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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 79


When they say time goes fast when you are having fun, ba bua nnete. It was already. Friday night, mama arrived from Mmatau. She brought us dikuku tse monate. Go leng ke galetse dikuku tse pakilweng ke mama? 

I was bit disappointed that she came all the way from Rustenburg by bus. I went to fetch her ko park station, morwalo o a neng a o tshwere, Joo, I felt guilty gore why didn’t I ask my younger sister Omo to fetch her ko Mmatau?

I gave her my old car, immediately after getting a new one.

Kevin didn't like it because, somehow He found out or suspected that Rich helped me getting that car. I bought my car beginning of 2003. Kevin was busy with work, I asked Rich to help me look for a car. He managed to negotiate for me and even paid the deposit for me. Kevin bumped into some paper work and found out that Rich was involved. Although he didn’t know how involved he was, I still did not confess nor tell him the truth, I insisted that I paid for my own car and that the only thing Rich did was to take me to the dealership. Lies Lies. Every time when Kevin looked at the car, he would pass nasty comments. He didn’t even ride in it saying that He doesn’t want to drive Rich’s car. Had I let him, he would have gotten rid of it long time ago, but I refused. I loved my Audi. I didn’t want to let it go. I told Kevin that I won’t let him take it away from me.

I always planned that once I buy a new car, I would give Omontle my Audi. She was struggling so much, using public transport. She was working part time as a call center agent ko Vodaworld,and she was working awkward shifts.She was also studying part time for her Business Administration majoring in Basic Education. One a setse a ntapisitse because I had to woke up at night to fetch her, sometimes Kevin would be the one going. We complained about that piece job of dropping and fetching her from work. On times when we couldn’t fetch her, o ne a lapisa batho gore ba mo late or ba mo ise mmerekong.

Kev also supported that I should give her my car, He called it Richmond’s car. He was excited that I was finally getting rid of anything that was reminding him of Richmond. In as much as he paid the deposit, I was paying the installment monthly.

Just before we left for our honeymoon, we dropped the car off at Omo’s place; she was in cloud nine with joy.

So seeing my mom ka di container tse dintsi tsa dikuku for everyone, it really broke my heart. I decided that next year April, after I receive my bonus, I should get her a Bakkie and a driver just to make her life easier on a personal and business level. She could really do with a car. I would discuss this with my husband first.

Everyone came, we were having fun, we started by light snacks while watching the video and all the pics. Kev was going on telling everyone about our honeymoon, as we were showing the slide show of the pics and video clips.

Once the viewing was over, Boys went braaing outside the pool area; ladies were busy at the kitchen. My sisters really helped by bringing extra salads and desserts. We had plenty of food. It was such a happy day.
Omo was busy with little kids playing outside and my other sisters
were setting up for lunch.

Mmatsale was chating with Batso about something, I could not hear them. As soon as they were done she called me aside. Ha Ha Ha, I wondered hore ebe o batla eng.

Mmatsale: "Koti ya Tau, le ntse le ya hantle?"

Nna:" Eya Mme, re ntse re itumetse, molato ha oyo."

Mmatsale: "Ke hantle ha le sa itumetse. Ke ntse ke bua le mogotse wa hao Matebatso (Batso), Joo mmatsale wa hae ka nnete o thabile hona..O ntse a njwetsa hore ke moimana, o tlo ba le ngwana wa bobedi. Hai ke taba tse ntle tsena.Ha o nahane joalo Koti?"

Nna: " Ao, ha ke ise ke bue le ena, fela eya ke taba tse ntle tseo"

Mmatsale: "Ebe wena o tlo nthabisa neng ke be nkgono?"

Nna: "Ao mme akere sentse o le nkgono ho ditloholo tse dingwe? Ha ntate Modimo a se a re hlonofaditse, ba tla tla."

Mmatsale:" Chee, kana Karabello is my eldest son. I am awaiting to be a grandmother to his kids. Bana ba bo- Nthabeleng le Reatlehile, ke ditloholo malapeng a ba nyetsweng teng. Ha ele ba Thabiso bona ha ke no ba bala hore ke ditloholo. They hardly ever home, besides, ke makgoa. Mme wa bona wa ba tefisa. I cant stand those brats. Lekgale!. So make sure you make me happy Koti, I am not going to live forever."

Ooh no , she didn't. This woman though? The nerve she had. Now it all make perfect sense. My husband was getting that pressure from mommy dearest. Hai. Cheee, mona o otlile hampe fo fatshe. I am not going to be bullied into falling pregnant, just to make her happy. Yes, I want to make my husband happy, le nna ke be happy...But clearly, Karabello was not ready to start a family, empa fela a le under pressure. Eya, Thabiso, Kevin;s younger brother married a white girl. They have two kids. Tamia is a no nonsense taker. She will never let her mom in law bully her. She once told me. Even Thabiso does not allow her to bully his wife. He is so over-protective of her molungu wife. That's how it should be ka nnete. Bo Mmatswale can really make life ya bo makoti hell if our husbands don't stand up for us..

I was worried about my own husband. He was somehow a mommy's boy, unlike Thabiso. He would never put his foot down when it comes to his mom. He always try to please her. This time, Hell to the No. He need to put her on her chair shame..She cannot dictate our lives and control our marriage.

NNa: " Mme Like I already said, We will wait on the Lord to bless us with kids. I am sure you know that noone has control over such things. Only God knows."

Mmatsale:" As long as you are not using those pills tsa lona. It will happen sooner. God helps those who help themselves.Ooh and Koti, when you get married, you do no longer think about your own needs only, you have your husband and his family's needs to think of. Ke a tshepa you are not those woman who want to achieve a lot , travel the world and enjoy wild life and only afterwards think of starting a family. I just hope you are not ka nnete. Rona re setse re hodile, anytime God might take us, and we wont rest in peace if we die before seeing all our grand-kids. Especially ba Karabello, ka ha ele ena mojalefa wa ga Tau

Nna: " With all due respect Mme, Karabello and I will discuss such matters. Lona re tla le jwetsa ha re setse re entse qeto ya hore re qala neng ho aha lelapa. For now, we need to enjoy being married. Kids will come later."

This is just too much.This woman in-front of me is starting to tick me off. Ha eyo e jena? I will not tolerate such meddling ka nnete. Did Kevin tell his mom that I was on a pill? That I wanted to establish my career first and travel before I start family? Why would she mention that?

I was pissed off by my husband. Off course he can talk to his mom all he likes, but to discuss our personal life le ena? That was a No No. Ooh, so what if she dies? Why must it be my problem? Mojalefa or not. I was not ready to have kids. Period.

Yaa neh..I was in for a long wait.They will have to wait for me to be ready.Just to prove a point. Mxxxxx....I looked around, and saw Batso seating alone, and decided, let me leave this woman before I loose my cool.

Mmatsale: " Chee ka nnete, I am not convinced that you are planning to have kids anytime soon. Hai Koti, Ere ke yo dula le Mme wa hao re tsebe ho atlhaatlha taba ena, maybe she can persuade you a little bit about this. Wena le Karabello have been together forever, I don't understand why you want to wait too long to give him family."

Just as I was about to answer her. Batso was just few steps away from us. I looked at her and decided to ignore my mother in law, who turned and walked towards the Lounge, where my mom was sitting. I just stared at her, shaking my head. As she walked towards the Lounge, she bumped into Kgosi's fiance ,Motsheoa...Who by the way, was heavily pregnant. She stopped and spoke to her...I thought to myself, she will push us even more to have kids. I wondered what she was telling Motsheoa. I ignored them and turned to face Batso who was standing besides me.

Batso: “So what's up Mrs. Tau?

Batso knows my mom in law way better than I. So I guess she was aware that she was being her own controlling self. Hence she came to my rescue. I was just happy she came at that time, before I could answer back.

Nna: "I am good dear. You just saved me"

Batso: " I kinda saw that.You must not let her get to you. She is like that. Pushy, controlling and bossy"

Nna: "Yaaa, I cant handle her sometimes. Anyway...Enough about MmaTau senior. She will be strong"

Batso: "Yaa, a re mo tlohelle. O tla tiya. Mmm you seemed to have had the time of your life, seeing from the pics. I envy you girl. Two weeks of such joyous time? Mmm. We must really have a girl’s only trip to Abhu-Dhabi. It seemed like a wonderful place from those pictures.”

Nna: “Off course yes, Kevin and I did have a blast. I loved both places equally. The first week we spent at Abhu Dhabi and the last week was at Dubai. I would not trade those two weeks for anything. It was such a memorable trip. Otherwise wena, o ntse o ya jaang? We have not been able to catch up, especially months before the wedding. We were too busy.”

Batso: “Yoo roomie. I don’t even know where to start. Tsa me di batla a full day. I will make time ke tle , re bue. Otherwise ke hantle. Unfortunately expecting number two.”

Nna: “Well done roomie. ( giving her a high five). Yoo, nor wonder Mmatsale was too hard on me...She told me hore you are expecting. Joo go setse nna. Kev o ntse a mpolella gore its time we start a family actually more like pressuring me. All the time I ignore him. Mmm, I’m jealous though. Roomie gante NeoEntle o se a le dijara tse kae? Nako e tsamaya ka pele tlhe. Why ore unfortunately? ”

Batso: She will be 2 years ka December. Eya roomie, ke ge o ka qalella to bake, o belege o fetse, and focus on having fun with your kids. Karabello a ska ho tatisa, it will happen when you least expect it. Wena just be ready and prepare yourself. Once you are ready, and o kopile Modimo, it will all happen in good time. Hai Mme Manthabeleng bathong, O ne a ho jwetsa ka pregnancy yaka for what?

Nna: "Yaa, I need to be ready. Haa wa mo tseba. She was going on and on about how you have made your mom in law happy and she was telling me to do the same. Nahana?"

Batso: " Ao, ka hongwe she really meant well. O batla ditloholo from you and Karabello. Ke a tseba Karabello o rata bana, I've seen him when we were growing up, how little kids used to just loved playing with him, and he was just as playful with them. He really was good. So you will have that support. I wish I could say the same about my husband. Yoo, roomie.motho ole hai,ga a tsebe supporto ke eng. He will leave me and Entle alone,never be bothered gore re siame or jaang. That is why I am saying “unfortunately” because; I will be going through the same route of parenting, alone.

Nna: “Tiego can’t be that bad tlhe roomie. Maybe he was just busy with work and stuff.”

Batso: “No roomie, motho ole se ele party animal. He is just never there. He is never home. He is Always out with the boys…Friday to Sunday..During the week he is forever busy ko study, doing God knows what? I am telling you, He is just an absent partner and father.”

Ao poor Batso! Ka nnete that must be frustrating. Parenting is a two way task. Husband and wife must always support each other and do it together. I cannot imagine doing it all alone. Hai! See that’s some of the reasons I was not keen to embark on that journey.

Batso: “Hai, anyway, Motherhood is one joyous moment in every woman's life.Bothata ke the whole 9 months wait. Me being only 3 months, I am not looking forward to the remaining 6 months of waiting. But trust me, it’s worth the wait, especially when the Doctor hands you the little one,o bona a feleletse, a le perfect, right there with joyous heart,you will know ,you have done well and God has blessed you.”

Nna: “Hai Batso, ekete okare o nthekisetsa policy yaana. Gape ka be ka kgalela ekete nkabe ke setse ke emile. You really convinced me to wanna start tonight. Hahahahahaha.”

Batso and I laughed so hard. We really are good for each other. Re tswa gole nna le Ena.Apart from the misunderstanding we had last year of varsity when I started dating Kev. thought about how hurt we both were about the situation.

Just then I remembered that faithful day when I got to an empty flat, a pakile dilo tsa gagwe a ntshietse a long letter. I remembered how distraught I was. I was not ready to lose her over such a misunderstanding. I remembered trying to call her for weeks and months after she left, without any luck.

Thank God, she was dating my homeboy Tiego at the time. One time I bumped into Tiego ko Mmatau, and he gave me Batso's new number and le gore o dula kae.

I thought,I will go hunt her down as soon as I get to Pretoria, re bue face to face. Few hours later, I got a call from Batso. I thought Tiego told her that he bumped into me. We spoke over the phone and agreed to meet. As soon as I got back to Pretoria, we met. We spoke and sorted things out and started being friends again.

We were all good. We started hanging out together, even double dating. We were bestees again. I was even her bridesmaid ka 2006 when she got married.. Yes Tiego, my homeboy, finally married Batso, my roommate. They were now expecting baby number two. Life was just beautiful. I was surrounded with so much love.

I snapped out of those memories.

Was I really ready for a baby? Was Kevin ready or was his mom pushing him to be ready? Won't he change after the baby? Won't my body change after the baby? Yooo, gatwe a baby changes marriage. Well either for the better or for the worst. I was scared, but at the same time contemplating to just let go and start thinking along those possibilities of being a mom.

It looked like Kevin wont back down, especially if his mom is also hard at it. Waiting for ditloholo tsa mojalefa wa gagwe. Yaa neh

Batso made me want to be a mother. Also, she made me more scared by telling me how her husband changed after baby number one. Ke o Tiego has turned into a wild animal, not supporting Batso and Entle, the way he should. I thought of Obakeng, well, her case was different from Batso’s, but her relationship changed shortly after the baby and marriage. Another perfect example was my little sister Omontle. Her sugar daddy promised her the world while expecting Ora, but shortly after the birth, he lost interest in her and met a younger lady and stopped seeing Omontle.

The thought scared me. Hai, ekete the road ahead was not as smooth as we all hope and wish for it to be.

What if Kevin changes after the baby?

What if my body changes and doesn’t go back to where it was before the baby?

I snapped out of my thoughts. Batso and I shared a very warm hug until Motsheoa ( Kgosi's Fiance interrupted us).

We broke the hug. I looked at Motsheoa, she seemed like she wanted to talk to me..Alone..

Batso got the same message and left us. I wondered what Motsheoa wanted to say to me.

Did Mmatsale send her to convince me to start a family? Mmm...
I wonder.

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