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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 102


Dygo 102
Kevin shook me off. Obonolo wake up, tsoha, you crying out in your sleep. What’s wrong Shuga. You having a dream, more like a nightmare. I woke up and sit down. Yooo. What an awful dream I had. I looked at the time, it was 17:00, Kevin was still standing in front of me, shocked. I even had tears on my face. I told him about my dream. We laughed so hard, the thought of Paula and Omo sleeping together and even conceiving twins.

Aish I went to our bathroom and freshen up while Kevin was changing into his sweat pants. He said he was going to run down the block. I let him go because I was still not feeling good.

I decided to call Omontle. She was dead by the dream. She even put me on speaker as Paula was also there listening to my dream.

Paula jokingly said no ways in hell was she the father of the twins because she doesn’t have a mamba to make kids so Omo must tell the truth. We really laughed so hard. I told them to stay away from too much booze, or else, my dream might come true. We said our goodbyes then I hang up the phone.

Yoo some dreams though? Imagine? Maybe someone in the family is really pregnant.

But who?

I went downstairs to make myself a cup of tea. DK was baking Swiss roll, yooo, I usually love the smell of a home made baking, but as I enter the kitchen, I almost threw up, ke utlwile monkgo wa teng. I turned back, asked DK to bring me a cup of tea ko sitting room. I went, switched on the TV, watched some news. DK came with my cup of tea. Just as I was about to sip it, yooo, ka garola monkgo wa mae.

I ran to the guests bathroom and vomited. DK made me some homemade remedy for vomiting. Ginger , sparkling water and lemon juice. I drank it. I was really nauseous. I told DK that I was going to my room to lie down. I asked her to bring me dry toast. I was really feeling funny. This flue e tlo ntswafisa, e ntsena maswe. Ke bile ka ipatlamela mo mpetong. Ate my toast and sat there.

I called my mom, just checking on her. She was complaining ka Kgafela again. This time are o thutse kgomo ka van ya gagwe. It was not bad, but rrangwane o e isitse ko Toyota maobane gore ba yo go e baakanya. Hai Kgafela ena, o tshwenya mme wa me. Since Kevin and I re reketse mama koloi ele ka birthday ya gagwe December 2008, we got her a driver from Evaton. ( Kgafela, 32 years old) to drive mama around and make deliveries for the cake orders and stuff. He was only reliable for 5 months, now he was out of order. Setse a ya go jola ka yona, o ba late for work and deliveries. He was costing mama. So jaana ge mama are o dirile accident, go raya gore one a kganna bosigo. I must speak to Kev, a batle another person. We can't trust Kgafela anymore. He was stressing mama and messing with her business.
Kevin came back from running. He took a quick shower then sit on the bed with me. I told him about Kgafela. He just decided to get rid of him. Are otla batla someone reliable from his parents. Kevin's parents owns businesses. A funeral parlor ( Di'Tau Tshehla Funeral Services)and a Di'Tau Hardware and Building supplies. So they know a lot of people. So Kevin will sort mama out.

DK called us for dinner, I just didn't have appetite, so I asked Kevin to go along alone. I would join him for dessert. I stayed behind, as Kev was going downstairs. My phone rang, it was Zuraider checking up on me. I told her that I was still not feeling good and she insisted that I should go see the Dr. I told her that I will sleep it over and see how I am in the morning. If I'm still feeling like this, I will go to the doctor. We said our goodbyes.

I went to our medicine cabinet and checked what I could take, I bumped into Valoid and painamol for pain. I took one each. I really developed a phobia of self medication since my miscarriage. I thought, maybe I should not take any medication and just go to see the Dr. I threw Valoid away and drank two painamol instead. Besides, I was not vomiting anymore. I wore my pjs and joined Kev downstairs. I asked DK to make me fruit salad and plain yoghurt while Kev ate Swiss roll with homemade custard. We finished eating and I decided I was going straight to bed. Kevin said he was going to be busy in his study, working on his tender documents. I went upstairs, brushed my teeth and slept, flat out.

I was woken by Kevin asking me how I was feeling and if I was going to work. It was 5:30, I said I was too tired, but the nausea and my tied throat were much better. He said maybe I should lie down a little for an hour, then ke tsoge ke fete ko Dr, then ke tla ya tirong later. I agreed with him, set my alarm for 6:45 and ka goga duvet cover and enjoyed my last hour. Hai, hour just passed so quickly. My alarm went off. I woke up, went into the bathroom ran my shower and brushed my teeth.

I was waiting for the steam to fill the bathroom. I decided to go downstairs to ask DK gore a ntirele French toast. I also asked her not to pack my lunch as I was still passing somewhere else before work. Just as I enter the kitchen, ka feroga dibete, monkgo wa mae from the frying pan e DK a e dirisitseng to prepare Kevin's breakfast, was unbearable. Ka dubagana. Ka betsa santhawa, and ran to the guests bathroom. DK came following me antse a botsa gore ke hantle naa? Ka fetsa go tlhatsa and washed off my mouth. Ga ke tswa mo bathroom, DK was waiting by the door.

DK: "mme nna ke bona ekete o ithwele, matsatsi a, oa ijela, o dulela sello, o nkgelwa ke dintho tse kaofela and o motenya"

Ou.Em.Geeeee, wa reng? I looked at her ke maketse. Haaahaaa, I laughed it off and left her standing in front of the bathroom door. I said, O ska tlhotse o ntirela french toast , I'll have Muesli and yoghurt.

I got upstairs and something in my head said, Obonolo MaKananelo Tau, take the damn pregnancy test, once and for all. I have been feeling awful lately, weight gain, appetite, emotional outburst, vomiting , nausea, Tsitsi's dream, my dream , and the obvious one, missed periods. Maybe ke ithwele ka nnete. Let me just do this.

I took out the brown paper bag from the cabinet. I Opened it. I took out all three boxes. This is the first time I am doing a home pregnancy in my life. So, I couldn't understand why did Tsitsi bought three different types of one thing- a home pregnancy test. I picked number one, Mmm it read

First Response Early Result - it is very sensitive, actually the most sensitive on the market. This test is actually able to detect HCG in the urine before a missed period. This test also produces darker lines that are easier to read than any other test, making for less confusion when reading the results.

Alright. Next, was

VelociEazy, its 99% advanced way to test for pregnancy. It's designed to detect hcg (human chorionic gonadotropin) as early as 6 days before your missed period. You can take the test at any time of the day. You do not have to use first-morning urine. Its unique feature is giving you the result with a Yes+ and No-, wow,

Mmm, di a boa moo.

I picked up the last one, heelang, advance digital pregnancy test, Mmm this one, I once saw it on TV and Zuraider used it ka last pregnancy testing. So I was familiar with it, the most talked about Clearblue - digital pregnancy test, with weeks indicator. Within 3 minutes your 'Pregnant' or 'Not Pregnant' result in words will appear on the screen. If the result is 'Pregnant' the test will also indicate time since conception occurred ( 1-2, 2-3 or 3+ weeks).

I got the chills, but I had to go ahead and POAS. I thought, I will pee on both the sticks and take a shower then check the results afterwards. I got a container from the medicine cabinet and peed inside, as per instructions. Put all three sticks and went to take my shower.
After a long shower of torture, I finally got out and went straight to the three sticks lying on the basin top.

Well well well!. Ka boraro ba tsona were saying the same thing. No doubt about the results. Now I know and I’m relieved. I also thought. I should probably not even bother to go to the Doctor. Let me just go straight to work. I packed the sticks and put them back in their packages, put them where they were since Saturday.

I took my laptop and handbag and headed to the garage. Just as I pass by, Dikengkeng shouted, mme, o sia muesli wa hao.
I just said, its fine. I'll grab something ko mosebetsing, thanks.

I went into the car, I was about to burst in tears, when my phone rang. It was Kevin. He was letting me know he arrived safely at work and checking if I managed to wake up. I said yes I did, ga ke bua jaana, I'm in the car, about to go to work. Kevin must have picked up my emotions,

Kev: " Bobo, o hantle Shugaboo, you sounds so down, and why ore you are going to work? I thought you were starting at the doctor's room first"

Lavo, ke sharpo. Arg I'm feeling much better than yesterday, so I thought I should not go misuse medical aid nje, for fatigue. I will be fine. I love you Neh. Have a great day.

I said, ke itlhaganetse go fetsa go bua and to hang up the phone.

Wait, Kev said. I am sure he must have picked up my intentions to hang up.

Kev: Bobo, you are really worrying me, ha o hantle Mofumahadi waka, talk to me.
He said with a concerned tone.

Nna: Mr. Tau, I promise you, ke hantle, I'm just going through some thoughts. Lavo, let me go, I will call you when I get to the office.
As soon as I hang up, I cried so much. I let it all out. I just could not believe all that was happening to me.

I was somehow disappointed at the results of those tests I took. I even regret taking them. I should have just not gone there.

I went back to the house and wiped off the tears on my face, gathered myself.

God, where are you? O ho kae in all these? My heart is so consumed with pain. I need your touch Lord. I need you.

I went back to the car and drove to work.

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