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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 101


Dygo 101
I had such a sad Sunday with Baksy. I couldn't get over the life she was living. It was such a sad life. As I drove back home, all I could think about was marriage. I tried to figure out how such a beautiful institution can get so tarnished. How it starts out with a dream, same goal, commitment, love and promises of eternity and forever, only to end or head to broken promises, pain, neglect, hate and broken vows. Go be go diragetse eng to get there? To get to that place you never dreamed about. A place so dark, shattered, filthy and scary, where only fear and evil resides. Goa be go tlhagile eng tota?

Yes, not every marriage gets there; but those that unfortunately take that route, what really pushed them to go there? Do we forget the vows we made on our wedding day? Do we neglect ourselves and live a lie? Or we get into it pretending to be what we are not and then along the route our real personalities emerge and we realize all the promises and vows made were fake? We end up getting angry and bitter and hurtful to one another? What really happens? What changes?

Has “ I do“ became “what do I do now?”

I thought of Kenny Lattimore and Shante More's song, "When I said I do, I meant that I will, till the end of time" I wondered, isn't how it's supposed to be? Till the end of time? Until death do us part? Yooo. Pelo yame ya rotha madi. Ka tlala letshogo. I questioned marriage, in different shapes and shades. I saw a pattern in marriages between people close to me. I wondered, go diragetse eng?
I looked at my marriage with Kevin. Amongst all our friends and family, Kgosi and Motsheoa were the last ones so far to get married, theirs like ours were still on the honeymoon phase, meaning, we still had a long journey ahead. Unknown journey that awaits us. I wonder, will we ever get to that place? I thought, no. I don't want to go there. I will pray God that we don't get anywhere near.

I got scared. No one ever foresee such turn of events about their marriages. Everyone around me never imagined or planned to end up where they were. I know for sure they all prayed, but still, they were thrown to that awful place in their marriage journey. There was My mom, my sister Tsitsi, my sister in law Reatli, my friend Obakeng, Batso and Fikile. They didn't think they will get there, but they did. I am sure, they prayed and did everything in their power not to get there, so, ultimately, they ended up right deep into that horrible place.

I felt sick to my stomach. The uncertain journey awaiting me really scared me. I thought maybe, I will be a different case study, and see how my journey unfolds. Besides, I cannot imagine Kevin and I heading anywhere to such a place. I shook my head. I was already home. I was so emotional. I just let out and cried in my car for a good 20 minutes or so.

I went inside, Kev was still not back. So I headed upstairs. I decided to take a long hot bubble bath.

I put some soft music, lit my aromatic candles, put some bath salts. I called Baksy ke mmolela gore ke fitlhile sentle. She thanked me for everything and I reminded her that, I did what any friend would, and I was just happy to be her friend indeed and in need. We said our goodbyes. My bath was now ready, so I went into the bathroom, took off my clothes and just as I was about to get into the bath, my phone rang. Aish, I quickly went to the bedroom, to answer.

It was Tsitsi. Ooh shucks, I was supposed to call her after church and I completely forgot.

Nna: ausiwapeloyame, Dumela, Intshwarele tlhe rato laka. I completely forgot to return your call.

Tsitsi: nxxxxx. I knew you won't call because you are busy o tshameka black mampatile. I was worried about you. Your husband called me maobane after we parted, one a ntlhaba ka dipotso tse dingwe, so I wanted to check if everything was ok. But e rile ke bona o sa ntetsetsa, I figured gore le siame and another thing, I thought I was wrong about you.

Nna: Hahahaha, Ao sisi, nyaya, ka nnete ke go lebetse, that's all. Eya, Kev told me gore o go founetse, hai, one a tsenwe ke bogafi maabane, but we are good.”

I did not reveal the details of what really happened. So I just went on and told her we were good. I thanked her for caring and for the love. I asked her what she meant by being wrong about me. O ne a bua ka eng?

She said, those three stuff she bought me and asked me to POAS. She took it that they all came out Negative; hence I did not call her. She went on advising me that I must just go to gym because I have gained weight, so much. She was so sure that I was pregnant.

Awkward, very awkward I thought. I totally and completely forgot about those things. Aish, what do I tell her. I thought okay, I cannot tell her that I didn't bother to POAS, otherwise She won’t leave me alone. A kabe are ke POAS while she's holding, just to get results. I was not about to let her corner me into peeing on a stick. Not today.

Nna: Mrs. Mulaudzi wee, everybody comments about my weight gain, I get it, tomorrow, I'm joining Kevin ko gym and I'm going to be a rabbit. So can I be left alone tlhe bathong, I'm not pregnant.

There, I just said it.

Tsitsi: I'm sorry ngwana mama, I hope ga kea go tsosetsa diletseng. It’s just that, seeing you, I thought you looked so pregnant to me and the whole week, ke ne ke nale letlhaba and dreaming ka dimpopi. Wa nkitse nna, when I get funny dreams, go ba something, either lesea, or lenyalo or leso. So I guess this time I was wrong about lesea. Unless Omo or Refilwe o mong wa bona o emile or Ole o emisitse, hahahahaha. Askies ngwana mama. Keep trying, it will happen. God will bless you abundantly and beyond. You and Kevin will be parents soon. Okay?

We laughed about Omo and pregnancy, yoo, motho ole ga a batle niks ka baby number two. O gana nnang ya banyana. So we ruled her out.
As for Mr. Civil Engineering, he won’t be that stupid and reckless. He said the only thing he went to chow at Vaal Tech was the course, not anything else. So I don't think he can be that irresponsible because nka mo betsa gore!. My husband spends so much time helping him to complete his Course on record time with distinctions so he better be staying far away from girls. So we must rule him out as well.
We were left with our sister in law Refilwe, and our cousins…

Tsitsi thought maybe Mpho was pregnant with baby no. three. Yooo that one with engagement ring ya 3 years, it was possible though. She would do anything for that guy, even if it meant to bore him 5 kids. Bakgolo ba sa letile dikgomo tsa magadi or even damages.
I told Tsitsi that if Mpho was pregnant, nka itse gore ka nnete she was mad. Three kids no magadi or lenyalo? Yooo ene ele sono tlhe ka motswala wa me, that Xhosa guy was really stringing her along. She must really take out her “engagement ring” it had past its due date.
Enough about pregnancies, probably Tsitsi’s dreams meant there would be a wedding. Maybe Mpho was finally getting her long awaited celebration. Tsitsi agreed with me…
We laughed and said our goodbyes.

I dived in my now cold water. I took out some of the cold water while filling it up again with hot water. I sat down and enjoyed my bath.
I just thought tomorrow ka Lunch time; I'm going to Total sports and get myself some gym gear. I am seriously hitting the gym. Ke sharpo ka go bolelwa gore ke nnone tlhe. So, operation tlhasela mafura ya simolla ka moso. Obakeng o ntshwere ka ditaba, ka lebala go ya shopping for my gym gear, so I'm not going to start in the morning as planned. But it’s ok. I will do afternoon session. Kev won't be impressed, but Arg o tla tiya.

I finished bathing. Wore my Pjs and went downstairs. I watched TV. I was bored, it was too quiet, DK one a se teng the whole afternoon, Omo told me gore o itopetse twobob ko Diepsloot. So whenever she's off, she goes there go tsamaisa madi. Go batlega jalo, she was still young, o tshwanetse a ithabise. Besides when DK was happy, my house would be spotless, the food would be so delicious and everyone would be happy. So we both needed some time out.

Kevin came back an hour after my bath.

We both told each other about our day. He told me that Motsheoa was due sooner than expected , apparently there's been complications, so Dr scheduled a C-section for beginning of November, instead of her Edd (estimated delivery date of beginning of December). Yes Motsheoa and Kgosi were expecting their second child. After the birth of their daughter Amantle ka December 2008, they didn’t waste time and baked the next bun. They did their modern wedding ceremony February 2009. It was a very intimate ceremony, nothing big. Kgosi was apparently so excited to welcome their baby boy.

I told Kevin about my day le Baksy. Mostly about wanting to help her financially to finish her Law degree. I also asked him to speak to Thabiso about availability of job opportunities at his firm. Just then I remembered that Motsheoa is an Advocate at one of the well known Law firm. I planned to call her tomorrow at work ke mo kope favor for Obakeng's sake.

We had our dinner and catch up on Life and went to bed.

It was already Tuesday and I still didn't get time to go shopping for my gym gear. Month end rush ya di reports and deadlines tsa ko tirong di ne di ntshwere. Kevin le ena o ne a nale a hectic week at work so re beile gym on hold, but nna le Zuraider started eating healthy.
I spoke to Tsheoa (Motsheoa) about Obakeng's situation, not in full details but about how much she needs a job. She said she will get back to me. Apparently one of her assistant was pregnant and going to maternity leave, and also she was finishing off end of October, so they will definitely need Conveyancing secretaries. It sounded promising. So I was waiting for her to call back.

Wednesday just after lunch, I was not feeling well. It seemed like I was catching flue or something, so I left early at work, I needed to rest a little. I called Kevin and told him I was going home. He was worried but I told him that I was catching a flue and I was just tired, my body was heavy.

I got home just around 14:00, I was not hungry, but I felt like indulging in a slice of Bar-One cake that Kev brought from Sebokeng on Friday, his birthday cake from her mom. I took a bite and made chocolate milkshake. I went to watch tv by the lounge, while eating the cake. I felt so awful just after two bites. It all came back. Yoo, I somaar throw it away, I thought maybe it went stale. Kana e dutse in the fridge since Friday, hai, nor wonder e ne e mpherosa dibete. I went upstairs, clean myself up and decided to take a nap.

I was woken up by a cry, it was Omontle, She was so hysterical.

Omo ke eng, o llela eng ga botlhoko so?

Omo: " I don't want them, It was not supposed to happen, please Obonolo, take them away. Ga re ba batle. We are not ready. You and Kevin will be the best parents that rona won't be."

She continued crying.

Nna: Omontle, tlogela go lla, o bue sentle, ga ke go tlhaloganye gore o bua ka eng."

Omo: Noli, you and Kevin want kids isn’t? Rona ga re ba batle, so we want you and Kevin to adopt and raise them as yours. Rona re ka se gone le eseng. We are not ready for such."

Ka emisa ditsebe, Omo o imile? Jaanong o batla gore nna le Kevin adopts her child? Jooo.

Nna: Omontle that doesn’t make sense. How did you let yourself fall pregnant knowing very well that you don’t need a child? Or you are not ready for a child? You are seriously irresponsible. To think that just the other day Tsitsi thought you were pregnant, but I defended you gore you won't go that route. Gante ke ne ke bua maaka?

I looked at her, ke tenegile. I continued..

Kevin and I ga re ise re bue ka adoption because we want our own flesh and blood and now you come here offering me to adopt your child with some stranger. Ele gore Ntate wa ngwana oo ke mang? Omo cried even worse.

Omo: " sisi, these kids are your blood & flesh, Kevin as well.”

Nna: How so Omontle?

Omo: Because I slept with Paula, she is the father"

What? Paula Tau? What have you done Omontle? We all know that Paula is a woman trapped in a man's body, how can it be possible that she has rivet back to being a man, and even made you pregnant? Wa ntshisimosa tlhe Omontle, that's a disgrace. You and Paula are a disgrace. I was shouting at Omo. Asking her, how did this happen, how did you guys let this happen.

We were both in tears. Then she calmed down and said,

Omo: " sisi, we didn't plan this, we had a party ko ntlong months ago, it was my friends and Paula's. We got so drunk that we passed out. The next thing I woke up half naked in Paula's bed, me and two other gays. The two were on the floor, Paula and I were on the bed. That’s when we both realised what we did. It was a stupid act that happened under the influence of alcohol. I’m sorry sisi. Please help us. Take them.

Just as I was about to ask gore o how far and what Paula was saying about all this, the door opened, it was Paula, pushing a pram, a twin pram with two cutest babies , dressed in pink. I almost fell down because of shock. Omo was not just pregnant, she gave birth to twins.
I cried out so much, just as I was about to kneel down by the pram to take a closer look at the little babies sitting there, Omo took the baby bags from Paula and put them down next to the pram. I was drawn to the cutest little girls before my eyes.

Just as I was mesmerized by those cuties, Omo took Paula by her hand and they turned and walked away. I stood up and screamed out their names, Omontle! Paula!

They continued walking away without looking back, I cried an screamed , calling their names …please wait, wait Paula! Weee Omontle ...wait.....

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