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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 53


I thought, let me check the inbox. I then remembered Kev's conversation with LSG maobane after I answered her call. Kev clearly said, He will send her the coordinates right away which seems like he never did.

I opened inbox messages.

Ke utlwile ekete I’m burning, even before reading, ka otlwa ke letswalo le lengwe, ga ke be ke ise ke tsamaye ke otlwa ke letswalo like that in my life.….

Part of me wanted to stop, the other part was way too curious. I guess I followed my heart...

Just looking through the inbox, LSG ‘s name was flooding the inbox, there were about six messages from her….

I opened the bottom one that was showing on the screen, it was sent on Wednesday. I almost fainted, but I composed myself

LSG 1- Dated 22/10/08 - I woke up thinking about you. I really miss u Lion. xoxo

LSG 2- Dated 23/10/08 - Babes, When is your leave ending? Two weeks is a very long time.I miss you Lion .xoxo

LSG 3- Dated 24/10/08- I might not get to see you today,I'm going home,my brother is fetching me.Dont know what time.{•|•},xoxo.

LSG 4-Dated 24/10/08 - I'm home safe,already missing you.How are we going to do this? O nagana gore we will be able to work out, against the challenges and obstacles surrounding us? I'm scared Lion.xoxo

LSG 5- Dated 24/10/08 - GPS Coordinates??? Confused, explain tuu.

LSG 6- Dated 25/10/08 - Why do I feel like you are ignoring me? You are not answering my calls kgotsa o tied up still? When are you going to be free? You didn't answer my question, last night when we spoke.

Hollllie-moulie, ke matlakala a eng a ke a bonang? This is utter bullcrap. Something is moving between Kevin and this LSG, and it seems it's just started. Lion, amme tota? Is that how you roll lady? Calling my husband a Lion? And what’s with this Xoxo? Really? Ooh, there goes the Babes again, Hai, tse tsona, di tshabisa madi ka nnete. Too much I miss you’s jumping from both messages..

Aren’t these people supposed to be colleagues? Why are they missing each other? Ooh, when are you coming back? Why did she want to know so much from my husband? How are we going to work out? What obstacles and challenges is she referring to? Me? Am I an obstacle?

And what’s with Kevin’s responses? What kaka is that?

Making up for lost what? Naare ba babedi ba ba apeile e ntseng jang nonsense? Le teng ,what did Kevin say to LSG gore a be a mmolelle gore a ikgatholose his message? I need to find out

I went back to check the times on LSG's messages quickly.

LSG asked Kevin - GPS Coordinates??? Confused, explain tuu,

That was around, same time she called on Friday night after rehearsal, and Kevin replied to that message about 10 minutes later ( approximately at the time when I went to wake Paula up to go check the Deco),

Why was he feeling the need to explain himself to his lady colleague? Ignore what I just said?

Ke tlwaelwa gampe mona, ka nnete. Yes last night while I was with Kev when LSG’s second call came through, Kevin just answered and said,

”He hasn’t forgotten about her, and he will send those GPS coordinates as soon as he hung up."

It made sense why LSG was confused about GPS Coordinates and asked my husband to explain. She knew nothing about coordinates; she was not expecting or calling for coordinates at all. My husband’s answer was very clear, Just ignore what I said…ke tla tlhalosa ga ke go bona….O tla tlhalosa gore goreng a ne a bua maaka ka di coordinates tse di sa existing.

Yooo,bit by bit, I was putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I did not really like the completed picture of the puzzle not a bit. It scared the sh#t out of me.Se ke se senollang, might have a serious impact on the event of the day, worse, it might change my Life.....

Kana I just married this man, and now this resurface? What do I do with all this revelations?

Yooo, a disappointment escaped me. I really felt sick to my stomach.I didn't want Obakeng and Paula to see my face, I was feeling as if, disappointment was written all over my face.

Funny enough I was not feeling hurt or angry, I was just shocked by what I just saw.It was like I was just imagining all this.I guess maybe ke ne ke tshaba go dumela gore se ke se bonang ke bopaki ba gore monna wa me is not as innocent, genuine, perfect or honest as he is potraying....

Tota fa gone, go nkga legotlo la ko sjwetla. I don't know what on earth was happening , fela my husband lied to me and I wanted to know why?

One thing for certain, Kevin was flirting with LSG or ene le LSG ba jola.

I am not about to go through this last part of the Wedding. I needed to speak to my husband now and I wanted answers.

Obakeng: “Mmata, nyaya o didimetse tlhe, wabo o naganne TKK (Tau Kevin Karabello)?”

Nna: “Yooo, ke setse ke palame sefofane to our honeymoon nje, I’m just very far away. Intshwarele o ne o bua?”

Obakeng: “Nyaya, I was just checking up on you, you never uttered a single word since o le busy on your phone.”

Nna: “Ke siame Mmata, ke ne ke ikutlwelletse and daydreaming. Kana Kevin o ganne go mpolella gore re ya kae for our honeymoon…..”

Obakeng: “Haaahaa, askies Mmata, that’s why he said it’s a surprise honeymoon. So you will have to wait for tomorrow.”

My friend had no idea what I was going through. The revelation that could very much so, ruin my Life. I might have married a liar or a cheater…I was battling with what to do.

To either confront Kevin now, or ignore all this and go ahead with the Reception and confronts him later?

It was just 15 minutes left before the scheduled reception time.

We were already at Avianto. I asked Paula to call Kevin for me. I needed to have a quick word with him. Paula went inside to look for Kevin. O buile a le mong. When I asked her gore why a boa a le mong, and where was Kevin?

She said, Kevin was busy talking to his Boss and said he will see me in 5 minutes time.

I looked at the time, it was 12h50.

Guests were making their way to the reception hall. Obakeng and I went to join the bridal entourage at the room that was reserved for us at Avianto.

Others were busy practicing their reception grand entrance moves.

As I enter the room, the ladies were ululating and guys were whistling at me, saying I look gorgeous. I was blushing off course, but deep down, I was thinking of LSG and my Husband.

Just as I was flattered by the attention and praises, Kevin stood by the door.Obakeng asked me to turn and look behind me…

Aaaah, I did just that, I turned around and I was met by the Lav’of my Life, looking so mesmerized and too handsome. He could not take his eyes off me. He looked at me with lusting eyes. He gave me that killer smile..My heart melt. It is true that an act of Love melt even the frozen heart...

Sad and dissapointed as I was , or I could be with my husband, His dimple smile always soften me. I always feel weak to my knees and forget everything....

I walked towards him with th intention to let him hold me tight...but LSG came to mind. All I did was grab him by his hand, so hard and pulled him away from the bridal entourage’s eyes and ears.

Kevin: “Ouch, o a ntematsa ka dinala tsa hao tse telele tlhe Mrs Tau”

Nna: “Mxx, serves you right”

Kevin: “OK, ke entseng joale Bobowapeloyame?”

Just as I was about to tell him, Thaps the Choreographer called us to come closer so that we can do our final step.

Kevin: “Whatever it is, can it wait for another few hours? Right now re tlameha ho ya ho kena ka hare. Ooh, by the way it’s too late to have cold feet now. You are Mrs. Tau now. So let’s finish it off then we will talk later ok Shuga. I love you my perfect wife. More than anything in this world.”

A part of me was charmed by all that my husband was saying; another part of me was questioning him.

All the questions I wanted to ask him were playing in my mind. Sexual healing was also ringing in my ears. Will I even enjoy this reception? I thought to myself.

Just as Kevin was about to turn and walk away towards Thaps who was still clapping his hands and shouting cum cum, people. I pulled him back.

Nna: “I can’t do this Kevin”

Kevin: “You can’t do what Shuga?”

Nna:” I am not getting into that Reception Hall until you and I talk”

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