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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 25


Kevin pulled me even closer and continued kissing me. For the longest time re momelane, ga go ise go fete motho. I just thought, a quicky right there, standing would have been possible.Just as I was thinking, I felt him increasing his pace again…..

I decided to pull away. Mmm what a first kiss. Ke dirile ka bomo, letting him kiss me that way. Ke ne ke dira bo nnete ba gore a boe. It was a teaser. Dilo tse tsotlhe tse ke neng ke di nagana , telling him that I wanted him, offering a quickie and all, ke ne ke tshameka…Ijaa, how can I just chow a man I just met mo parking lot? O ne a tla ntseya jang tota. Ka nnete, I could have wanted him that much, but to give it to him so cheap? Hell no…

It was my way of telling him how much I wanted him in my life. I was making sure, the drive to Evaton e be short and quick. A gopotse Obonolo Dire. A dire sure wa boa. I wanted him to want me, just the way He made me want him by that passionate. I didn’t care why a ne a tshwanetse go tsamaya, but I was making damn sure he comes back. Come rain or sunshine…He must come back later.

That's one moment I will remember, the whole trip to the house, the whole night & days to come. My first Kiss with Kevin.

He got in his car, with his one hand hiding the BM (brown -skinned mamba) and said,

Kevin: "Bobo (I loved the sound of that), please do what you have to do, say what you have to say, I have to see you later. Ke a ho kopa tlhe."

I was so taken, so numb, so mesmerized, even if he was asking me to marry him right there, I would have said yes, so, I just knew that I am seeing him again tonight, whatever it takes. He drove off, so am I. My drive back to the house was filled with plotting lies on how I'm getting out of the house to see Kevin. One thing for sure, tonight I'm spending time with Him

As I drive back home, I thought of Hlogi, she was away, last night when I called her, she said she was in Witbank, but she didn't say when she was coming back. I decided to call her. Her phone rang once, then she answered.

Nna: “Hlogi, what's up? Hai watla wa njesa bodutu tlhe, Meredale is not fun without you. Gante o boa neng?

Hlogi: “Hey choma, I am coming back Monday morning, askies; I missed spending time with you this weekend."

Nna: “Aarg its ok girl. Choma I will need a big favor from you. I have a date and want cover, can you play along? I’m going to say I'm going out to watch a movie with you. So please girl, when I get home in 10min time, call me and follow my lead. Can you do that? Pretty please.”

Hlogi: "Yoo girl, ke mang yena motho o go gafisitseng so? To the extent that you are willing to lie to see him?"

She laughed at me and continued,

Hlogi: "hai girl, I got you. But please be extra careful because if anything happens to you, I will have to answer to your parents and family, especially your brother Omphi. Wa itse gore ke mo tshaba jwang. Promise you will call me when you get back home after the date. O le safe and sound. Have fun dear; don't do anything that I won't do."

We both laughed. I thank her and told her, I owed her one and promised to be safe. We said our goodbyes and we hang up.

I got to the gate, went inside. My brother was back, he wasn't home when I left. They were both sitting at the patio, watching their sons swimming. My brother doesn't drink alcohol, he hates it with passion. Apparently my dad used to drink a lot when they were growing up and he was very abusive to both Mama, Ous Tsitsi and him. So he took a decision from there that, he will never touch alcohol. So he was drinking iced tea and Fifi was sipping JC Le Roux. I got inside,

Nna: "Mmm very cozy.Lovers’ paradise?"

I teased them. They laughed.

Fifi: "you are back too soon, why? I really thought you will be back later."

I thought good shot. I love it when Fifi speaks.

Nna: "Aish ausi, remember I said I was going for drinks with Hlogi? We were supposed to meet ka 13:30, she called me when I get to the mall, are she's delayed ko Pretoria, and that she will only be here round 16:00."

I said all that without blinking. Classic lying I tell you.

Omphi: "Ke mang Hlogi?"

Yoo, I know my brother, he asks that question all the time.

Nna: "Hau abuti, Hlogi, that girl who stays down the road, my friend."

Omphi: "Ooh ke a mo bona, o short o tlheleng a tla mo go wena?"

My brother is like that, o rata go ba Mr. perfect and strict, unnecessary. He likes straight for-ward stuff. He will ask you million questions, million times. I replied him.
Nna: "Yes, Ena yooo."

Fifi asked if that was the reason I came back so early. I lied and said yes. I said I was bored for days, and that if I knew anyone around, I'd go to them or something. I can't be sitting here, ke dutse le di lovey dovey. Aowaa, that's not ideal.

Fifi laughed, hai my sister has so much sense of humor I tell you, O ithatela go tshega, and my brother ena ke bo serious face, strict and not easily flattered. They complimented each other though. The way my brother a ratang go tshabiwa ka teng, le ga o ka joker he will grin and not make a big deal out of it. Yoo, I heard him ask,

Omphi: " Whats wrong with sitting with di lovey dovey?" I said Hau abuti, everything.

As we were making fun of my brother's lack of humor, my phone rang. It was my dear friend Hlogi. Ready to follow the lead….
Ke dutse ka bomo gore ke arabele call eo fo gaufi le bona. Ke ne ke batla ba utlwa conversation. Normally I would stand up, and answer any call privately. But, this one was premeditated.

Nna: "Hey Hlogi, wa reng choma? O setse o buile? Haaa that was quick."

Hlogi was laughing at the background, while I play chit chat alone, while he was just listening.

Nna: "Yaaa, I'm home. I am so bored, ke dutse le baratani, who are also playing parents to Atli & Afi. Where? Mmm, ga ke itse tota, can I get back to you? Kana ke tlhoka go kopa permission. Ok cool let me call you in five."

Yoo I was a Professional liar. Lerato or should I say go jola go tla go ruta go bua maaka. When you want to go somewhere or o batla go ya go bona mochaufi, you really have to be creative especially when you having up tied guardians or parents to report and ask permission from. The only way out is lying, otherwise you will lose out on going out. I know lying is not a good thing, but, a girl's got do, what a girl's gotta do.

I hang up. Yaa Hlogi must have been rolling on the floor ke maaka a me. That was literally a one sided call, everything I was saying, Hlogi was just laughing at the background. I cleared my throat, and looked at my brother. Before I could speak, he said,

Omphi: "O tlhoka permission ya eng Noli?"

Nna: “Abuti Omphi le ausi Fifi, ene ele Hlogi, are o buile from Pretoria, but she's here preparing to go to Naturena. It’s her friend's birthday. So her friend's parents are throwing her a 21st birthday party and she has been invited, so she was asking if I could go with her to the party."

Yooo, that was mouthful, I wonder if it collaborates with the time spent on that call. Gape ga ele maaka one ga a siama Bogolo jaang ga o sa gone go bua maaka…Gatwe Kgomo e tshwarwa ka dinaka, motho ene o tshwarwa ka loleme. You end up over explaining or putting too much spice. People can see thru you. So I was wondering if my brother didn't catch on it.

Fifi answered first, and said she doesn't think there is a problem. She looked at Omphi and said,

Fifi: " Dire, a wena o nale bothata ga Kimmy a intsha le tsala ya gagwe?"

Omphi shook his head,

Omphi: "hai, lona ba ba bedi, le jaang mara? I wanted to spend time with you guys, now ke di party? Besides, wena Mama Atli already setse o dumetse. Ga nka bua se se mo pelong yaka, maikutlo a me ka taba ena, you two will think I m being impossible. So, tsamaya ausi.

I was not concerned ka guilt trip e Omphi a neng a batla go re isa mo go yona. I was dancing inside. Se se salang o dumetse gore nka nna ka tsamaya. Tse dingwe tsona, ke tla di bona later.
Omphi disturbed my joyous thoughts.

Omphi: “What time is the party? How are you getting there? I hope I m not playing chauffeur."

Relax brother, I'm sorted. I'm going to play cool, I thought to myself.

Nna: "Oh abuti, I didn't ask about time and logistics, can I confirm and let you know?"

Omphi: “Ok, go siame.”

Obonolo Dire, o botlhale..O nja…O s’khokho (as Rich likes to say).

I stood up, went to my room, to call Kevin. Just when I enter my room, a message came through my phone. I opened it. ‘Don't Answer’ send me a message, I read it,

“I can't get you out of my mind; you are all I'm thinking about. I thought about you all through the drive to Evaton, and le hona joale , ke ntse ke go nahanne. Have you figured out a plan or a way to go out tonight? Xoxo.

I decided, replying will take time. I dialed his number. It rang once and he picked up.

Kevin: "Hey Bobo, miss me already, like I miss you?"

I giggled and said, " Mmmm you can show me or tell me how much you have missed me to-night. Just tell me what time you picking me up." I said naughtily.

Kevin was so excited. I think he was even doing twalaza. He kept on saying you serious, are you being serious yes yes. He couldn’t believe what I told him. I guess he was not expecting that I could pull it off, especially after I told him about my overprotective brother.

Kevin: "O.k. how about I pick you up, around 18:00 and we can decide where to go."

Is this happening? A date with Kevin? Finally. I said, perfect, see you later. I hang up and went back to the patio, told my brother that the party starts round 18:00 till late, and that, we are going with Hlogi' and her sister, who will drive us there

My brother bought the story,he quickly agreed and said I must be home before midnight.He then kept quiet for a second and said:

Omphi: "Come to think of it, call your friend now and tell her that I decided that I will personally take you to the party, so that I can be able to know where you are, and if the people you are going with won't want to leave the party then. You must call me and I will come fetch you."

What???? No freaking way is Omphile taking me to the party. Which party?

This is not good....

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