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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 75


I decided to focus on what's important. I called my mom, and my sisters and brothers just checking up on them. I already spoke to them when we landed; besides, Omphi came to fetch us ko airport, so they all knew we were back and safe. We also invited them to come to our place to watch the video and see wedding and honeymoon pictures. It was only one week to go before ba ka tla. Afterwards I called mmatsale le daddyT, just checking on them, and aus Reatli who was not feeling well. I told her Il come see her at work during the week. She worked at Discovery, which was not far from Investec.

I felt a bit tired, and decided to take a shower and planned to phone my husband to find out how long was he still going to be. Ka nnete ne ke mo gopotse. I went and ran my shower to steam up the bathroom, and decided to just call him before I shower.
It rang twice, and then he picked up on the third ring,

Nna: “hello Lavo, o kae moratuwa?”

Lavo: “ke hantle Sugarboo, wena? Sentse o ngopotse? O tsamaile Baksy? "

Nna: “Lavo, one question at the time. Eya ke go gopotse mothowaka.Eya o tsamaile, about 10 minutes ago. E be o boa neng lapeng?"

Kevin said he would be home in the next 30 minutes, which he did. I was done taking a shower. Already in my pajamas (Pjs).

Normally Saturdays we don't cook, we either order in or eat out or sometimes we have people over for braai. So we spoke briefly about our days.

He told me about his day with Kgosi and their friends ko Newscafe in Sandton. So they just had their boys time. I told him about my day with Baksy, and that we had fun. Not everything though.

Rules of friendship, never discuss your girlfriend's deep matters with your other half. Especially those that you're girlfriend confided in you with.

Man can't keep secrets,they are the greatest gossipers on earth. Also, they don't ever discuss their boyfriends deep issues. So, conversations about deep stuff must always be kept to a minimum.

I only mentioned that Baksy was going through some rough patch with JK and that was it.

Kevin shocked me by his comment.

Lavo: “hai, Shugaboo, I know you love your friend, but that JK guy seems very bossy towards her. E kare wa mo controller nje. All man feels uncomfortable around him, he is too dominating and all his conversations are all about bashing woman. He does not respect women, he's a sexist. I spent a lot of time with him ka wedding night ya bona, hai, I really don't think Ena le Baksy ba suitable for each other. Baksy o humble, sweet and very soft spoken, and die man hai, o gopo. He came across as very arrogant. Anyway, I hope for your friend's sake, he is kind and sweet to her. I hope they sort out their differences though, nothing is more painful to have issues with the person you love and spend everyday and every minute with.”

I was really shocked. Gompieno gone , go utlwa gore Kevin o nagana eng ka JK 's behavior or personality ya gagwe was a cherry on top. Ke ne ke sena mantswe, ke le shocked beyond.

I thought of what Baksy was saying to me and I wondered if JK was not abusing her physically. Ka mokgwa o areng JK o cruel ka teng, one can wonder if really he won't get to being physical.

I felt a chill in my spine. I really hope I was wrong about JK and that Obakeng was not hiding or covering that information about JK being physical on him.

Kev disturbed my uncomfortable feelings and thoughts about JK

Kev: “what are we having for supper Mrs Tau?”

I was really not hungry,after eating pizza with Obakeng. I offered him to either dug into the leftover pizza or re ye go mo rekela something to eat. He opted for the latter saying o jele pizza motshegare with the boys, so he wanted something meaty.

I was already in my pj's and I was not in the mood to change, so I told him to either place order with Mr Delivery for some take-away or aye go ithekela dijo a le mongwe.

He said he felt like eating Nandos . I asked him to buy for me hot wings. Off he went and I headed to the Lounge.

I decided to put on some DVD. I watched Diary of a mad black woman ya Tyler Perry. I thought of Obakeng once more. I decided to check on her, because o ne ise a ntetsetse gore o fitlhile sentle naa.

Her phone rang three times,then went to voicemail. I waited for few minutes and dialed again, it rang twice and she answered. I could swear from the tone of her voice, she was crying.

Obakeng: “Mmata, ke tsamaile sentle, thanks for everything. I'll talk to you tomorrow.”

She just shoots to the point confirming that she was home safe in a hurried tone though. I got more worried about her. It seemed as if she was trying to get rid of me.

Nna: “Obakeng o siame Mmata? You don't sound ok.”

Just when she was about to answer, I overheard JK at the background talking, she must have removed the phone from her ear but didnt hang up. I could hear clearly what JK was saying

JK (at the background) : “ooh when you answer your phone uphumela phandle?, skheberesha ndini! You are so disrespectful, Endlini yam!! Ukhuluma na madoda akho la u be o hleli nabo emini yonke, uyangijwayela yazi. Drop le call uze lana sifebe ndini.”

Yoooo,,,,,,,,,Tuuuuu, the phone went dead.

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