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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 99


I was really playing dumb with my husband. I knew I was indeed the cause of his unhappiness but I was not about to confess. I didnt know the facts, so I needed to know what I did to piss him off . I looked at him with those I am innocent eyes..not smilling or showing any emotions...more like,what did I do Lavo..

Nna: what did I do to cause you such pain ?

Kev: I thought you and I were done with that Richman character since our wedding night?

Nna: Off course we are done with him, why are you bringing him back in our lives now? I was probing to find out what exactly was he talking about.

Kevin: Obonolo Tau ,are you freak'in kidding me? Am I the one bringing things in our lives ? Me?
You must be mad.

Nna: Yes Karebello Tau, I am mad, madly in love with you. I didn't bring anyone or anything else in our lives, well, I tried to bring someone in our lives, turned out I failed.”( Minipulating the situation by bringing out some sensitive issue)

Kev: No No No, Bobo, don’t talk like that. Please don’t go there. You know I am not talking about that. Please, let’s deal with the issue I’m concerned about and not anything else.

He was much calmer and in a very sympathetic tone. Not angry or pissed like he was when he spoke earlier. Yes, I got him where I wanted. I needed him to be calm and soft.
Nna: firstly, you called me during the day, ke nale ausi wame, having lunch, and accused me of being with "him", it’s unlike you to jump to conclusions about anything, yet you did. You found me guilty without even trying to hear my side of the story. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? So when you asked if I was with “him” you were referring to Richmond? You thought I was with him? Why would you think that?”

Kev: Alright Bobo, I think I over-reacted when I called you, I'm sorry about that. But, I still don't understand why I found Richmond Dikgale's contact information in the box of the sneakers you bought, wrapped and gave to me as a birthday present, honestly, It ticked me off. I wanted to know that.

What the heck was Kevin talking about? Yooo, I needed to think fast and have a proper creditable explanation. But first I need to find out how those contacts got in there, and where were they, was it a piece of paper, or a business card or what? I can't answer without knowing, otherwise I would have to tell him the truth about the whole thing, which I was not ready to bruise my husband's ego.
No man will ever forgive or take to heart the fact that another man bought his wife a pair of earings, so imagine how he will be crushed if he found out that, another man has paid for the shoes he was wearing. Worst, that man being his wife’s ex? Le ga ba ka reng, that's one lie, I was going to die with.

Unfortunately I can't break him down like that. Man are territorial like dogs. O kile wa bona nja e tsamaya, it always piss on trees and around where it is, to mark it as its own territory, so that another dog does not try and claim it. Man are like that. I remember how Kevin felt upon finding out or suspecting that Rich gave me a deposit for my first car, and that he even drove me to fetch it , while he was at Vereeniging . He never even in a million year got inside of my Audi. He will always drive his car or if we going somewhere together, he insisted that we use his car. It used to hurt me, but that was the price I had to pay.
I didn't want to go back there.

God will forgive me. I was not planning to tell my husband that one detail about payment of the sneakers. Honestly. If one day he finds out, it will be from Richmond not me, le teng, I know Rich won't tell. So, la tlhaloganya gore why nka se gone go bua nnete? I love my husband too much to risk bruising his ego.

I stood up and went to get the box. I needed to see for myself gore sentle sentle di phone number tsa Rich di batla eng in that box. I opened the box and took out the sneakers, right underneath was Snix's stationery customer form, more like a set-aside form for reserving some items. It had only customer name -Richmond Dikgale , Contact details and yesterday's date. It was crumpled as if it was meant to be thrown away, then someone opened it and tried to iron it.

It occurred to me that yesterday when Rubben phoned me to say I must come buy the sneakers, he must have removed the little paper with Rich's details and threw it away. Then when Richmond suddenly rocked up, he fetched the paper from thrash to confirm if truly Rich was the owner. Well that was my theory and I knew it wasn't Rich's hand writing. Immediately I had my perfect convincing explanation ready for dear husband.
I went to my phone, deleted the messages from Rich. Luckily I never saved his contacts from my phone, I knew them by heart. I took out the paper and went back to the bathroom.

I was ready to sell ice to an Eskimo….

Nna: Lavo, I'm going to be honest with you. I said with confidence. Yesterday while at Hyde Park, I bumped into Richmond and wife ya gagwe Kedi. I actually found them inside the sneaker shop , I greeted them and went to mind my business. Kedi started, asking me if I changed my number because she's been trying to call me. I told them that I did change them. She asked for my number and as I was about to give them, Kedi's phone rang and she excused herself, went by the door to answer her phone. Richmond went by the counter wrote his number and gave the cashier this paper.( Joo, I was flowing with lies ). Pointing at the piece of paper. He followed his wife and left. I want nothing to do with them, so I was relieved they didn't get my numbers.
While paying, the cashier gave me a piece of paper, I looked at it, it was this thing with numbers, I asked him, what must I do with it, he said ,that gentleman asked him to give me that, so that I can sms mine, and he will pass them to his wife . Ke tsere this paper, ka bo ke e subukanya, I asked the cashier to throw it away. I don't know what happened, for them to end up in here. Knowing Rich, he must have bribed the cashier to make sure I get them. Honestly Lavo, I have no idea how that paper ended up in that box.

I saw my husband softening up and also being embarrassed about the whole saga. He said sorry to have jumped to conclusion. He also said he believed me. He even asked for my forgiveness and asked me that next time I should tell him stuff even if it was just petty like that. I told him I was sorry for not telling him about Rich and Kedi, because I didn’t want to spoil his day , the most important day of his life…
Yes yes, I had him where I wanted. As uncomfortable as I felt for lying to my husband, I was relieved by his honest apologies. It’s a little lie right? I convinced myself so that I could feel better and be able to live with myself. We hugged, kissed and made up.
Mosadi o mongwe le o mongwe o tseba go itukisetsa relationship ya gagwe. I was no different. Even if itmeant withholding some information, you can never bruise your man'sego. Never...But like me, try to be clever and make sure your story is believable. One thing though...make sure it never comes backto bite you one day, when you have long forgotten about covering your ass...I still say, the truth has a way of coming out..lways...

My husband finished off bathing and we were back to our normal self..Loving each other. I told him how he made me feel and how he should not do that ever again. We must always communicate before prosecution. He went on and on apologizing. I love it when I get away with murder.

As we go down stairs, he held me with one hand
Kevin: Intshwarele mosadi waka, I called your sister Tsitsi after I sent you that last sms, and she confirmed you have been with her the whole day. I don't know why I got so paranoid. I just don't like the idea of you being buddy buddy with man, especially your ex. I trust you shuga, I just overreacted. Promise me we will be honest and open with each other. Please don't keep anything away from me, nor matter how little or huge it can be. I would hate to be in same position of wondering things. I just wish you had mentioned the fact that you bumped into them. Please my love, little things matter.

More guilt, more lies. But I'm sticking to my story. I squeezed his hand as we reach the bottom of the stairs and said, This I promise you. We had our dinner together. He was telling me about the tender he was bidding for How its a good project that could set us for life. Oh I wished him all the luck with bidding. I asked him if Nyiko brieved him on how he had to go about it?. He told me that the meeting he went to Pretoria for, was about it. He felt it was looks promising.

DK cleared the table and we went to sit on the sofa. I briefly told him about Tsitsi finally getting out of the marriage. He was suprised but he also understand that it has now gone awful.

We spoke about our plans for tomorrow, he said he won't join me for shopping as planned. Since he cancelled his plans with Kgosi this afternoon, he was planning to meet with him tomorrow after church. Well, it was ok. I decided that I will call Obakeng and catch up with her.

We went to bed happy that night. My husband was no longer mad at me.

Church was good. Message of today was from book of Ephesians 3:20 - This doxology is admirably adapted to strengthen our faith, that we may not stagger at the great things the apostle has been praying for, as if they were too much for God to give, or for us to expect from him. The scripture takes every believer from the state of worry and hopelessness to the place of confidence and total peace. It points us to God’s sovereignty and all sufficiency. Our human imagination and expectation cannot exhaust God’s resources and ability .And that power which can do far beyond our human limitation is at work in us. All we need to do is to connect and allow it to flow through us in faith.

Pastor emphasized that above all that we ask or think; he can do more than men ask for, as he did for Solomon: God knows what we want before we ask, and he has made provisions for his people before they ask for them; some of which things we never could, and others we never should have asked for, if he had not provided them; and without the Spirit of God we know not what to ask for, nor how to ask aright; this affords great encouragement to go to God, and ask such things of him as we want, and he has provided; and who also can do more than we can think, imagine, or conceive in our minds.

I was so encouraged and truly inspired by the word of God. I left church that day, a blessed soul.

Since we used one car to church, Kevin dropped me off at the house. He just went inside and changed into his casual clothes and told me he was leaving. He couldn't even wait for Lunch. He said it was Sunday and letsatsi le dikela ka bonako, otla ja Lunch at Kgosi's. We kissed and he left.

I called Baksy to confirm our appointment. She seemed not sure if she was going to make it, I suggested that I will come over to her place and we can just go to Carlsworld mall. She was still not very keen but she ended up agreeing that I rather come to her house.

DK dished up for me. I had my lunch alone, then told her that I was going out as well.

The drive to Midrand was quick. I found Obakeng with Minnie, JK was not home. We greeted and like everyone else lately, she commented on my weight. I told her, bragging, Ke matlhogonolo le katlego, I can't hide them. We laughed. She agreed with me.

Nna: Otherwise Mmata, o ntse oya hantle? How’s work and family and everything?

Joo Mmata, it doesn't get easy. Work is kaka, Jk even said I should resign because ke a mo tena ka go balabala too much about it. I haven't seen my family in a long time. Ke ba feleditse December, I was supposed to go this weekend and Jabulani is still the same unpleasant person I have to live with every single day. So, Yaa story of my life. She said with a heavy heart.

Nna: Arg Mmata, go tla siama one day. We will keep praying for a miracle.So why o saya ko Mmatau? Maybe mama gets lonely neh? It must be tough living alone tlhe. Mmata maar when last have you been to church ?

She looked at me, and shook her head.

Obakeng: The only place I am allowed to go to is work. Grocery shopping(which is timed) and KZN.

We laughed about timed shopping..but I could see Obakeng was really serious about it. I looked at her with, tht 'you are kidding me look" And she shook her head and confirmed that she was dead serious...JK does tell her how long it should take her to do a grocery for 3 people. Yooo This was hectic kak life I must say..

She continued

Joo mamaka wena, o siame, re bua every day. Ka December ga re ne re ile, we bonded. I decided to be honest and open with her about my life and my marriage. She was hurt shame. Atleast now she understands when I take time ke sa ete. She thought ke legolwa, or ke ba tseela kwa tlase. It was painful, but I'm glad I told her everything. I even told her about the kind of man Jabulani has turned to be. Abuti Bokang o mmatletse cousin ya rona from Phelindaba to stay with her, so atleast o nale motho yo o mo ntshang bodutu.

Yooo, Mmata, I was planning to go home since beginning of September. Ga ke bua jaana. I was supposed to have been ko Mmatau this weekend. Motho ke o ka Thursday ore I can't go. Something about my car not ok to travel that far. I asked him if I can use the one he drives yena a sale le yame, he said ok, but I could see one a nkaraba go tswa mo go nna.

On Friday morning I packed my stuff, went to work. I even left work early gore ke tsamaye go sa bonagala. I asked him to be home atleast by 16:00 re exchange dikoloi. Iyoo. Ke eme till 18:00, ele teng a boa tirong. O tsene a ijesitse dipekere. I couldn't care, I told Minnie to fetch her bag gore re tsamaye. Ke rile kea mo laela, a re ke nagana gore Ke ya kae this late ka ngwana.

Hee banna….What? JK o a tsenwa ka nnete. Who died and made him God?

I could not believe what I was hearing. Such control freak tendencies from JK? Really Obakeng o kopane le dinta di fuduga tlhe…

Nna: So mmata, what happened afterwards? Did you manage to go though?

Obakeng just broke down and cried.. Ka nnete Mmata wa me o tshela boima.This cant be normal tlhe. Motho a ka tshela so hard and caged as if she was in prison?

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