sprinkling rose petals over the carpet.

Budgy came over to where I was, telling me his plans.

Budgy: "I will go in, and after a 2 minutes or so, the music will change. When it does, my darling, that will be your cue."

He then smiled at me and said : "Its all going to be perfect."

My elder brother Omphile came closer and gave me a warm hug. I was very emotional, holding my tears. I wished papa was here to walk with me. I needed him, I wanted him, but most importantly I missed him so much. I looked up and said, papa, you can see me right? Thank you. I shed a tear.

Omphi reached up and wiped my tear with his fingertip..

Omphile: "Obonolo, shhh, its ok little sister, papa's spirit is here. He might not be physically here, but He is looking down on you.Now please don't ruin your make up."

I looked at Omphi,

Nna: "ke a leboga abuti, I'm glad you will walk me down the aisle.

Omphi: "I wouldn't have it any other way. I got your back little sister. Cum'on lets do this."

At that instant moment of my life, the music changed. Time to walk down the aisle.I decided to walk down the aisle with my custom made bouquet, the one I'm planning to keep after the traditional ceremony. It was not made of real flowers but you would not notice or spot it.

It was gorgeous with bling on top.

We opted against the traditional wedding march ( here comes the bride). Instead the violinist and pianist played Brandy's' version of Everything I do, I do it for you.

It was a song that Kev loved to play, during those times he was traveling between work ( Sasol ) and home ( Joburg) .Something about that song, the passion of the song and the love it sang about,convinced Kevin and I that it would be the only truly fitting song for this moment.Everything we do, we do it for one another.

The music played, my brother and I set out on the path. Ga ke ise ke kgolwe matlho a me as I looked at the beauty before us.
The wedding set up before my eyes, was like something from a dream. Bunches of white roses cascaded from the 1.5m pillars set along the outer edge of the seating area and at key points along the aisle.

As I made my way, the shock of my life. Kev o ne a tshotse mic. Ke ne ke ipotsa gore o dira eng ka mic. I knew gore o itse go opela, and he was really good, he sometimes do sing for me. He would say, that's exclusive rights. Ke ne ke sa itse gore a ka be a tsoga a opela pele ga batho.

I hesitated from the suprise and felt the sting of tears as he sang the first words of the song. From where I was, he radiated an air of quite confidence .All eyes must have at one point in time or another gazed to him. The three buttoned Georgia Amarni suit was tailored to precisely match the contours of his muscular,athletic body,giving him a lithesome appearance as he put the microphone close to his mouth.

Kev Singing: "Look into my eyes,you will see, what you mean to me."

Ga ke sa atamela gaufi le Kev, I was lost in his eyes,so lost that ke ne ke sa bone gore o itshekile dikeledi. My Lavo, the man who loved me the first moment he laid eyes on me.

The man who moved mountains to be with me,monna yo erileng ke setse ke latlhile tshepo yame ya go ba le Ena,a mpatla, a be a mphitlhela, a man, who against all the odds,the trials and tribulations we faced along the way, fought for me.Through the tears, he managed to continue singing.

His voice was so strong and filled with so much passion and promise.

" Search your Heart,search your soul...and when you find me there,you will search no more."

As the music filled the garden and Kev sang about this being a love worth trying for, a love worth dying for, I was struck by something beautiful. Something se ke tla se gopolang, ka bosakhutleng,for as long as I Lived.

For all the challenges that had plagued our relationship, came proof that this was our moment,our time. Ke bile ka tswela pele kentse ke tsamaya,matlho a me ale go Kev. I thought to myself, the Love we share was indeed worth whatever cost that brought us to this place.That much was as clear as the shinny and glitters on my dress.

Nothing could represent my wedding day,more than a beautiful sun in a blue sky shining,and not just my wedding day but every day that would follow with the Lav'of my life Kevin Karabello Tau.

That was pure love, waking up through the years and knowing with all my being that the depth of emotion and passion and connection that filled this moment wasn't something in the past but something new and fresh and alive.Morning after morning.

The song was building up,you could see Kev was so lost in the words,he was looking right towards me,continuing with the song.

"Look into your heart,you will find...there's nothing there to hide..take me as I am,take my life..."

I finally reached the end of the aisle,I had so much tears on my face,I could barely see clearly.Ke ne ke lla, eseng kwa godimo though, or ka kutlobotlhoko,ke ne ke lla, dikeledi tsa boitumelo le lerato.

I knew then, that nothing, I meant nothing in the world would come between us, I was not going to let anything for that matter,separate us.I knew & vowed to stand by maikano a me go Kevin...

At that moment, ga ke ise ke batle sepe, ga kalo bophelong ba me, as much as I wanted Kevin and along the way,I have found the One I need more- the Lav'of my life, even when I hadn't known it.

Ntate Modimo, ale nosi, ke Ena o re fitlhisitseng moo re teng.Ke Ena yo o re kopantseng.Right there under the sunshine and beautiful sky,the heavens opened as the song was ending.

Kevin finished it with a high note ,looking deep into my eyes,through the veil, he sang

"Everything I do...I do it for you."

Kevin lowered the mic,all the guests clapped and ululating in praise. I was in awe. I was crazy in love with this man. Now more than ever. Obakeng came closer, fixed my face, wiping the tears that was running down my cheeks.

I was ready to pledge my Love for the man I loved.

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