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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 78


We drove away, chatting about stuff nje. We got to church, just in time. We got the best seats.

The service went on, beautifully. The message was about.Encouragement. Pastor read from Psalm 68:19 and 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17. 

He went on and said, when we experience adversity or misfortune, when we go through tough times, a heavy atmosphere of doom and gloom descends upon us and the anxiety becomes too much. He said, when you experience such feelings, it is wise to consider the wonder of God's omnipotence.

He further said, evil has consistently tried to conquer good,but God's powerful hand conquered the evil one and rendered him powerless time and time again.There is ample testimony of His omnipotence.

Ke gatlhilwe ke pastor ge are, motsing o morwa Modimo a neng a kokotetswe ka dipekere sefapanong,go swa, go ne go lebega ekete satane o fentse, ekete evil prevailed, empa, that was nullified when Christ rose triumphantly from the grave,ele mofenyi over sin, evil and death,goya ka bosakhutleng.

He continued and said

Whenever you are going through the darkest times in your life, o tlaletswe, o sa bone pele, o ikutlwa o nyamile, o le so discouraged and beaten up, when nothing seems to work out in your life, consider the wonder of God's royal majesty. Be encouraged that the omnipotent Lord God reigns over everything.

What a beautiful message it was,I thought of Obakeng and her situation. I was so positive that things will eventually work out for her. Mohau le mosa wa Modimo o mogolo. Ga go sepe se se palelang thapelo. My own mother would say Amen to that.

I was adamant that her situation will change. I planned to continue praying and encouraging her. She will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed, nothing beats the power of a praying woman.

After service, my husband and I went straight home. I quickly cooked and dished up. We enjoyed our lunch, lamb shank, roasted veggies, gem squash and mashed potatoes. We just sat on the patio, catching up on Life. We spoke about the service, how beautiful it was. We missed church for 4 weekends. So we were revitalized.

Kev: “Bobo, Shuga, I was serious about earlier, this house is really quite with just the two of us.”

Nna: “Whats wrong with you maar? Do you have to bring the baby topic every chance we talk? Kevin, can we agree that we will wait for end of the year and discuss this sometime later? I do not want a child right now. Yes later in our marriage I would, but not now please.”

Kev: “There is nothing wrong with me wanting to have a family of my own. I don’t know what is holding you up. I am tired of the pressure from my mom about when are we planning to give her grand-kids.”

Ooh, the truth came out. Kevin is being pressured by dearest mom to start a family? That made sense. Nor wonder he has been on my case today. I really do not like the sound of this, at all. Kevin and I should plan our future accordingly, not with pressure. Right now I really felt pressured into having kids because his mom was putting pressure on him. That was really UNFAIR.

Nna: “Do you want to start a family right away, or you are being forced to? It seems your mom is the one putting pressure on you, now you are putting pressure on me? Lavo, that’s unfair. Honestly.”

To be honest, apart from me not being ready to start a family, I had my own fears about being a mother. I have not thought about my life with kids included, especially not for the next two years. So here I was, with a mother in law, who wants to determine, when we should start baking little buns. I was mad and furious that we were discussing such a huge matter, not because it was time to..But because my husband was pressured by his mon. Nxx

For that reason, I would not even consider getting off the pill. Kevin should not make decisions in our home to please his mom. Period…I didn’t want to give in to orders from her now..cos should I agree to everything she was ordering now, I would not be able to stop her later. She must just back off.

Kev: “What difference does it make? Whether I am ready or my mom suggested it? Fact of the matter is that, we must start a family Bobo…”

Nna: “A huge difference Lavo. And like I said earlier, I am not ready for such responsibility. Please do not put pressure on me. I will think about this and I will let you know. For now I will continue drinking my pills. I hope I answered you.”

Kev: “I am not happy about the answer, but I can live with it for now. Ke kopa o ska nka nako e telele to think about it.”

After our lunch, Kevin suggested that we should go to the car wash, I was lazy, but I decided why not. We took both cars. I was cruising with his Beemer, ena O ne a nyorelletse Jeepilicious yame. I packed our picnic basket. We got to the car wash and it was a bit full, so we set up our cozy picnic while waiting for the cars to be washed.

As we set there enjoying our biltong and light - snack, we started planning for the coming get together with our families. We were expecting 20 adult members of the families with their kids. It was going to be a full house.

From my side – Dire- O’ family – Was my mom, Otsile (Tsitsi) & hubby Rendani and 2kids, Omphi & wife Refilwe (Fifi) and 2kids, Omontle and her daughter Oratilwe and younger brother Olefile.

From Kevin’s side – Tau Family , Was Mme Mmatsale and DaddyT, Reatlehile and husband Nyiko and daughter , Tinyeko, Nthabeleng & husband Sibusiso and 3Kids,Thabiso & wife Tamia and 2Kids and Rethabile.

Then our family friends, Kgosi and Fiancé Motsheoa, Batso and husband Tiego and their daughter NeoEntle.

Obakeng and JK were going to KZN, since it was end of the month, hence she made sure gore a tle maobane to see the pictures, she said I must borrow her the DVD as soon as my family sees it. I agreed, especially because we could not watch it together because of the catching up session we had.

I was planning to invite Hlogi and Fikile. Kevin said no, I cannot invite them. He thought they might feel out of place, since it will only be family. Hlogi had plans anyway. Fikile was sad as she missed the wedding because she was stuck ko Nigeria. Her husband Obinna for some reason only went to Nigeria Saturday of the wedding, and they came back Monday when we were boarding to our honeymoon.

We met ko airport for 30 minutes before leaving. We had lunch and I promised her that as soon as we were back I was going to invite her also. Since the Man of the house has spoken, I thought, I'll invite my friends separate.

We set the appointment for the coming weekends. I needed to catch up with Fikile on lots of stuff especially, Kedibone Lebogo.

Our house was not spacious to accommodate all our family members, especially for sleep-over.

It was a 3 bedroom house. Kevin and I, decided that Mama o tla kgorogela go rona on Friday from Rustenburg, sleep over mo ntlung , then Saturday o tla tsamaya le bo Omphile to Meredale.
Olefile, who was studying Civil engineering ko Vaal University of Technology (following on brother in law Kev's footsteps), will come from school, a robale ko Meredale and will also sleep ko Meredale Saturday, gore a gone go boela Vaal ale gaufinyana on Sunday.

Omontle and her daughter Ora, Reatlehile and Husband and their daughter Tinyeko, were the only ones who were going to sleep over.

Reatli was going through some very serious issues in her marriage, Kevin was not telling me more about her problems, but, I figured, there was trouble in paradise, since the husband didn't even come to our wedding.

Kevin's parents were going to sleep at his Rosebank apartment with Rethabile, Thabiso and his family. Nthabi n her family stayed ko Pretoria, so they were going to drive later in the afternoon, so as Tsitsi and family, they will drive back to Alberton.

Sleeping arrangements were sorted.

Omo was planning to come Thursday to assist Dikengkeng (aka DK) with cleaning and stuff.
Ooh do you still remember ausi Dikengkeng? I am sure you do.

DK was Kevin’s helper when Kevin and I started dating. Yes, the one who saved me from TT and Zikhona? I was really fond of her and she was good at what she does. When I moved to Sunninghill when Kevin was staying at Three Rivers, she asked me to work for me instead of Rethabile.

DK came to South Africa specifically for Tau family. She was related to Mme Manthabeleng (my mother in law). She was the one who brought her to South Africa from Lesotho to work for Kevin. So me being an outsider then, who DK chose to work for, did not sit well with Manthabeleng. It was a bit of a fight until Kevin intervened that DK should go with me as He was also staying with me, so he needed DK wherever we were staying. It was agreed that she could go with me to Sunninghill. She was now working for us full time. She was my loyal and trusted helper.

Kevin and I planned to go groceries shopping on Thursday after work. So most planning was sorted.

Menu Planning was for me and my sisters... and Kevin will take care of finding a way to put some sort of a projector ko Tv room for better and clear viewing by everyone.

Before we knew it, our cars were ready. We paid and left for home.

Looking forward to the week ahead and the family gathering on Saturday.

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