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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 81


Omo was at first not budging she was telling Kevin to go alone. I needed to get rid of both of them so that Reatli and I could finish with our conversation. It seemed pretty hectic.

I mentioned that Kev must let Omo drive my jeep to the shop or on their way back from the shop. Yoo, just the mention of the Jeep, ba emela, almost at the same time running to where we put our house keys. Kev beat Omo to the car keys. They were arguing about who was going to drive to spar and whose going to drive back. I ignored them. I was relieved that I managed to get rid of them. I stood up to check gore ba tsamaile naa. Ka nnete the gate was closing off. As I returned back into the house, I realized that they didn't take any cash. I let them go. They will just have to realize when they had to pay that they did not have money. That would buy us more time because then they will be back and take the cash and go back again. I was laughing, as I was telling aus Reatli .

Just as I sit down, aus Reatli continued...

Reatli: So, when the lady picked up, I asked her to give the owner of the phone his phone. They seemed to have been at a noisy place, because she kept on saying she could not hear me properly and that the line was bad. I'll ask Dave to call you, he went to the gents. I asked her gore ba ho kae, and she said ba ko Mzolis.
Ooh Nyiko's English name ke David. So that must be a person who really knew him well to call him by his second name. No one calls him Dave, except his childhood friends from Giyane and his colleagues. So, I thought maybe it was one of the colleagues. But he went there alone as he said there was no one available to fly to Cape Town at his offices; hence he had to go.

Later in the afternoon I decided to try him again, since he never returned my calls. His phone rang three times, and he answered on the fourth ring. This time he sounded like he was in a quiet place. He said he was too tired, the meeting took the whole day. He was sorry he missed the wedding, blah blah. I asked him what time did the meeting end, he said just an hour ago. I asked him where was the meeting, he said ko Waterfront.

I asked him again gore meeting o simollotse nako mang, and also why did he not call to let me know that he was not going to make it back as promised. He lied to me. He said meeting started at 10:30 till 17:00, hence he could not call me in-between, ke gona a fumanang monyetla wa ho ntetsetsa. I continued questioning him gore o ile le mang from work to Cape Town; he said ke Ena ale mong. Hence he could not ditch the meeting for the wedding. I asked him if he went to Mzolis, he said no. He got all irritated with me…

He asked me which part of the meeting just ended a while ago didn’t I get? And why was I bombarding him with all those questions? I was about to tell him about my afternoon call, when I heard a woman's voice at the background.
All of sudden the phone went dead, like he hung up on me.
I tried dialing again; phone rang once and went to voicemail. I waited for few minutes, I tried it again, it rang four times and on the fifth time a woman picked up. The same voice of the one I spoke to earlier.

I said I wanted to speak to the owner of the phone. She got all cocky with me. She said whatever I wanted to talk to Dave about, I can talk to her. I said what? I told her I had no business with her, so I can't and won't be talking to her. I told her she should give Nyiko his phone or since she has taken Nyiko's services as his personal assistant, she must pass the message that whoever’s name was showing on the call register (meaning my name) phoned. What that lady said, tore me up. She said, she knew who I was and that I was Dave’s babymama. She went on and said I always call Dave for papgeld (Maintenance Money) and she gets it.

Reatli was so distraught as she spoke about what happened that weekend. I stood up, went to the bathroom to get her some tissues. Yooo. Ga ene eya koma koma. Marriage is not a child’s play. Is this what we sign up for? Yooo. I was beyond shocked.
I came back, and gave her the tissue to wipe her face.

She continued:

Yoo Makananelo, the lady told me how Dave was taking responsibility of his child. How He won't abandon his firstborn,. She said I should do myself a favour, move on with my life and get over Dave. She said Dave surely has my account details, so she will remind him to deposit my money.

What she said afterwards, broke my heart to the core…She said she and Dave were going to be married very soon, and that she does not want to be dealing with baby mama drama. Before she hung up, she said I should stop disturbing them with my calls as they were celebrating their engagement.

Makananelo, do you get this? I’m just a baby mama mo mahlong a di girlfriend tsa Nyiko. As for the engagement celebration, I was shattered and devastated beyond.”

Phew, that was too much. I held my sister in law's hands. I lacked words. I was so shocked and disappointed. It seemed like everyone closer to me was going through something in their relationship except me.

I was just wondering ebe ke safe with Kevin?

Was this the idea of marriage? Does happily ever after meant so much pain? Is this a warning? Is this a watch your back kind of sign?

These women are being hurt by the people who are supposed to Love and protect them. Yes, Mme matswale warned me about comparing my marriage to other people’s marriages, but ke utlwile ke tshoha. Was I being paranoid to feel so scared and question my own marriage?

I thought of my mom, what my dad put her through, my sister Tsitsi, what Rendani has put her through, Obakeng, Batso and now this? Off course their cases were unique and different but they are all being cheated, let down, disappointed and lied to in their relationship. This was the attacked by the devil. Is this what marriage boils down to?

Yoo, this was heavy, my heart was bleeding for her, I could not imagine what she must be going through. Ga golo gonne, ga ise a bolelle her family. Ore mme wa gagwe won't hear of it. Apparently this was not the first time he caught Nyiko. The first time she caught him right –handed .It was such a big thing that all families were called in to intervene. They also went counseling. It seems it did not work, hence she was contemplating Divorce?

I asked her, if she confronted Nyiko. She said she did and he denied everything. He denied being at Mzolis, he denied being with a woman. He laughed at the mention of engagement. Apparently he claimed that his phone battery died while they were talking and he forgot its charger back home, he said he went and asked the hotel receptionist to charge it and went back to sleep, he woke up around midnight and the hotel receptionist whose shift was ending, brought his phone. He claimed that, maybe the person he gave his phone to, answered her calls and was playing games. He said he saved Reatli as “My Wife” so maybe the person was teasing her.

Reatli was crying hysterically. She kept on saying: My husband was a liar. He is a cheater. I am through with him. I am through with this marriage. It’s over. I want out.
Just as she was crying, Kevin opened the door, went to the reception area, took something and shouted, I came to fetch the wallet, see you soon, a tswalela lebati and drove off. I went to the guests’ bathroom, took out a bath towel, warmed it up with water, and took it to Reatli.

She wiped her face off, still sobbing. As soon she finished wiping her tears, I held both her hands…

Nna: “ausi Reatli, are you willing to give up on your marriage because of what happened ko CT? I heard your story and it's painful, but, and a big BUT, something doesn't make sense. You don't have 100% proof of what really went down there. It’s you vision versus the mysterious woman who seemed to be in the dark about your husband and your husband’s story. I’m not saying Nyiko is not guilty nor is guilty, but, there's something wrong with the whole story and unless you are sure that your husband was really engaged to some flueeez, or was cheating on you, you can't just divorce him. Yes, there's lies in all these but you need to be sure beyond reasonable doubt. I would be sure first before making such a hectic decision.

You just said, this was not the first episode of his cheating, and I understand that prior encounters, you had proof, o bone bopaki, receipts, late calls , business trips etc, yet you were able to forgive him and moved on. Right now, you are going with just a hunch and perhaps a deeper misunderstanding, but no proof at all, yet you are willing to give up on your marriage? No ausi, don’t.
Please don't let divorce be an option for you. Don't seek divorce as the solution to your marriage problems.

No marriage is too far gone to save if both of you want to save it. I'm not saying there are no grounds for divorce like an abusive partner, proof of infidelity etc. But in your case, you need to forgive and try to give your husband a benefit of a doubt. You are not 100% sure what happened that weekend. It’s your version versus your husband’s. That cannot warrant a divorce tlhe ausi. Don’t you think you are just overreacting?”

Aus Reatli came too closer to me, gave me a big hug.

Reatli: ”you’re the best sister and confidant any woman can ever ask for. You are so young yet so wise. May the God bless you in abundance? I wish and pray that you never ever had to go through infidelity, deceit, lies and any unpleasant evil works in your marriage. I'm proud to call you my sister. You made me look at my situation in a different light. I'm going to get my husband back home. Did I tell you I kicked him out of our home since that Sunday? He's been staying in a hotel from then. Ke a leboga MaKananelo. You saved me for making one of the hardest and biggest decisions of my life.”

She kissed me and we held on to each other for a while longer. I broke the hug and said, Lets pray, ask God for a second chance for you and Ntate Baloye. Most importantly, pray for your marriage and ask God to remove the thought of divorce from your heart and mind.

We knelt down right there in front of the TV. I put the volume down and we held hands and prayed.

Just as we said Amen, Omo and Kev entered the house. What a perfect timing.

We stood up, aus Reatli went to the bathroom, I guess to freshen up, I went to the kitchen to make some snacks. We were not going to cook, as there was still some leftover food.

Yaa, Lenyalo le boima ele tota….

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