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Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 119


Dygo 119
Nna: "Lavo, I decided we should check those accounts now. I will take a shower later."

My husband is very dark in complexion; you can imagine how peach black he turned when I mentioned that I changed my mind. He was just saying lots of stuff and making excuses. I was not interested in those. He went on and on, giving me excuses and telling me how he forgot the passwords etc. I was not backing down. He was just lying to my face. I kept pushing him to think of possible password and also suggested we reset the passwords etc. My husband ended up refusing nine nine, hore why setse ke batla go bona his stuff meanwhile I never showed any interest in his laptop. He said he will show me whatever I want to see when he was ready and not when I insist and force him to .

I could not believe it but he said that. Just like that, He was not going to. As I was standing there shocked and realizing that my husband was really hiding things from me, his phone rang. It was far from where he was standing but closer to me. Kevin with personalized ringtones, this was the first time ke e utlwa, it was one of my favorite songs by Mario Winans, Should have known. I was even dancing to the beat. I went to where the phone was, Kevin tried to beat me to it, it was too late. The phone was just within my reach. Mario kept doing his thing, ‘ If I had to do it all over, I would’ve never kissed you but at that time I just couldn’t resist…’

I picked it up from the bed and checked the caller Id and looked at Kevin, who obviously knew who was calling. He looked so scared. Scared that I might answer . He came closer to where I was standing, extending his hand for me to give him the phone…

Nna: No no, don’t stress, I won’t answer it. It’s your beloved Sheryl that you seem not to be able to resist. ‘We just friends’? hmmm Lavo, friendship? Go ahead, answer it. Right now, right here. Ooh and tell her the friendship is over and that she should stop calling you.

My husband had panic written all over his face. He was looking at me with those begging eyes. Yaa neh. Ngwanyana oo, has my husband eating up in her hand. Kevin does not just assign tones. There's always significant meaning to that. So I thought, I know the chorus of this song.

I remembered just a few lines where it says: I should have known that a man gets weak, I should have known it could happen to me..and this is what I should have done, I shoulda known better.
Mmm this was interesting.

Firstly it was LSG with Sexual Healing, now He should have known with Sheryl? Yaa neh. It was getting hot in that bedroom.
Why will he assign such a ring tone to a friend?

I felt even more determined and sure about finding out. I thought, I’d rather be hurt by the truth than be comforted with a lie. Even if it meant my life might change by the revelation. I was going to seek and dig for answers.
Kevin took the phone from me, but it stopped ringing. I was looking at him, smiling through my pain.

Nna: " Yo, maybe I'm keeping you here while you have to be on your way to Hammanskraal. Your Highness Sheryl is waiting for her knight in shining armour to come fetch her. o batla o tlo mo lata ko o mo siileng teng on Friday. Let me not stand on your way."

Just as he was about to say something, Mario started doing what he does best. Kevin let it ring without answering. This time I sang along with it…

I looked at him, still not answering the call. The phone stopped a few minutes, then it rang again….

Nna: "shame on you Kevin Karabello Tau. Please answer the damn phone because that little whore won't stop phoning until you pick up. Please don't avoid and ignore her on my account. I’ve had it ke Mario with his regrets. I don’t want you regretting not answering your girlfriend's call. I'm going to take a bath and go fetch my kids. You do what you do best, enjoy your newly discovered fantasies."

I continued singing along. This time I sang my way out of my husband side into the bathroom…broken down…. I just bang the bathroom door and run my bath. I sat in my bath, tears flowing through my face. I was asking myself so many questions that my mind was flooded with thoughts. Was our marriage over? Was this the beginning of my heartache? Has my husband lost interest in me? Was our marriage boring, uninteresting and monotonous? What does this other woman have that I don't? Is she more beautiful, worldly, or sophisticated? Is she a better lover? Does she stand up to him more or act vulnerable and innocent? What has she done to win his heart, lust and desire?

I was filled with thoughts of self-doubt. Questioning myself instead of my husband. I was blaming myself, thinking maybe there were some things or qualities I lacked that Sheryl possessed. Maybe being a mother changed how my husband looked at me. Was I no longer attractive? Did I gain weight? What have I done to push my husband into another woman’s arms? Was she more beautiful than I? Was she more vulnerable to my husband than I ever was? Why else would my husband be so drawn to her?
No, I joined the gym after the twins’ birth. I was back to my size 32/34, I ate healthy; I believe I was looking even better than when we first met or before the kids. I looked after myself more, inside and out. I have been there for him through his ups and downs with his business. Never did I once accuse him of neglecting us or me. I looked after him at times when He would let me. Yes we were no longer spending enough time because he told me he was busy, and I saw he was busy…I gave up seeking quality time because of that. Some nights he would be too tired to even make love to me…I used to understand. I have been nothing but a loyal, loving and supportive wife, parent and partner in this marriage. Why did he seek another woman?

I shrugged off the thoughts of self doubt; I knew it was not about me at all. It was about Kevin and the decision he had made to get us right here. Love is a decision. Having an affair is a choice. A choice one make with a clear mind and conscience. My world came crashing down and that was just the beginning of my worst nightmares.

I finished bathing. I went downstairs; Kevin was long gone without saying anything to me. Ooh well, maybe I must just accept that my husband has found himself some distraction away from our marriage.

I called Omo, ke mmolella gore a siamise bana ka 16:00, I will come fetch them. She said they went to visit her friend somewhere in Gallo Manor, so definitely she will be home by then. As soon as I hang up, a call came through my phone. I looked at the caller id,
Nxoo it was my friend and colleague Lesedi.

Lesedi works at our IT department, in fact, she is the IT specialist. She has been asking to see me, she once told me she needed to seriously have a chat with me. I have been hectic at work with back to back meetings and deadlines. E ne ele financial year end ya rona and a lot of my clients, so I was so busy. I was planning to make time and chat to her during the coming week. So here she was, calling me. Even yesterday she tried to reach out and I was not home and was in a bad space. I thought, ka gongwe o batla go bua serious, and yesterday I promised to see her after church service, so since I didn't go to church, maybe I should meet up with her, or ask her to come to the house.

I picked up.

Nna: "Hey dearie, what's up?"
Lesedi: "I'm good lala. I didn't see you at church today. Or did you not come?"
Nna: " No lala, Ke le lofa gompieno, I overslept. By the time I woke up it was late for church."
Lesedi: " Yaa, Arg it happens. What are you busy doing? I was hoping I could see you."
Nna: " Ga ke na style. I'm enjoying my last free time. My kokoberries are coming back home later, they were visiting their aunt in Sunninghill. So I am free. Wena?"
Lesedi: Le nna ke free, Where should we meet, your place or mall?"
Nna: "Please come to my place if you don’t mind"
Lesedi: "Okay, I will be there in 15 minutes."

Lesedi arrived. We spoke about a lot of stuff. Shame she told me about her challenges she was having with her baby daddy, her siblings and her mom. Nxoo my friend is the breadwinner at home. Her mom doesn't work, and she has five siblings (two boys and three girls which are just trouble makers.). She has built her mom such a beautiful big house; put her younger siblings to good school. She is one selfless woman I have ever come across. With so much on her shoulder, she still manages to smile. Her older siblings are not even helping her at all, instead ba busy ka basimane, making babies that they just dump them with her mom. She has encouraged them to do something with their lives, but they would not hear of it. They are not looking for jobs or something, they literally live off their mom's little pension with their kids.

She wanted to move out of home, ena le her daughter Paballo. She really can't take it seeing her mom in tears every single day because of her siblings. So the other day she heard me complain about my own sister Omo. Saying she's barely at my house, especially now lately since she met C'ya. Now with Paula away, the house was always left unattended.

The other day while Zu, Lesedi and I were having lunch at the canteen, I asked sis Zodwa to find me a reliable tenant ko Alex. Who will be able to look after my house? Kevin was suggesting that I should sell it, if it was being abandoned like that. I was not ready to let go of my investment especially now that it was fully paid up. Well, the way my marriage has now taken a totally different direction, I might need it one day. So selling was not an option anymore.

Lesedi must have thought about it, so she asked me if I already found a tenant to occupy my house. I told her not yet. I had met two potentials, one guy and a lady. I have not decided yet. She told me she was looking for a place closer to work, but most places are pricey. Good shot, I thought. Lesedi was my friend and she and Omo knows each other. I told her I will get Motsheoa to draw up a lease agreement and that she can move in 1st of April. She begged me to move in ka weekend. Yooo, shame ka nnete ke gore o utlwile ka bana ba gaabo. I felt bad for mme wa gagwe because with her away, yoo, she will be lost and more stressed.

Our day went fast. It was already quarter to four. I was rushing to get to Omo to fetch the kids. She has been calling a itlhaganetse go ya ko ga C'ya ko Bryanston. Yoo, my sister ka nnete. O mo maratong. She really moves way too fast le C'ya. She might as well pack her stuff and officially stay with C’ya. She spent the whole week ko ga C'ya and only go to Sunninghill some weekends. Anyway, I won’t be worried anymore, I was glad I found a reliable tenant to occupy my house.

DK was already home when I left to fetch Mamo and the Kids. Mamo was already at Sunninghill Spar waiting for me .Ga ele wame monna, o sale a itsamaetse mo mesong after our fight. I didn't know where he was, but I thought it was obvious, Sheryl o leditse nakana, so, he must be halfway to or from Hammanskraal. I didn't even get to Sunninghill, Omo called me ke le mo tseleng are she fetched Mamo and she was already waiting for me by Grayston drive.
Iyoo, ngwana mama o taboga lebelo la Usain Bolt ka nnete. The way a kgafisiwang ke C'ya, she can't even wait and relax. O a ntshosa ka nnete. She needs to slow down. Hai power of a dick.

I took Mamo and the kids and went home. I went through the party planning and prepared myself for a very long and straineous week.

Kevin came home around 19:30. I had already bathed the kids. We had dinner together with the kids and he offered to tuck them in.

I went to his study, thinking, I have to crack the password and go through whatever I needed. I was thinking of every possible password he could have used, but I failed. For some odd reason, I felt that everything I needed to know was just a password away.
Realizing that I was not winning, I decided, I should put my proof searching investigation on hold. I thought, I will keep reminding my husband until he tells me password or give in to my demands. I must find a way to get through. I left the study.

Just as I made my way to the sitting room, I heard my phone ringing. It stopped immediately ga ke fitlha mo e neng e le teng. I checked who it was. It was a funny looking number. It seems the caller has been trying to call me because there were 4 missed calls from same number. All I know was that it was not a South African or Lesotho and or Swaziland code but an international dial code that I didn't know. As I stood there wondering who it could be, an sms came through.

The message was in Zulu. I immediately thought it must be Fikile. I didn't read the message, instead I returned the call. Thanks to advanced technology and for roaming, I was able to dial outside South Africa.

I dialed the number and it rang twice then a woman picked up, it was definitely not Fikile's voice.

Nna: "Hello, I got a call from this number, who is this?"
Yoo, weird, the person could not answer me. She spoke a very foreign language, so obviously I couldn't hear a word she was saying. I thought of the sms that came through and decided to just hang up and read it.

I sat down and went to messages. It read:

"Unga ngithinte kule nombolo lena, mina ngizokuthinta mathupha mangithola olunye uchingo nesikhathi. Mgani wami ngisengozini, Fiks"

DYGO 119 cont.

Being friends with Fikile, and being in Gauteng that long, I ended up learning isiZulu. Everywhere you go, there's someone speaking isiZulu, even makgoa setse a ithuta sona. I was not fluent, but I pretty much knew a lot and I pretty much understood it.

The sms clearly says My friend was in danger. How do I help her? She was miles and miles away from here. She was in Nigeria. I didn't know Obinna's numbers. So like she said, she will try to contact me. I have to hold on to the phone. I got so worried because, I dialed the number whereas she said I should not call it. I hope I didn't get her in more trouble.

Thank God I didn't say anything, except that I was returning the call. I also didn't say her name or mine. The person who picked up, o ne a utlwahala ekete ga a tlhaloganye sekgoa. I couldn't stop worrying. I was now even more worried about Fiks.
I have watched those Nigerian movies before; Omo loves them to bits so some of them were really scary. Cruel stuff and nasty and heartbreaking stuff are portrayed on those movies. So when Fiks mentioned danger, my mind went to those cruel and nasty ones. I wondered what kind of danger was she in. I wondered where was Obinna in all this and what exactly was going on.

I was so deep in thoughts. I was worried sick about my friend. Just then, my phone rang.

It was the same number. At first I hesitated to answer, in case it was the weird person I called earlier. I thought, if it was not my friend, I will act dumb, as if I called by mistake. A part of me thought what if ke Fiks. I quickly picked up.

Nna: "Dumela tsala, nka go thusa?”(I purposely greeted in my language in case it was not Fiks)

Caller: "It’s me Fikile; please don't ask me too many questions. I don't have much time. I stole this phone. Please record our conversation....

Ke utlwile ke tsenwa ke letshogo. I pressed record and just listened. I was really not hearing what she was saying. She was so hysterical and crying, her voice was too low. I couldn't grab everything she was saying. She was talking fast, as if she's hiding from someone, or sneaking but above all, she sounded so desperate. I thought probably she was sneaking and whispering so that the owner of that phone does not bust her. Luckily I heard was she said at the beginning of our conversation when she asked me to record the conversation of which I did. I must say I was just shocked and scared. She mentioned something about people wanting to kill him, who was she talking about? Oh and I heard Nkosimphile and Obinna's names.

She didn’t even say goodbye. The call was cut off. I got more worried that she was caught hence she didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. A part of me was tempted to redial but I decided to focus on what was important. To understand exactly what my friend was saying to me.

Yoo, I needed to replay the conversation and find out for sure what she was saying. I pressed play:

Fikile’s voice recording was in deep Zulu. I listened to it many times trying to make sure I didn’t misunderstand or miss anything. She mentioned that if I didn’t understand most parts, I must let Nkuli (her sister) to explain to me. She was in serious danger. She needed money to escape from Nigeria. Something about people wanting to kill his son and make a sacrifice and increase wealth. She mentioned that Obinna just dumped them there with no money and no contact. She was asking me to go to her Nigerian friend - Oluche who owns a hair salon at Claim Street. She mentioned that Oluche will tell me everything and will also help with sending the money to her so that she could escape from Nigeria and come back home before they could hurt Nkosi.

I almost fell down. I was shaking. I just felt mala a me a dubega, ekete ke nwele moriana wa ho sebedisa teng. I was shaking with shock. In fact I was trembling. All I could do at that moment was to pray for my friend and Nkosimphile. I was just beyond weak and sick to my stomach. I thought must I call Nkuli now? I decided against it, besides, Fikile said I should ask Nkuli if I didn't understand the message. At that point, I didn't need her; I understood every single word she spoke. I thought, I would call her once I got hold of Oluche and understand exactly what was going on.

What has Fikile gotten herself and her son into bathong? I was mad at her and also scared for them at the same time. That sounded very hectic. Yaak, maybe I was watching those movies and Fikile was just teasing me. Unfortunately she wasn’t teasing and I was not watching no movie, my friend was in danger and needed my help.

All I needed was to check my phone for Oluche's contact details, ke bue le ena. She was Fiks' friend from Nigeria also Obinna's cousin. The first two years when Fikile was staying in Nigeria, she got close to her. They bonded and became best of friends. Fikile even arranged for her to come to South Africa to make a living. She has since opened a salon in downtown. She was really doing well for herself. I once went to her salon to do my nails there and most of our friends go to her salon as referred by Fiks and I. She knew me too well. She was now fluently conversing in English. I searched for her numbers, and luckily I found them. I dialed Oluche's numbers and it rang twice before she picked up.

Nna: "Hello my sister, Its Fikile's cousin Noli (we once told her we were cousins)."
Oluche: "Aah my sister, how are you? It’s been a long time hey."

Nna: "Yes my sister, it has. Aish, you do know that Fikile went to Nigeria last week right?"
Oluche: "Hai my sister, I know. I tried to stop her but that one, she was very stubborn, and she didn't listen to my warning. Have you heard from her?"

Nna: "uhm, yes. I did. What do you mean by that? Why were you stopping her to go? And what did you warn her about?"
Oluche: "My sister, I can't talk about this with you. I'm sorry, she will tell you herself."
Nna: "Oluche, Fikile tried to contact me, she was in serious danger, she said I must call you to help her. Please tell me how I can reach out to her. Please, she said very disturbing stuff to me. Please."

Oluche: "Hai my sister, if she send you to me then its okay. But I cannot talk about such things over the phone. Can you please come to my salon tomorrow afternoon so that I can tell you everything I know. Please whatever you do, do not call my brother Obinna. Please."

Yooo. I had knots in my stomach. I was scared even more. Ke ne ke ipotsa gore, what is it that was so bad that Oluche tried to warn Fikile about? And yet she went ahead and boarded that plane to Nigeria? I also tried to stop her, but she would not listen to anyone. Hai. Fikile being stubborn, she went ahead and left with her son. Her message really got me more worried. Who wanted to kill Nkosimphile and Why? What kind of sacrifice was she talking ? Why did Obinna leave them stranded in Nigeria? Without any money and or contact? Did he plan all this? Yoo, I had more questions than answers. I was really worn out. All I could think of was Fikile, what Oluche was going to tell me. I couldn't wait for tomorrow afternoon. All I needed was a way that I could help Fikile and Nkosimphile to come back home safe. I was praying that Oluche would be my only option and hope.

"Hang in there Fiks, hang in there my friend", I just looked above and asked God to shield my friend, now more than ever. I shed a tear. I couldn't get her scared and heartbreaking voice out of my mind. She was very hysterical. She was too desperate. Something was not right. Something big. I felt so beaten up. My friend was stranded and scared, miles away and there was nothing I could do at that very moment. All I could do was to pray and pray.

I went upstairs. Kevin was already fast asleep. It was 20:45. Time was moving so slow. I wished I could fast forward it. I needed to see Oluche after work. You know, at that moment I even forgot that my own life was falling into pieces. I just looked at my husband who was peacefully sleeping, I broke down and cried.

I went to the bathroom wiped my tears, brushed my teeth and went to bed. I had no energy to be crying over my miserable marriage, Fikile's problems seemed so dire than mine. I still had him by my side and Fikile was left stranded alone and afraid in a foreign country with strangers.

"God indeed is my savior; I am confident and unafraid. My strength and my courage is the Lord, and He has been my Savior"

Into our lives come many things to break our dull routine. The things we had not planned on that happen unforeseen, the unexpected little joys and sadness that are scattered on our way. An unsought word of unkindness, complaints or two. The unplanned sudden meeting that comes with bitter surprise and lights our heart with so much sorrow. I don’t know what to call it. As unpleasant as it may be, nor matter what anyone my call it, it didn’t come without design, for all our lives are fashioned by the Devine hand- and every sad and happy happening and every lucky or unlucky break are little reminders that life is a mixture of sunshine and rain.

At some point we experience the laughter and teardrops, pleasure and pain,low tides and high tides. Triumphs, defeats, losses and gains. But always in all ways God's guiding and leading and He alone knows the things we're most needing. And often times when He sends sorrow or some dreaded affliction, we need to be assured that it comes with God's kind benediction- and if we accept it as a gift of his love, we will be showered with blessings from our Father Above.

I was lying in bed, eyes wide opened. A lot was going through my mind. I knew I had to be still and know that God was near. But I could not stop worrying about my friend. Amidst the troubles and storms I was facing, I just put them on hold focusing on how I was going to help a friend in need.

Why was I going through so much at the same time? Was I being tested? Yoo I thought of everything I was facing in only three days, a cheating husband, a brother who might be denied a chance to be a father, and a friend who was miles away and in need of my help. All this situations were more like testing how easy do I crack under pressure.

Yaa my life was never going to give up on me because clearly there was something important for me to do in all these challenges.

One of the primary purposes and processes of one’s life is the development of character. Your character – your nature, the distinctive qualities of one’s essence, what makes you you – is developed through experience. Yeah this challenges were really meant to do just that and if i didn’t understand that character development was an important process of my life, I might be tempted to give up when things get tough.

When things get a little rough, it is always good to remember that you cannot stay where you are forever. Especially with God by your side. Yes my life was turned upside down. I didn't know what I was going to do, but deep inside I knew that ‘Tough times never last, but tough people does.’

Every human weakness is strengthened by experience. Good or bad. Fikile got herself into all this mess, but who am I to judge her? She like some woman are driven by Love to do things that might even endanger or kill them, yet they became submissive and turn blind eye. Some Woman tend to ignore all the red flags and walk right into the Lion's den , with eyes wide opened. I don't know if it is stupidity, or ignorance or being naive or ka nnete ke Truelove? Honestly we woman can be our own downfall. Once thing I know about woman is : when we love and trust , we do it wholeheartedly, but when we get fed up, there's nothing anyone can do about it. When we long and need love, we become weakened to our knees and forget our worth. Fikile followed her heart , loved and trusted Obinna to protect her and their child, yet she had to learn the hard way.

Don’t we all learn from our experiences? Good or bad? Yeah, in as much as I was mad at Fikile, I felt so so sorry and scared for her. For the fact that she managed to seek my help, meant she trusted that I could help her again, even after what she did the first time we tried to help her. Dear God, what do you want me to do?

Talk about character test! This was a heavy task for me. Too heavy that I was afraid that I might be chewing too much that I won't be able to swallow . What Fikile was going through was way too tough.

They say when life detects that there is an opportunity for you to advance the nature of your character, it will send the perfect situation and people your way. Your job is to respond to everything in a manner that develops and strengthens your character. What you do when your back seems to be against the wall speaks volume about the nature of your character...That’s true.
Maybe God wanted me to focus my strength and energy elsewhere and forget a little while about my troubles. Right there in my bedroom, with my husband peacefully sleeping, I decided that I will devote my time and energy to help a friend in need. I was going to allow my faith, joy, gentleness, patience and peace to be the character-building tools that determine my approach to deal with Fikile’s situation and my response to such experience

God’s promises are backed up by the honour of God’s name. I knew God’s got my back. I knew I can depend on Him. It was really very reassuring to know that there is Someone everywhere who I could rely on. What God has promised to do, God will do. That alone took off all the load on my shoulders. God has promised many things, the most important of all being “ I will never leave you nor forsake you... What a relief!

I just took my bible and bowed down to pray.

Dear God,

I bind, rebuke and render powerless: all division, discord, disunity, strife, wrath, murder, criticism, condemnation, pride, envy, anger, gossip, slander, evil speaking, complaining, lying, false teaching, false gifts, false manifestations, lying signs and wonders, poverty, deceiving spirits, retaliatory spirits, and witchcraft spirits.
Please hear my urgent prayer for my very good friend Fikile and her son who are in dire need at this time. Please extend your mighty hand and protect my friend in all the bad things that are being plotted against them. Ke nale tshepo le tumelo that my pleas to You are heard and that You will answer my prayers. I don't know what she was going through at this moment, but I know she needs you Lord. You may not help my friend in exactly the way I think help was needed, but please, in Your divine wisdom, resolve the challenges facing my friend, and open the way to move forward with Your strong love and support.

Please send down a host of angels to protect, guide and give solace to my friend. Wena Senatla sa pholoso, mmabaledi wa ditshaba. We all have days to rejoice and we forget you all together and we also have days of tests, trials and tribulations, when we fall on our knees to implore Your urgent help. With a bleeding and broken heart, I ask you Lord, ke a go kopa Jehova, eo ke sa mo direleng sepe, I earnestly beg You to help my friend during her darkest days. Please send down the sunshine of Your Divine Grace and Assistance, all the way to Nigeria.

I claim a hedge of protection, by the Precious Blood of Jesus, around myself , my loved ones and my friends, especially Fikile, throughout this day and night. I ask You God, in the name of Jesus, to send angels to surround them, their souls, bodies, wills and emotions tonight, tomorrow and every single day they will be in Nigeria, until we are able to bring them back home safe. I call on Your holy angels to protect my house from any intrusion and to protect me and my family and those I've named from any harmful demonic or other physical or mental attacks. I ask all of this in the name of Jesus.
All this I pray with hope and love. Amen

I felt my heart settling down to its normal pace. I felt peace filling my heart. I still had problems with my husband and my friend was still stuck in a foreign country, but I knew God will be our refugee in this trying times. For my marriage, my husband and my friend Fikile and her son.

I even forgot ka mathata a me. I forgot how unhappy, disappointed, angry and brokenhearted I was because of Karabello Tau, my husband.

I closed my bible, switched off my side lamp, and dive into the sheets. I had so much peace and looking forward to my meeting with Oluche. I was more convinced and faithful that we will get Fikile and Nkosimphile back home, safe and protected.

I held my husband from behind and we slept peacefully. The Lord is my shepherd.

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