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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 67


Post Wedding - Birthday Celebration

We drove back to the guesthouse, as happy as we drove in. We let go completely of what nearly ruined our perfect day. We vowed to never discuss it. It was gone, dead and buried. As we were closer by the gate, Kev called someone, ke utlwile fela are, Sentse re kena. I was like, who is he reporting to?

I completely ignored my thoughts. The place was packed; I thought maybe, Thabong guesthouse had another function.

I remembered that MC mentioned that people must get to the guesthouse for my birthday celebration; I didn't expect it to be so packed.

Kev took me straight to our honeymoon suite. Mm, the place looked so romantic and beautiful. All I wanted was for Kev to undress me, and take a long bath, then lay me down and make love to me. I was not in that party mood anymore.

It was as if Kevin was reading my mind, he went straight to the bathroom, ran me a hot bubble bath. He dialed someone, and said, my wife is taking a bath, she will be ready in half an hour.

He hung up.

Kevin: “Mrs Tau, let me indulge you a little.”

He took off my dress, kissed me so tender. A nkuka, a ntsenya in that hot bubble bath, surrounded by romantic and devine smelling scented candles. He washed my back. Gently, relaxing me. He then Poured water all over my body. He moved to my jelly jar (jj), washing it off with a soft sponge. Then he proceeded down to my legs.

I was like a little girl being bathed by her mom.

He massaged me for about ten minutes,I felt so relaxed. He took a towel, helped me up, and wrapped me with the towel, and carried me back to our bed.

He laid me on the bed while he kissed me. Just by the bedside was bottles of aromatic oils.He poured on his hands, and gently massaged me with it. It smelled so good, rosemary scented. I lay there enjoying the tender loving care from my husband. He then got kinky ideas.

He started kissing me,all over my body, down my jj, mmmm it was good, he dragged my body gently to the edge of our bed, opened my legs apart and knelt down on the floor, yoo, my Sotho prince. He dug deep into my jj, heela basadi, ka loleme, yooo, jj ya jewa bathong. I was in cloud nine, ke goa, so soft and sweet, ke jewa jj ka loleme, I repeat. Ho le thata. Ho le monate o naa...

Nothing beats a man who knows how to satisfy his woman, especially sexually . When you are in a loving relationship or marriage, mosebetsi was jj ke go jewa bathong, a re tloheleng ho iketsa holy. Le bibile ere joalo.Jelly jar is meant to be chowed, so as the Honey stick..

I have never been a "Not today or tonight darling type of woman" Whenever my man want to dug in..I always, and I mean always grant entrance in a heartbeat...I Love me some dig..Good one for that matter.So I was ready to rumble and tumble with my Husband...

Kevin is gentle like that. One a iketletse nna, a sa tata, to get me to the heaven’s gate, he was riding me, with his tongue only, gently and softly. Going in and out, up and down, round my jb, off to my jj lips, then back again.

I felt my climax building up, my muscles tightening up, and the shocks going through my thighs and my whole body, he was aware I was about to climax, he increased his pace, went a bit faster,in and out, he moved his face away from my jj, and used his fingers, yooo,nor wonder people like to raise a middle finger when swearing at you, that finger is dangerous bathong,

Hee he rocked me with the left hand middle finger and massaging my jelly bean ( aka jb the clitoris) with his right hand.

Nna: " I want you so bad mr Tau...Make love to me, right now..

He just ignored my pleas and just said shhhh, relax...and went faster.I let out a huge moan as I reached the point of no return. Mmm beautifully so.

Nxoooo. I see what this man was doing...He was just teasing me.He was not planning to rock my booty...But I could not complain..Making love is not only about being penetrated...

A good 10 minutes of absolute pleasure. No penetration of sort, just skilled man, doing his thing. My husband gave me a taste of what awaits me later. I was excited to the thought of him rocking my world. He went to the bathroom, came back with a warm towel, and wiped me off.

Kevin: “There’s more in store for you later Mrs. Tau.

Let’s get you ready.”

I teasingly asked him, “don’t you want my lip services Mr Tau?”

Kevin: " No thank you Shugawife, save that for later."

Kev: "just wear your robe and go to room 12, the sisters are waiting for you there."

I said hee bathong, ke ye ko room 12 ka maponapona.

Kevin: “no Shuga, put some panties and bra only. You will find your suprise there. I'm going to take a quick shower and will meet you at the Lapa neh Mrs Tau...”

I smiled , put on my underwear and left our room heading to room 12.

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