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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 97


Maybe, I need to find out….Honestly; the stories are just too similar. 

Tsitsi disturbed my 101 internal investigation thoughts about the mysterious woman in her husband’s Life and the drama queen Barbie I once saw with Rendani..Portia! ..

Tsitsi: “I know her very well”

Nna: “Please tell me about her tlhe sesi, I am so interested”

Tsitsi,' Noli, I had many encounters with her. We met 7 years ago , when Unarine was two years old then. He got admitted ko hospital while visiting her ko Soshanguve, shortly after he started living with us. She was in tears, and called Rendani, unfortunately, he was ko Venda that weekend. He asked me to drive to Pretoria to sort out medical aid stuff, that's when I met her. She was a very young and good looking woman but street-wise type. Initially she was throwing tantrums about why I was there instead of Rendani. I didn't want to stoop to her level, I cared for her son's well-being. So I went and did everything I had to do, to save Una's life. Then she started behaving well. After that incident, I never saw her for the past two years but rumors had it that she and Rendi were still seeing each other. Rendani’s cruel and bitter elder sister is very close to Portia's mom and aunts, so she encourages the relationship. So to answer you, I know enough about Portia, how she sleeps around with anything that has a dick’stick, for money.

A colleague of mine comes from Soshanguve, and has been giving me all the files about her and her family. Ore mme wa gagwe is just as loose as her daughter.Ore sentle sentle, ba tumile ka go ba generous ka cookie dishes tsa bone, as long as they get money in return. They are all unemployed but, they living a luxurious life. So really, I can't or won't phone that whore ke mmotse ka ngwana gagwe. I'm divorcing Rendani, so Unarine won't be my problem anymore. Whether they go seek professional help for him or not, it’s their problem. Ke Sharpo ka maVenda a naganang gore I'm stuck in a loveless marriage. Hell no.

What my sister said, nearly threw me off the chair to the ground. It was just too much a coincidence. It was like a movie one watched on TV. I could not believe my ears.

Bingo!. I rest my case. I should have known. There was no butts about all this, Portia aka baby mama wa Richmond, is Rendani’s mistress and baby mama that ruined my sister’s marriage…Unarine is Warona.

So who is Unarine's biological father?

As it turned out, he has two, involved fathers. Richmond Dikgale , the pedi daddy and Rendani Mulaudzi, the Venda father?.

The plot thickens.

Question is, do I tell my sister now, or do I get facts checked in before I dropped the bombshell.

Yooo, this is a small world indeed. Sekhukhune Se bonwa ke sebataladi.

I was just mad at myself for sitting so long ka taba ya Rendani and Portia. That day I saw them at Morula sun? Why did I stop to find out? Ka gongwe had I spoke then, nkabe Ausi wa me a se deep into this messed up web of lies, shattered heart and brokenness. Maybe a kabe a divorcitse , nja e, 5 years ago. Yaa neh? Bophelo ke semphego. Matswakabele e le tota. Kevin was gonna say. Moferefere lenyalong ka nnete.

I have been told stories about the joys of marriage and also the pains of it. Tse ke fetsang go di utlwa, ke the worst case scenario. I was really worried ka ausi wame. I thought, I really need to ask her something.

Nna: Tsitsi, were you protecting yourself at least? I mean using protection when being intimate with Rendani?

Tsitsi,: ooh yes, thank God for giving me knowledge and experience in health care. I was initially not using protection, but after last year's bust and evidence from the surveillance, I found out how reckless Rendani was. I immediately went to do some tests. Initially I had STDs, which was treated. I also took HIV tests and I am clear. Whenever I got tempted by my body to indulge, I would wear the female condoms. That’s how safe I was being. That's one mistake or stupidity I was not going to make. I preach that all the time to my patients, so I was practicing what I preach day and night. So go go araba Samma, I’m HIV negative and STD free. Modimo o ntshireleditse.

I was relieved by that. The worst thing that can happen was to divorce a man; meanwhile he had infected you with AIDS. I was going to be devastated if my sister a ne aka mpotsa a different story, because, I was going to blame myself for seating with a secret that could have saved her long time ago. So I was at peace. Right now I have to fully initiate my investigation.

Just as I was deep in thoughts, my phone rang, I checked caller id

It was my husband.

I just smiled, thinking, if there was one blessed marriage or relationship around, ours had all the ticks. I was surrounded by loved ones with so much hair- pulling challenges in their marriages. I found myself playing mmamoruti or counselor. Although I must say I was doing well, I usually had a little guilt that, I was so happy and advising everyone to work things out in their marriages. Except today, I was encouraging my sister to throw away the pain and suffering, Her marriage was not worth the trouble..

I stood up, because I was pressed, so I thought, let me somaar go to the ladies while chatting to my lavo. I told Tsitsi that I was going to the bathroom, and asked her to order some dessert and ice cream for me. She looked at me with those piercing eyes, as if saying, the way you are so fat, you shouldn't be ordering dessert. Especially after a huge lunch I ordered. Ke bile ka mo kgapa ka letsogo, and answered the call, yoo I let it ring quiet longer.

Nna: Hey Lavo, miss me already? I said, giggling.

There was a little silence, Kevin not saying anything,

Nna: Lavo, can you hear me?

Kev: Yes I do! What are you up to mosadi ke wena?

Yooo, for seven years I have known Kevin, that was the first time ke utlwa a tenegile and speaking to me with such a harsh tone. Kevin didn't even greet me.

Kev: O ho kae?, Why did you take so long before you could pick up my call? Are you with Him?

My whole world came crushing on to me. What has gone into my husband's mind? What kind of question was that? Am I with Him? Who?
E ka bo o kwatisitse ke eng? I tried to think of something or anything that could have ticked him off. But I couldn't think of anything.
I then thought, I was with Rich maobane, did someone spot us, and told him? I just had coffee with him, for half an hour, can it be the reason my husband was so ticked off? That must be the reason he was so mad. There can never be any. Yoo the walls have eyes.
Mmaweeee, gatwe 'O se e buele lengopeng, magakabe a go bona',

Is waar, lies and secrets always, have a way of pooping out, a nasty unexpected way for that matter. You cannot hide anything. Why didn't I tell my husband about my meeting with Rich?

Look at me now.

I let an innocent meeting ruin things with my husband. But what happened? How did he even know? Did Richmond bump into him ko Pretoria and said something about the sneakers? Mara Kevin one a sa apara those sneakers when he left for his meeting earlier?
What really happened tlhe bathong? Rich is a lot of things, but not that type of a person, its definitely not him. But what happened? Sengwe sona se diragetse, fela what?, I nearly peed myself the way ke neng ka tshwara ke tsebetsebe ka teng. I snapped out of my million questions

Nna: Lavo, what are you talking about, who are you talking about?

Kev," your boyfriend, that's who I am talking about. Whoever you are with and wherever you are, just pack your stuff and get yourself here, before I lose it. "

When kaka hits the roof....

Was I in deep trouble here?

One thing for sure, my husband was pissed off, but I had no idea why. Although I knew it was something to do with Rich, I just could not pin it down.

What happened?

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