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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 110


DYGO 110 
**Four and a half months later**

Time had gone very fast, the kids will be turning one in a month and few weeks time.

My husband and I have been the best parents to them. Re ne re ratana go feta. I couldn't have asked for a better husband and a father to mawelane a rona. 

God has been great to us. Work was also hectic, as I was promoted to a new senior position, which was too demanding. I couldn't have done all this if it was not for my loyal and loving husband, two helpers and easy to love kids.

Kev was also too hectic running his business and also working. I must say we hardly ever spend time together like before.
Kev was spending a lot of time in the Vaal, that's where his construction company – MAKOOTA ( MaKananeloKevinOboikanyOreatlileTau Constructions ) is based.

MAKOOTA was now fully operational. Business was booming. During the week my husband was a nine to fiver ko Sasol, Saturdays he was fully ko MAKOOTA and sometimes during the week he was also helping Olefile, my younger brother with school projects.

Ole was now doing in-service training at Sasol and has registered for his BTech.

So between work, running the business, helping Ole and business meetings, My husband was really busy. It was like when we first met. Being separated by distance. Although he was sleeping at home every night, we really missed him dearly. Weekends were the worst, he was never home. At times he would go away ka business for the weekend. Or fly to Cape Town or Durban to meet potential clients etc. We however tried to now and then, especially Sundays have dates and family outings together. It was important that we don't loose connection. We had a marriage to run and kids to raise. Chasing money should not take priority. I always reminded him that.
We were busy with preps for the twins' first birthday party. Planning a First birthday party was really easy because I had so much help from both my sisters and friends. I really trusted them that much. They threw me such an epic Surprise 30th Birthday party. Kev was so mum about it. I must say they really pulled it off.

MamaTau came to visit us on the 12 February. I was shocked when we wake up Saturday morning a re she was not feeling well so me an the kids should go somewhere gore a seke a fetetsa bana ka the flue bug that she all of a sudden caught. She was literally chasing us away from the house. I couldn't understand why did she come if she was so sick and now she was chasing me and the kids away. I didn’t have plans so I was bored by all that. Honestly I was not impressed. I asked Mamo to come along, but she refused and said she was going to look after MamaTau as she was not feeling well.

Seeing that I was not needed, I decided to call Fikile, who was still staying at Kevin's Rosebank apartment to check if she needed visitors. She was happy and immediately said we should come. I prepared myself while Mamo prepared the kids then we left.
We were so excited to go spend the day with her and Nkosi, her son.

She was really doing well for herself and her son. She even gave Kevin offer to buy the place. She was in love with it and besides, she was doing so well financially. Kevin had since told her that he will think about it.

Her son was almost same age as the twins. Two weeks apart. Unfortunately he was delivered by emergency caesarian due to some serious complications.

Apparently, as she says, Obinna finally tracked her down and asked to see her. Fikile agreed to the meeting.

They were not legally divorced because Fiks was busy finding her feet. Although she had already consulted with divorce lawyer to start the proceedings, she decided to put it on hold till after the birth. Fiks was 37 weeks pregnant at the time.

Obinna finally came to visit her and asked for forgiveness. Fiks refused to accept his apology saying he kicked her out like a dog while pregnant with nowhere to go. She was still bitter and hurt, and told him that, she won't allow him anywhere near their son, because to him, they were dead. Obinna got so shocked and disappointed that they were expecting a baby boy. He even told Fikile that she can keep her son and wished that they were dead. Yoo hectic.

As we all understand her story, apparently initially when they found out that they were pregnant, they decided not to check the baby’s sex. Obinna wanted a baby girl with all his heart and Fiks wanted a boy. Weird neh? Normally it is other way round. During her routine check up, a little mamba showed up and she knew God blessed them with a son…not a daughter as Obinna had hoped.

Apparently the argument went on and became heated .

Obinna got so angry and physically assaulted her. She fell with her stomach. Obinna did not even care about that, He literally kicked her, took her cellphone smashed it against the wall and he left her crying in the apartment. Fikile was bleeding heavily and she feared for her life and the life of her unborn baby. She screamed for help. Thanks to the advanced intercom systems they had, she phoned security.

Security came rushing and they called an ambulance. Security knew that she was our friend. He looked up Kev's numbers and called him. It was around 17:00 on Wednesday 11th March. We rushed to Morningside Hospital. They admitted her right away to monitor her. We called Nkuli ( Fiks sister) to come be with her. She had apparently lost a lot of blood. Dr said she had Placental abruption. Apparently an emergency C-section was required to save the life of both the mother and baby.

On the 12 March 2010, Nkosimphile Unami Odega was born. Healthy and perfect. Kevin told Fikile to open a case of assault against Obinna. She was reluctant but the Dr who admitted her also felt that she should lay a charge against Obinna and have him arrested for attempted murder. That doctor said Fikile and the baby were lucky to be alive. Had they took longer to come to the hospital, we would be talking a different story. Upon hearing that she and her son nearly died because of Obinna, she agreed to report him.

It was exactly a month before Nkosimphile 's first birthday, He was 11 Months old today. We decided to go get her a smallernyana birthday cake. I was wondering if Fiks was planning to throw him a first birthday. I thought I would ask her. Maybe we could combine it with the twins’.

When the twins and I got to her place, we were shocked by what we found there. Obinna had spent the night there. I couldn't believe my eyes. She told me that she had forgiven him for their son's sake. She was saying they are back together trying to work things out. Yoo, shocking.

We sat and catch’ up on life and stuff. I asked her if she will be throwing Nkosimphile a 1st birthday party next month naa? I was shocked to learn that they were planning to go to Nigeria for two weeks. They were actually leaving on the 4th of March, for Nkosimphile to meet his grandparents. They were planning to come back on the 18th March, after his birthday.
I asked her about the case she opened against Obinna. I was shocked to learn that she went to the police and dropped the charges. She even told me that, she loved Obinna and because she and Nkosi were alive and healthy, she didn't want her husband to rot in jail for something she pushed him to do. According to her, she drove Obinna to overreact and hurt her. She went on saying had she not threatened Obinna that he won't see their son, she would not have ended up in hospital. Really? I was beyond shocked.

Basadi? Yaa, ka nnete we can protect our husband and partners neh? Even when they are hurting and damaging us. We like to believe we are the reason they do bad things to us. We like to believe that we deserved to be treated with such disrespect, belittlement, and that we asked for it. When our husband cheats on us, we take the blame, when he beats you, you take a blame, when he is possessive over you, you take the blame. This was ongoing.

We make our husbands or partners little gods, we worship them. We believe they are good and loving and that, if they behave somehow other than loving towards us, we are at fault. We turn blind eye to the bad things they do to us, and hold on to them even if they are mistreating us. Yaa re rata lenyalo ka nnete…This was sad.

Ka nnete, woman, le ga bare re tshware thipa ka fo bogaleng, that doesn't mean we must dig up our own graves by being naïve and turning blind and ignorant. We need to accept and learn that, motho o mongwe le o mongwe o responsible for their actions. No one can ever force anybody to do something they don’t want to do. No one.

Fikile was just naive, but she was adult enough to decide on what she wanted in her life. I never thought she would get back with Obinna, not after what he puts her through. Yes forgiving him and letting him be part of their son’s life was important, but getting back together? Wow.

If it's Obinna she wanted, so be it. Talk about battered woman syndrome…That was what Fiks was.
I was just worried gore relationship ya gagwe le her siblings e tlo ba messed up again. They forgave her and they were doing great. I asked her if she told them about her trip to Nigeria, and she said No. She even asked me to never tell them.

Nonkululeko will be very disappointed, if a ka utlwa gore she was going to Nigeria and that she was not going ahead ka divorce. I promised not to say anything but asked her to tell them when she comes back from Nigeria.

I told her that I was disappointed but unfortunately there was nothing anyone could say or do to convince her otherwise. She made her choices and we should just respect them. It’s her life after all. Lets hope Obinna looks after her.

We spent that Saturday together and left.

When we got home, we were shocked and pleasantly surprised. MamaTau together with Mamo and Dk decorated Kani's bedroom. It was so gorgeous and girly. Mmmm, what a nice surprise. I was very humbled and grateful. Now it make sense why we were chased away .

Even Kani loved it, she was now beginning to talk a bit clearer than Kaho. She kept saying " e nice Gono, e butiful nice'. Nxoo my princess bathong. She was just so sweet and talked a lot. Even when we couldn’t hear what she was saying at times but yoo she can open her mouth. She calls her dad Lav ( copying me) and calls me Bobo. Unlike Kaho, hai my little man was taking his pretty time with everything. He was still learning to walk, while Kani was already running. He was also a lazy talker. He would just scream papa and mama and other everyday words like eja, no, yes, night etc but never speak fully.
When Kevin came back home, Kani could not wait to show off her newly decorated room. Mm, luckily, they also added some new stuff in Kaho's bedroom gore a seke a feeler left out. So both of them had something new to rave about.

That night the kids slept in their own separate bedrooms and it seemed that they were enjoying that. MamaTau spend the night at the house. I didn't get the chance to tell my husband about what I saw ko Rosebank. I was scared that He might be angry and kick Fikile out of his place. He never liked Obinna from the start. So when Fiks got a protection order against him and laid a charge, He was happy. So imagine how he would react should he finds out that Fikile , who was staying rent free in his apartment was letting Obinna sleep at His place, free of charge, after what he did the last time he went there? So I kept quiet.

Days gone by, we were busy with party preps. Time was running fast. It was the 4th March , Fikile and Nkosi were leaving for Nigeria, 2 weekends before the kids ' first birthday party.

I was meeting with Ous Tsitsi for Lunch over the weekend and to finalize some of the stuff for the party. I was looking forward to seeing her. I last saw her ka December, both the Tau and Dire family came to have Xmas lunch at our house. Kev and I decided to host.

It was a beautiful Saturday, the 5th of March when Tsitsi and I met. We started first by going to check the water slides jumping castle for the party then had lunch. Woo my sister was so happier than ever. She had lost weight beautifully and glowing. She finally got rid of Rendani for good. As she puts it, she took him to the cleaners. He lost everything during the divorce. The divorce was quite lengthy because he was busy contesting it. Tsitsi won the battle. She got the house, half of Rendani's pension and provident funds, maintenance for the kids, and full custody of the kids. She said she felt sorry for him and told her lawyer that she was willing to have a joined custody with him. He said Rendani was a lot of bad things, but he was the best dad to the kids. He loved them so much.

After the divorce was finalized, Rendani moved to Pretoria, closer to work. Portia and their son moved in with him. Apparently the fairytale didn't last long because Rendani was no longer financially stable. Barbie Doll packed her belongings and left Rendani. She also took Unarine with her. Rendani only saw Unarine during the weekends.

One weekend while Unarine was visiting his dad, he dropped the bomb that he had two dads. Rendani remembered what Tsitsi once told him. He asked Unarine what he meant, and the child told his dad everything about his holiday visits to his family. Rendani confronted Portia, who initially denied it but ended dropping a bombshell that Unarine is not Rendani's son. Rendani could not believe what Portia confessed to and did the DNA testing, and it turned out that Rendani was not Unarine’s biological father, o ne a tshwarisitswe hands ball. He learned that, the son he raised for over 12 years, was living a double life. As a Pedi and a Venda. So, it was confirmed on home affairs' certificate and records that , Unarine's biological parents were mother- Portia Mashaba and father- Phalane Dikgale. Unarine Mulaudzi is none other than Warona Mashaba-Dikgale.

Yaa neh, I was not that shocked or surprised. I told my sister the truth. That, I suspected that ages ago, and that Unarine's biological father is non other than my ex boyfriend Malankane Richmond Phalane Dikgale. Ausi Tsitsi was so shocked. After the revelation, Rendani realized that he lost everything because of Portia, who lied and manipulated him. She messed Rendani's marriage, life and now that she lost her meal card, she didn't care anymore. Rendani was now begging Tsitsi for forgiveness and second chances. Tsitsi o mmoleletse gore its a little too late. Life e ntse jalo, It gives you back what you throw at it . Ke Karma. You don’t get the to order from the menu, you just get served what you deserved.

Tsitsi sold the house in Alberton because it held bad memories for her and the kids. She’s a clinical psychologist at Linksfield Netcare Hospital and lives in Greenstone with her kids. When you comment about her new glow and happy life, she says ,its all thanks to the new man in her life. He can't stop raving about her business man, David Bogatsu aka Dave. Mm after all there was life after Mr. Mulaudzi.

It's really true that stress can change you, inside and out. Although it differs with individuals, but, when you are miserable, it shows on your face, body and energy levels. My sister carried out so much stress from her marriage, and now that she was free from that marriage, she was a free soul. The glow was testimony to that.

And there's my now Lawyer friend, Obakeng Baksy Khoza, yes, she finally completed her Law degree, now serving her articles at Basson & Balao ( BnB) Attorneys based in Woodmead, to be a qualified Lawyer. She can't stop thanking me for the role I played to get her in that company. She says, that's the best company to work for. Motsheoa- Kgosi's wife managed to get her in, and the company paid for her studies with the condition that once she is a qualified lawyer she wil work 2 years in the company as repayment. She was in a good space, earning a good salary but still married to that good for nothing Jabulani Khoza aka JK.
We are going out for drinks later tomorrow, to catch up on life. We haven't seen each other for a while now. Although we have spoken over the phone, she always sounded good. Every time we spoke, she would say her life was very great. She told me she had some juicy news for me.

Juicy news neh? I wonder what Obakeng would tell me. Was she and JK doing well and they were pregnant? Or She was finally divorcing JK? Hai I had lots of questions, I decided to wait for Friday, to find out the juicy news…

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