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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 19



Its about to get very hot in here...readers' discretion is advised. Not for sensitive readers,

Rich opened the shower door, got inside, before I could utter a word, his lips met with mine, right there under the running warm shower water. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I thought this is a first. He continued deeply kissing me, pushed me roughly against the shower wall. I almost slipped; he balanced me as he pinned me down the wall. A simolla go tsamaisa matsogo a gagwe smoothly round my body, in rhythmic moves.

Keith Sweat's Nobody was playing at the background. He was like dancing slowly, going with the song's beat.... you know that song right? Yes, you do.

He went on bended knees, slowly cleaning my vagina ( we shall give it a unique, jelly jar aka jj) with a wet and warm sponge that was hanging by the shower. I gasped for some air, as he runs the lathered sponge over my clitoris. It was warm… with a gentleness that surprised me, he ran the sponge over my sensitive part. He was so gentle, still going with the same rhythm of the song, taking his pretty time, as I stood there gasping for more air, the warm shower water flowing sensually over my face...I was enjoying the moment. A phatlhalatsa maoto a me, a bula dirope tsa me, and opened my jj lips apart, sucking on my clitoris( we shall call it jelly bean aka jb), he was really teasing me.

Hai monna o tlhe, o ne a ntseneletse to come nice, sucking the jelly juices out of my jb, pushing loleme la gagwe in and out of my jj. I was quietly moaning with excitement, ke ja joy, My inner goddess was doing the tsipa’tsipa moves, I was in cloud nine, next to heaven. A emisa leoto lame, ale beya mo legetleng la gagwe, boy, he dug deeply into my jelly jar, I screamed his name.
He carried on sucking & pulling out my jb and slowly and gently biting it with his teeth, tota ke ne ke utlwa monate, I must have screamed hard, he pulled his head away from my jj, thinking I'm was in pain or something, because he was biting my jelly bean a bit hard and fast, I was just too ticklish but I was enjoying it. I hit his head with my fist, saying ‘don’t stop’; I said it over and over. By that time Keith Sweat was still playing, He was on that part:

“I want your body, to the very last drop, I want you to holler, when you want me to stop...

As I heard the lyrics, I thought to myself, what a perfect timing, but I didn't holler him to stop, I wanted more.

He must have put the song on repeat, because, it kept going on and on.

He slowly continued kissing my thighs, going up to my jj and my jb soft and tenderly and moving up my bellybutton. He was moving his tongue all over my body, working his arms all over my body as well till he reached my face. He was now standing upright. He kissed me so hard, faster and bit rough.

I swear he got so excited that he pushed his tongue down my throat, I almost choked. I quickly pulled out my face to the side, letting him kissing my neck. I was moaning with pleasure.
He continued licking my neck & sucking my nipples, he then turned me around, turning me to face the shower wall. My atm’s were touching his hardened and pointy Lamamba, I wanted more then, he kept going, kissing my neck and behind my ears.

I was now entering heaven’s gate, we were both moaning, softly screaming the oohs and aahs, he had one hand on my jj and the other on my breasts, moving his body up and down, rubbing Lamamba against my booty. Richmond being majaivane, he was really moving with the song's beat, teasing me.

He then turned me around again, this time facing him. He kissed my lips, and went down again...He put my other leg on his shoulder. This time it was rough, the intensity of his tongue, going in and out of my jj had he squeezed the daylight out of my already flowing juices and dug his tongue hard and deeper into my jj,

I could not hold on anymore,I felt like my body was numb with excitement, and that I had literally lost control of my body.... ke utlwile ke kgoeletsa with so much joy, as my body convulses and climaxes at the overwhelming fullness. I screamed so loud, as I reached the point of no return, and screaming so hard with joy, I almost fell.

Rich raised his hand preventing me to fall .He stood up and kissed me. I was still regaining my breadth, my feet were literally shaking, My body exploded like fire crackers, I saw stars as I landed somewhere beautiful, the feeling was just too wonderful,out of this world, nothing but sensation everywhere.“Argh, ooh, I cried out “No!” I shouted out loud begging and pleading for more, my body continued to convulse.

His hands were holding me on my waist. My head lolls on his shoulder, as he continued putting kissing me on my neck and I was lost, lost in his touch, and his breathing, lost to all this over-whelming sensation.

I knelt down, decided it was my turn to return the favor by offering my mouth services, I sucked him like there was no tomorrow, playing with my tongue on the tip of his Lamamba. Moving up and down, using my hands, and the tip of my tongue. ijaaaaa Richmond was gifted hey, my mouth was really wide opened to accommodate Lamamba, mm-mm the size of a black-mamba snake, hence the name I gave it....heeeeee,

I continued pleasing him, taking him to the place just close to where he had placed me,.I was also going with the rhythm of the song, by then Keith sweat was singing : 'And who can love you like me (nobody), Who can sex you like me (nobody),who can lay your body down (nobody),nobody, baby (no-body)...'
I went on to him so hard, he moaned with joy as I increased my pace. The shower was really on fire ...

He pulled my face away from Lamamba, and extended his hand as he pulled me up; we kissed so passionately, moaning and screaming with joy. I wanted Lamamba in my jj now, so bad, I put my hand on his Lamamba, the hardness, the thickness, and the smoothness of dear Lamamba, ooh holi moli, it drove me so crazy.

At that time I worshiped the size,and the feel of Lamamba inside of me..., ke ne ke e tlhompha, in the heart of my jj I was singing, bring it on Lamamba, come and get me....Take me I’m all yours…
Ooh I love me some Lamamba bathong, I could not wait any longer...I needed him to tap it...

Rich is so tall, bathong, kana ke a tsetsempela everytime I want to kiss him, so right there, he was not standing upright, he was in a sliding position so I could reach his face easily.

I whispered into his ears, “I want you, give it to me, right here, right now..." He moved his face closer to my ears, licking me so sweet, and He whispered back on my ears: "

I want you so much, now more than I've ever wanted you,
Mabhebheza, I didn’t bring condoms....

Do you have some in here?????? W.H.A.T!!!!

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