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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 70


He turned off the running shower, grabbed the towel hanging by the shower door, and pat dried me…then himself…His lips met mine, he sucked my lower lips and carried me to our bed…

He lain me down comfortably on the bed …We continued kissing…Then he took a small bottle of some good smelling oil, and started putting it all over my body….Gently and softly working on my body. 

Then he took another bottle…mmmmmm it looked like chocolate syrup, mmmm

And this? I thought to myself…as he laid on top of me. I could barely breathe. His hands moving all over my now slippery body…He smiled at me, his hazel eyes, in a sleepy and sexy mode…ooh that dimple bagaetsho…I melt ka nnete….

He squeezed out a little bit of the contents of the bottle on my tummy…With his tongue and his hands he spread the syrup on to my tummy and down my thighs…. He started, licking it off, vacuum cleaning me with his tongue.

He kept on moving down to thighs and my belly, then up to my breasts and my lips….Teasing me…Pleasing me. Ke ne ke utlwa monate…I was taken to a sweet haven…. He continued moving up and down, sending my body into complete intense shock with excitement… I was in a different world of joy… my head, my heart and my mind were spinning, I couldn’t even feel my body, and it was numb with excitement… He carried on pleasuring me, licking off the syrup off my body…moving up and down in a rhythmic way… he then moved to my crotch…I almost fainted out of joy…It was so enjoyable.

He went down kissing every part of my body... I just froze with excitement; my jj was not behaving at all...... He looked at me and smiled..He told me I smelt good and I looked gorgeous naked, with only my wedding ring on…Mmmm I thought he was being cute….

My husband with chit chatting while busy indulging haai….

I was just lost in his touch and pleasure, I was breathing heavily... He went down on me, and dug his head between my thighs..I let out a loud moan as he let his tongue do what it does best down there… I shivered and let out a slight moan..Hepulled out, this time, using his two fingers.....

Nna: “Oooh Lavo,"
Kev: “mmmm, shuga....You want me to stop? "
Nna: “No, Lavo, you rock my world”
Kev: “Beg for more, beg me not to stop”
Nna: “Please Lav, please don’t stop, give it to me…”
Kev: “I can’t hear you”
Nna: “P L E A S E>>>>>make love to me my Lav…” (With a loud, but sexy tone)

He kissed my thighs and lapped me up, building my desire as he started blowing his warm breadth inside my jj, I was really crazy , I screamed his name as my orgasm builds up..He dug in and out, slowly and faster…

It was really magical. He moved in and out. The way I was enjoying myself, I had my legs wide opened so that he can reach deeper and hit my G-spot with the tip of his tongue… He stopped for a moment, and our eyes locked..

He bite the bottom of his lips,,,mm my body felt electrocuted. He nibbled on my jelly bean ( aka jb the clitoris), and went digging into my jelly jar, this time digging faster…I almost came onto his tongue, but he quickly pulled out…

He was staring at me, as I let out a joyous and loud moan of excitement…He came up to my mouth, allowing his tongue to dance with mine. Then off to my lips. We kissed, and he was sucking my lips like there was no tomorrow…beautifully and gently so.

I returned the favour, did my lip services on my BM…Oooh, my ooh,I was really doing him so hard, yet so gentle. He was moaning with joy as I licked his BM and took him in my mouth while rubbing his balls. Yoo my man was transferred from cloud nine to ten with joy.

He was speaking in tongues…I swear, I hardly ever hear what he was saying most of the time, half the time to be exact…He was just letting go..screaming out my name and other words ..

I went up and down; tip in and out…Slow and faster…He was moving his lower body with the same rhythm I was using to rock BM, up and down… causing me to moan against his BM . I had to bite my lip from crying out.

He paused, allowing me to adjust to him before he moved smoothly..
After a while he stopped me, pulling my body towards him. I was now lying buy my side,facing the other side, with him, also lying side ways behind me... he parted my legs, holding on to the one that was up and gently penetrated me from behind, I let out a loud moan…

He went in and out, slowly and faster. He was stretching my leg way up, while hitting me so hard..I was really feeling devinely sexed..

Yoo I worship the ground my husband works his body out on..Ka nnete, mmele wa gagwe? So strong, he was really fit..You could see by the positions we do that this dark chocolate hunk of mine is really strong.and do works out..So he was giving me free exercise, I didn't need a gym....

He then turned me over, letting me be on top of him. As I moved up and down he moved in sync with my rhythm. We moved harder, faster and I lost control of my body, as if I didn’t own it and I had no control over it.
I don’t know how I ended up underneath him, I just saw him on top of me..Riding me so hard…I was screaming with joy. We went on and on, turning and changing positions..

We ended up on the floor, doing the wheelbarrow position… Yooo he was now at it.Really digging so deep, at times it was so painful, but good painfull... and he’d slow down and I would start enjoying…. He started to thrust faster and faster and I felt all his muscles tense up and got tighter and tighter until he suddenly shuddered violently and pulled himself out.

We climbed back to our bed, and I did my squats on him. Boy did I rock him…ohh I rode him so hard, I even felt BM close to my belly button...Mmm I love it when I see my husband enjoying me and pressing me too hard onto him while I work him up…

I lay my whole body on top of him,our legs in proportion and continued rocking him, doing the snakeman dance...I was really taken to a place beyond my wildest dream; the moment became so pleasurable that it felt almost unreal. I called his name over and over.(Mm I was getting good at name calling during love making - it was rubbing off on me) and thank Godness, my husband was the only man I was sleeping with…so there was only his name that I would call in those heated moments…I was safe…and I kinda’ enjoyed doing the screaming…..Kaaaa raaaaa beeeee…beeeee bbeee lllloooo…Ooooh Laaaavvoooo.

I swear if I didn't have all my husband's bank cards pin codes and passwords, He was going to give them to me right there and there....He was mesmerized and lost....I was doing him dirty..

I clenched the pillows behind his head as my orgasm builds up..I went faster....We both let out a mind blowing groan as we exploded almost at the same time..… and I collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily.

I lay on his chest, listening to the sound of his heart beating knowing that …this was just the beginning of more steamy days to follow..For the coming two weeks..I will be having this for breakfast; lunch and supper…....

We were looking deep into each others eyes. Seeing nothing but the Love we had for each other and the promise to always love each other so deeply...

All we wanted to do was be alone and take in what had just happened. It was so surreal…
We passed out after that very mind and body blowing moment of love making

That’s how we ended our Wedding night….The perfect night of the rest of our Lives….

Sunday morning came…I was Ready to rock the world, as Mrs. Obonolo Kimberly MaKananelo Tau.

This was my New Year (turned 28), New hand accessory (wedding ring), New wheels (My Jeep), new surname (Tau), new title (Mrs.) and new life (being Kevin Karabello’s wife.)

I couldn’t ask for anything else…I was ready to Live my Perfect Life…My Happily Ever after..

It was now time for us to go pack and prepare for our two weeks Honeymoon to Abu Dhabi -Dubai. Everything was looking bright. We were all packed up, ready to go.

That's how I ended a Beautiful part of my life that weekend.

Our Perfect wedding celebration and My Perfect Birthday bash that I spent and enjoyed with my loved ones..Our Perfect Wedding Night with My Perfect Husband.....

Goodbye Muldersdrift and Hello Abhu Dhabi …

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