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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 68


I finally reached room 12, I knocked and heard my elder sister Otsile (Tsitsi) saying, Tsena! 
I opened the door. Yoo surprisingly, I was met by a room full of the female species’ tsa ga Tau and Dire and some friends. They were all dressed up and looking gorgeous. They almost spoke at the same time, 

All: “It’s about time Mrs. Tau”

Reatli: “take off that robe and come closer.”
Nna: “Nyaya, le batla go ntira eng tota ebile lere ke apole robe ya me?

They all laughed. Ausi Reatlehile (aka Reatli Kev’s little sister), came towards me, holding a gorgeous dress in her arms. It was so beautiful.

Wait a minute, I recognized the dress.

Yes, that was definitely the dress.

When I was shopping for wedding dresses, Tsitsi and Reatli took me to Bride and Co. They asked me to try on some dresses. I tried a few wedding gowns and what I was planning to wear for the Reception. I fell in love with a particular Mermaid wedding gown which I decided I was going to wear and also the very same dress Reatli was holding, which I planned to wear for Reception.

I thought I found what I wanted and was meant to come back to pay for both the wedding gown and the other dress.

A month after finding my wedding dress, I went with Kevin to his colleague's wedding at Alberton. To my disappointment, the Bride wore the same wedding gown I chose at Bride and Co., I was turned off. I decided that I would not go back to Bride and Co. anymore.

I started looking for another bridal shop. That's when I bumped into L'affaire Bridal Boutique. Tsitsi and Reatli kept on saying, maybe I should get that second dress from Bride and Co. I was really turned off..They kept on saying it looked good on me and that I should go back and buy It., I must say, we both loved it. I was just turned off by seeing another bride wearing almost exactly same dress I chose, ka re no. I will get another dress design.

So, here I was, with my first choice 2nd dress I wanted to wear for the Reception but dropped the designers. My two sisters went back and got it for me? I was beyond lost for words and overjoyed. I cried as I gave them a hug.

Tsitsi: "Mrs Tau, this dress is from all of us in here. We knew you fell in love with it the first time you tried it on at Bride and Co.. When Kevin told us that He decided that he was throwing you a surprise birthday party after the wedding, we thought it will make such a great birthday present. We all clubbed in and bought it for you."

I couldn't hold my tears; I felt so blessed beyond, to have such loving sisters.

Nna: “Thank you ever so much tlhe. Ke a le rata ba botlhe. I don't know what to say. But God really blessed me with the best.”

Ausi Nthabeleng ( Kevin's elder sister): "come; put it on re bone gore ke perfect fit naa? And hurry up, guests are waiting for you."

I put on the dress. I couldn't believe my eyes, the dress fitted me like a glove, the mermaid with the corset bodice and ruched detailing that hugged me on all the right places and the ruffled organza skirt with crystal detailing throughout the bodice added the perfect amount of glitz for my evening! Thanks to the strappy belts at the back, I didn’t have to worry about the dress being loose. I was looking so breath-taking, so elegantly beautiful.

Paula went to my bedroom, and fetched my make-up kit. She did her magic on my face. All the ladies left me with Paula and off they went to the lapa. Paula finished off and ran off to the lapa, leaving me all by myself.

I had my slippers on, so I went to my room to put on some shoes. I looked at myself at the mirror, WOW, Kevin was right. I looked beautiful. I stand there, thanking God for all the blessings of that day.

I was thankful that my wedding went well, I enjoyed it with all my family and friends,now I was about to go celebrate my birthday and most importantly I thank God for my husband.

I was reflecting on the events of the weekend, a damaged cake, and my encounter with Kedi, LSG, and Kevin’s angry outburst.

I must say, I came a long way. And I was about to end the best day of my life in style and on a high note.

I knelt down:

Dearest Lord, I praise Your holy name this day. You are Almighty God. All-powerful, Omnipotent Lord of heaven and earth. Ke leboga tshireletso ya gago letsatsing lena. You carried everything well ka letsogo la gago le matla. You have said more than once that power belongs to You. Yours, Modimo wame, the greatest, the power and the glory, the victory and the majesty, go tse tsotlhe tse di ko legodimong le mo lefatsheng, ke tsa gago Rara.

I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well. Ke leboga tsotlhe tse omphileng tsona, batho botlhe that you brought into my life.Those you created, each one unique and valuable and carrying in their spiritual DNA, a purpose that is distinctive and priceless as well. I'm grateful for the good that you have placed within each one. Kea leboga Ntate for dinako tsotlhe, mo o mpontshitseng lerato, mohau, mosa le bogolo ba gago.

Everything in me blesses your holy name, for you are the Lord, my Reedemer, who has made all things and made my life a testimony to your glory and redemption. Thank you, Lord that you will always give me just enough light for the step I am on and provide what I need in every situation. I know that in your presence I will find everything I will ever need. Oh Lord, you are my God. I will exalt You, and I will praise Your holy name, for you have done wonderful things for me, today and forever, I thank you Heavenly father, In Jesus name. Amen.

My make up was a little messed from the tears. I opened my make-up bag to get my powder and re-touch my face.

I was met by the piece of tissue/serviette with LSG’s numbers on.

I took it out and decided to throw it away….As I reach the bin, something told me not to…I quickly inputted the numbers in my phone..

And saved it as “MARVIN LS GAYE”

Don't ask me why I decided to save the numbers in my phone....But I was human after all...I needed to keep tap on what happens in my Life...especially anything or anyone that had to do with my Husband....

Just nje....For control

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