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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 16



Easter weekend came; Obakeng called to confirm that she was coming. I had lots of school work, so I was spending the Easter holidays ko flateng. Batso and I were still not okay but ne re dira di small talks and Q&A. She went to visit Nkagiseng at Welkom.

Kevin has not even tried to contact me. I was just forgetting about him, day in day out. I was busy on my Laptop with my assignments when I heard a knock coming through the door, I knew who it was, because she called saying they are in Pretoria. I wondered who “they” she referred to. I went and opened the door, there stood a Tall, hefty & serious looking man, & a fully fig-ured glowing yellow boned woman. My gorgeous friend Obakeng.

Obakeng : "Mmata, wame, O ke mo ratang ka pelo yame e yotlhe"

She opened her arms for a big bear hug. We hugged for long, till the gentleman cleared his throat, obviously saying, enough. We broke it off, I was so happy to see Obakeng. She looked really beautiful, too bright and glowing, too chubby on the right places. I asked her to turn around for me, she first looked at the Giant man standing before the door, I ignored him,

Nna: "Mmata a o nkotle ka turn around."

Hai. Obakeng has really gaining weight tlhe. Her bums & cheeks were really giving it away. Yaa, it’s true what they say. When you are happy and loved, it shows on your face. Three months is really a long time, she looks bigger than when I saw her ka Xmas. Anyway, she disturbed my thoughts.

Obakeng: " Mmata, meet Jabulani Khoza, Hun, this is my best friend Obonolo Dire, we call her Noli."

He extended his hand and gave me a handshake.

Jabulani: "Sawubona sisi, Ngaze ngajabulela ukwazi. Ngizwe okuningi okuhle ngawe."

Yoo, too deep. The guy spoke in Zulu.I just smiled, thinking, I hope brothers did not insult me.
Nna: "Nice to meet you abuti Jabulani".
I asked them to sit down on the couches. Haele brothers, he was reluctant but ended sitting down. I offered them something to drink. Obakeng asked for juice and a glass of water, and then she looked at Jabulani, and asked him gore o tla thabela go nwa eng.

Jabulani: "bengicela amanzi".

Hai that man was very arrogant and scary. Ene ele sa ntlha ke mo bona, but I sensed he was those typical man, who controls and bully woman in the name of commanding respect. I had no right to judge him, e fela, I couldn't help it.

That man gave me chills. I noticed that all the time when I ask Obakeng something, before she could answer, she looked at him first, like she was seeking permission to talk. Hai, I hope for my friend's sake I was wrong about Jabu.
I went to the kitchen, got two bottles of still water and cranberry juice, Obakeng's favorite. I put them on the tray and put mama's famous cakes on the side plate. I knew Obakeng will jump for joy when she sees them. She loved them too much.

Tsitsi was home last weekend as she will be working during this long weekend, so she went to see batswadi. Mama gave her mofago wa dikuku to share with all of us. So, I saved some for Mmata wa me. I put the tray on the coffee table, yooo; she jumped on to the tray, putting two at a go, ka go latelana in her mouth. Mmm Mmata, ( she looked at Jabulani before she could talk , I really found it weird.)

Obakeng: “you really know me so well hey."

I said, “off course, more than you know yourself." I was teasing her. That motionless giant was sitting still drinking his water. Obakeng was enjoying the cakes, when a disgusted Jabulani stood up and said, he saw a shop down the road, so he is going there.

Jabulani: " Ngicela uzilungise njegoba ngiza, khona sizohamba mangibuya"

Yoo. I thought to myself, go buiwa sezulu fela mo relationship ena? Obakeng o dira jang? gape rona re ikgoletse ko magaeng a Rustenburg, re ikitsetse Setswana , Afrikaans and English…Atleast Sepedi le Sesotho di batlile di tshwana le puo ya rona, but Zulu and Xhosa? Mmm you have to learn a totally different language. Hai. Maybe in two years e Obakeng a e dutseng ko KZN she learned Zulu. Why will He speak to her in Zulu if o ne a sa se tsebe? Well for Obakeng it was understandable, Nna ena? Kana ga ke mo utlwe le gore wa reng yet he was talking to me in Zulu. Yoo that is kind of rude mara. You do not just assume people know your language. Ka nnete monna o o goga Mmata wa me ka nko. Go le khuni'

“Obakeng shyly said ok hun.”

I asked Obakeng gore Jabu o ne a reng go ena. She laughed and told me. You got to be kidding me, is this guy for real? Yoo 10 minutes only? Obakeng? Then le a tsamaya? Joo, I’m not happy. I haven’t seen you in full three months, and I'm only allowed 10 minutes?

She made excuses for him, blah blah, and that they have to leave.

Obakeng: "Mmata I promise, I will make time, ke tlo spender nako le wena."

Nna: "Gosiame Mmata, so what have you been up to? You look so happy, you are glowing, and you are fresh, is He the reason behind all this?" I asked.

Obakeng: "Well partly, Mmata. Remember I said I want to tell you something? "

Nna: “Yes I do, what is it?" I quickly, out of curiosity asked her.

Obakeng: “Jabulani wants to marry me Mmata, before the baby is born."
What did you say? I was Shocked. She repeated the news. Ooh now it makes perfect sense. The weight gain Neh. Hai, I never thought. I jumped for joy. I went and hugged her.
Nna: " O how far Mmata?"

Obakeng: “I’m just a little over 16 weeks."
Wow, both the two important ladies in my life are pregnant, and they are both 4months preg-nant? That was amazing. Apart from the fact that they are both very young and both studying, I was just as excited to be mmamogolo. Yes, mmamogolo Noli. Babies are a gift from God. We must rejoice. I told her about her partner in pregnancy. She was shocked as well, saying, she doesn't condone falling pregnant at 21, but for Omo, at 17 ka matric year? It was very irres-ponsible of her. We spoke a little and I congratulated her about the baby and I was concerned about the wedding part.
Nna: “Mmata, are you sure you are ready for studies, a child and being a wife?"

She said the reason for the marriage is that Jabulani wanted the baby to have his surname not hers. So as far as I'm concerned, this is just marriage of inconvenience? Obakeng must really rethink it. You don't marry someone for different reasons other than Love and commitment. I was a bit worried. This does not feel and sound right; Obakeng seemed cornered into all this. She dropped another bombshell that, once the baby is born in August, she will put her studies on hold. Jabulani said, she can always go back to school once the baby is One year. So I was right, this man is just bossing and controlling Obakeng. He calls all the shorts.How can Obakeng allow him to own her so much? Yoo, I'm scared for my friend. I was just miles away, thinking about Obakeng’s situation when her phone rang.

Mr Giant came back, didn't even come upstairs, he waited at the car, called Obakeng. He said she must come down ba tsamaye. He told her to tell me goodbye. She just said" Ok hun, I'm on my way." Obakeng immediately, stood up.

This is just not on. Obakeng is really terrified of Jabulani. She tried to hide it, but I saw throw the brave and happy face she tried to pull. She is not in love with him, just scared of him. Hai, I hope I'm just wrong. We hugged for a long time; I shared a tear and told her how much I love her. I told her to keep in touch. She asked for mofago wa dikuku for the road. I packed them for her. Kissed her tummy and her cheek, and we said our goodbyes.
Apart from my worries about Obakeng’s relationship with Jabulani, I was excited for her. Above all, Omontle and Obakeng are going to be mothers.

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