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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 54


DYGO 54 
The Reception 

Kevin turned and walked back to me, he looked very stunned by what I said. I was damn serious; I wanted us to talk right there before the Reception.

Kevin: “what did you just say Bobo?”

Nna: “Ke batla re bue before the reception, I cannot wait for after. It is important that we talk now.”

Kevin: “Ohk, what is it?”

Just as I was about to tell my husband what was bothering me, Thapelo came to where Kevin and I were standing and grabbed us by his hands, literally pulling us back to the room where everyone was preparing for their step. I thought, well, this will have to wait then. Ke tla bua le Kevin later…..

It was exactly 13:00, all guests had moved to the Reception area. All the guests were ushered into the Reception as per their sitting arrangements already sorted when guests Rsvp'd a month ago.

We planned a grand entrance, courtesy of Budgy and Thaps the choreographer.

Mc announced the Parents’s entrance. My mom together with my uncle went in first, their entrance song was You raise me up. Mc called their names and relationship to bride and groom and ushered them to their reserved “Bride’s Family” tables, in followed the groom’s parents, who were also introduced and their names called. They also had their song, Ave Maria played as they made their way and seated at their reserved “Groom’s Family” table.

Once our parents were seated, MC, asked the Bridal entourage to line up in pairs and order as presented to him by Budgy. He asked that each pair's song be played strictly 40 seconds .

First went the Flowergirls and pageboys . Mc went and said please welcome our little Missies, Oratilwe Dire & Minenhle Khoza joined by little misters, Olwethu Yeni & Afilwe Dire.Accompanied them is diva Paula Tau. They went and took a seat at the table reserved for the Bridal entourage.

Then the song changed, It was,' Its on tonight by Montello Jordan.'
The bridesmaids & groomsmen paired themselves according to how they practiced their step.

First was Ms Hlogi Majola & Mr. Olefile Dire, they show cased their move, and went to wait at the dance floor.

Mc asked that there must be 40 seconds in-between pairs,so that photographer can take perfect pictures upon the entrance of each.

The second pair was Ms. Omontle Dire & Mr. Kagiso Ledimo, also did their dance and joined the first pair.

Third pair was Ms Rethabile Tau & Mr. Sherlock Palmer.

Fourth pair was Mrs Matebatso Mosadi & Mr. Luthando Zitha.

Last pair was the maid of honour Mrs.Obakeng Khoza & Mr Kgosi Mohale, the bestman. All did their step, till the dance floor.

They looked gorgeous. I must say I chose the best people to share my day with. All flexible and bubbly.

Just as I was admiring my bridesmaids and groomsmen, the music stopped. Mc said something, Kev and I didn't even hear what he said, we were just lost in each other's embrace.

We heard guests laughing and clapping. There was silence.

Mc: “It’s an honour to present to you, Mr and Mrs. OK - Kevin Obonolo Tau. Our honorable couple. Can we all give them some love and respect, and stand up as they make their way in."

Just as he finished talking, the sound of Dance Siegel's-You Let me in, played, as Kevin and I entered the reception area.

The song lasted longer , till I heard Kev softly singing along saying, Just when I turned, I caught you starring back at me, and you touched, to know that I needed your love so much .

As soon as everyone was seated including Kevin and I, I looked around to see if all was well, every table is full as per the rsvp's emails.

Jealous down, the Decor was breathtaking.

The place was draped in white with peachy/coral and splashes of silver grey/pewter. I asked aus Pat to keep the floral arrangements simple for the tables.

Our table- was kept simple but elegant, they used fresh different kinds of flowers (tulips, roses & lilies) added with luminous water beads on a large statement round vases & put the vases on mirrored boxes. Large high-backed King and Queen chairs for Kev & I, indicating that we are the guest of honour.

The lighting was so perfect, looked fresh and the peachy colours framed a complementary background that will show off my outfit to the best advantage.

Bridal Entourage Table - for bridesmaids, flower girls & groomsmen had a big silver stand written Bridal Table, centerpieces of white & peach roses under water on column vases, with bases of pebbles and floating candles.

Bride & Groom's family had their separate tables. The decorator showed consideration to them as requested, by putting little signs on the chairs, to signify who they are, such as “mother /father of the Bride/Groom etc.

All other tables had selection of lush pastel-coloured roses & greenery in sparkling vases of orangey-coral water.
Touches of vintage glamour were incorporated with draped chandeliers & centerpieces for each table with clear & crystal paraffin lanterns that will be kept alight into the night.

Silver Grey Tiffany chairs & Drape tables with patterned tablecloths, added a touch of romance. Table setting incorporated shades of grey, from embossed grey tablecloths & napkins to silver under plates. Good quality sparkling silver cutlery & crystal glassware looked gorgeous on all tables.

Instead of table numbers on the tables, Kev & I added a personal touch by giving each table a different name, like, Faith, Love, Patience, Trust, Joy, Understanding, Humility, Laughter, Communication etc,- all the attributes we wanted in our marriage. Table names written in bold grey on a peachy background material were displayed in silver gray picture frames.

Elegantly packed wedding favors by Sparkling Brides, were practical, pretty & specific to different guests.

As table sitting arrangement was also planned in advance, for married couples tables, the gift was, "The Lovebirds Salt & Pepper Shakers- each has OK (Obonolo & Kevin) engraved on each bird.
For other guests’ tables, there was Glass coasters & Flip flop bottle openers as gifts.

As I was admiring the decor and people sitting in the room, something caught my eye.

Unbelievably, my eyes were met by my wedding cake. I looked at it, trying to find whatever damage my Planners were talking about, I could not see.

A crazy thought crossed my mind. Is it a bad luck for something to happen to the wedding cake before the wedding? I didn't ask Makgolo, she probably knew those tales and superstitions.

My mom who works with cakes every single day, she did say, it was just a terrible mistake/ accident that must have happened. She asked me to not dwell on what happened to the cake and le gore e raya gore eng. She said I will just upset myself for nothing.

I couldn't help but think maybe seeing Richmond and Kedi together and also the possibility of my husband cheating on me was some sort of sign. I asked myself what if damaged wedding cake meant or symbolized Broken Marriage?

I quickly dismissed the thought and actually laughed at myself for those silly thoughts.

I whispered God forbid.I don't believe in such superstitions.

I needed to think positive like my mom suggested. It was just an accident, which is not even visible. Yippee, after-all, my Wedding cake was looking stunning and perfect.

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