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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 29


What? Kevin weee, a ko o eme tuu. Can we not even go there tlhe? Not today. I thought to my-self. Ke ile go tshabela kae to avoid answering this question mara? Should I just lie? Or Should I sugarcoat the truth, or must I just come clean? Ooh Modimo wa kgotso. Ke dire eng ga gole jaana.. My palms were sweating. I thought of the steamy Wednesday Shower act……. Oooooh…And previous moments of hot sex between Rich and I

Be honest, Obonolo Dire, I thought

Just as I was about to answer, His phone rang...huuuuu, saved by the bell.

Heita Buddy, Sweet man. Aah, let me get back to you in 5 minutes."

Then he hung up. In my heart I was like, yoo this man really wants an answer, ebile ga a gone le go ema. He cut his call way too short just to get an answer about whether Rich and I have slept together.

Yaa, go thata ka nnete.

Just as I was deep in thoughts he called me:

Kevin: “Bobo (Mmm, I kind of liked how he was calling me; it sounded so beautiful because only my daddy calls me that. Kev ga so kopane le Ntate wa me, but for him to be able to decide on calling me just like him was sentimental), he continues,

Kevin: “Are you here in Rosebank?"

I snapped out of it and said yes.

Nna: “Taba ke gore you keep calling me Bobo, and only one man calls me Bobo, my daddy. So I am kind of shocked, not shocked ya go tshoga, but shocked ya go ba impressed at the same time. I giggled.”

Kevin: "well, don’t be shocked shuga. It’s a sign from Heaven above that I am meant to be in your life and the Gods are agreeing to this union. This, my dearest is a good sign. Fate has taken care of everything. The two most important men in your life coincidentally call you Bobo. That says a lot."

Nna: "What do you mean Kevin, and what signs are you talking about? I am really interested ka answer ya gago.”

Kevin: "Shugaboo, look here,"

I looked at him, and he pointed above

Kevin: A sign from above there… that’s what I meant. This is the beginning of greater things for us. I was not brought to you to alter or change you; I came so that we can carry on together. That is why I accidentally and unknowingly chose a name that already your main man is using.”

He said that laughing.We laughed together. He came closer, pushed me back against the car and we kissed so passionately
Kevin stopped kissing me and pulled away….

Kevin: "As I was saying, before you sweetly interrupted me...”

Yooo, ka utlwa ke tsenwa ke tsebetsebe..Thinking, is this man for real? Can he really stop kissing me so that he can find out whether I slept with Rich or not.

I was getting bored by all this Q & A. I was thinking, why is it acceptable for man to want to know about your previous sexual encounters yet, they would not dare to tell you theirs? I remembered when I first met Rich, a week re simollotse go jola; he asked me, how many times have I had sex? How many guys I slept with before. Nxxxxxx. Really? Hai no. This is so unfair.

Now here I was, standing right before the man I want to love and spend my life with, but o simolla go ntlhakatlhakanya mai-kutlo. Is it that important that he find out if I slept with Rich or not? If so, what will it help? The way he is so obsessed in finding out, ke utlwa ke tshoga. What if I turn him off and this is the last time ke mmona?

Hai..I will just lie to him. Simple...I cannot risk losing him over the fact that I did sleep with Rich, many times after we were no longer in a relationship.

What is it with man? Ena o robetse le Basetsana ba ba kae? Well, maybe I should ask him that and see if he will be honest.

Just as I was beating myself up, ke tenegile and thinking of what this man is putting me through, He came closer to me and shook me…

Nna: “Oooooh, askies…absent-minded…

Kevin: “Yaa you really seemed miles away, what’s on your mind Shuga?”

Nna: “I just got lost in thoughts…I can’t believe I am here with you. I am so happy that we found each other… I don’t want to lose this feeling over anything. I just want us to start our relation-ship, get to know each other and ya, who knows, maybe live happily ever after. Forget what happened, before this beautiful moment.”

Kevin: “I feel the same way Shuga…”

Kevin held my hands and kissed me again. This time it was just very short and sweet.

Kevin: “Shuga, earlier on, I received a call. It was Kgosi. Like I told you earlier, my friend is leaving for USA tomorrow so since it's his last night in SA-Jozy, he wants to be wild. He was asking if I could join them. I didn't tell him I was meeting you, I wanted to suprise him tomorrow with the good news. I made up some story about where I would be tonight. So, shugaboo, I kind of want to spend last night with him, but I can't because I also want to spend this evening with you. I told him, I will join them later, but then, I thought maybe I should ask your opinion on the matter.”

I quickly remembered that he asked me a burning question and if I opt for spending more time with him, alone, he might continue with his Q&A, which I was not ready to get into. To think two nights before, Rich and I had some sexual healing moment, very heated for that matter.

I thought, being around people will prevent him to ask deep stuff. I looked at my watch, it was 20:30.I thought two more hours won't hurt. Besides, maybe Kev wanted to be with his friend, just this last time. Ka na Kgosi will be away from our lives for 4 long years. So I can't be selfish and deny both that last time together. Again, I wanted to spend time with Kev, and we already had three hours to ourselves. Two more hours with him and his friends isn't that bad.

Nna: "You really want my opinion?" I asked him, with a serious face and continued….
Look Kev, I chose to come spend today with you. So honestly, I still wanted more of this. I'm not sure about you, but truly speaking, I.... Just before I could finish my sentence he disturbed me.

Kevin: "It’s ok shuga, I won't choose ditching you. There's no place I'd rather be, but here with you. So it's ok, let’s think of what to do. Like I said, I will join the boys after our. Tell me, where do you want to go? Or what do you want us to do?"

Hai , this guy though…Where does he come from? O ne a le kae bophelo ba me bo botlhe? Ke gentleman ka nnete…?

Did he think I was telling him to be with me and not his friend? Really, he is sweet though but I couldn't let him choose to be with me, whereas on the other side he wants to be with his friend.
I put my finger on his mouth, stopping him to say any more words,

Nna: "I know what we could do. How about, you call Kgosi back, like you promised, tell him to give us their location, we will be joining them."

The look on his face said a million words. He could not believe what I said. He thought I was going to be selfish. Nay ,I ain't like that Nigro. Besides, I had my reasons why I chose to be with him and his friends. Ke ne ke tshabela dipotso tse ke neng ke se ready to answer.At least not today tlhe.

Nna: " Kev, I must be home before 12:00 midnight. So wherever we are going, can we atleast make sure I get home on time? I don't want to be in my brother's bad books."

Kev just jumped with joy. O ne a itumetse ka nnete ebile a nteboga le go ntshepisa gore He will take me home ka nako. The gratitude, the thoughtfulness, and the consideration he displayed towards me, made me feel really valued.

Ka nnete, e ne ele sa ntlha ke tsholiwa jaana .I never had that with Rich, he would have just said 'are vaye ro bloma le di bro tsaka', without asking my opinion on that. He has done that many a time. I'd be cozy with him and should a call come through bare diawa somewhere, he will just up and leave. Or test if I want to go or not knowing very well that I'd be disappointed & hurt, I would always choose to let him go alone. It did not even bother him. To me, it was a sign that he put me second. He just didn't care about how I felt at times. Most of the times.

Here I was with a man who just got to know me like few hours and a best friend he had known most of his life, a best friend who is about to go stay miles and miles away but he still chose to leave everything else and come to spend time with me. Worse, his friend just asked him to come spend few last hours with him, and still he chose to spend time with me instead. I felt really special and honoured and valued.

Kev came closer to me and gave me a big hug. We kissed briefly. Mm, I could get used to this affection. He whispered a Thank you and said, let me call Kgosi. Wow, Kgosi is going to be shocked when I show up with you. He said as he dial Kgosi's number.

Kevin: "Hola buddy, wa re le ho kae? I'm going to join you after all. Ya ke Rosebank. Alright, ya ho tla ba bonolo jwalo. Ok buddy, see you soon."

He hung up the phone and said we are set to go but first he needs to go to his place, down the road and change his shoes. I asked him why he wanted to change them. He looked perfect like that.

Kevin: “No sugar, Kgosi said the place we going to, apparently they don't want guys in sneakers. They have a no Takkies allowed policy."

I looked at him and said, I didn't know you have a place here. Kante sentle sentle o dula ko kae? There's Evaton, Sebokeng and now Rosebank? I was bit confused.

Kevin: "Oh no, I must have forgotten to mention it when I first met you. My parents place ke Sebokeng, my grandparents lives ko Evaton & me ma darling, have an apartment here in Rosebank.

You understand now?”

He asked, as he opened the door for me.

Nna: "Eya, jaanong ke a tlhaloganya."

Kevin: "Anyway, there's a lot you still need to know about me, but ‘ska kgathatsega hle mme, you and I have eternity to know everything there is to know about each other. For now, let’s get to my place and ke chenche diteki tsena ke tene dieta tse hantle."

That man is a real Sotho man. His Sotho was too hard at times, but he would mix it up with Eng-lish. I really loved how he was pronouncing “R”, couldn’t wait to hear him say “Ke a ho rata”….

During the time we were dining, he once said I spoke hardcore Tswana. I beg to differ with him because, I had somehow diluted my home language with, bit of Fiks' Zulu, Kedi's Pedi, Hlogi's loxion Tswana and Batso's Sotho. So I was speaking a Rainbow Tswana. He actually laughed at my statement.

Nna: “So Kgosi a re reya kae? “

Kevin : "Intshwarele ngwaneso, I forgot to feed you back on my chat with Kgosi. He is already in Jozy, so they will come through to my place, and then we will convoy to the place, somewhere in Rivonia . I don’t know the place, I haven't been there. It is still new ,it has just opened few weeks ago. So I didn't want directions and all. Plus Joburg is big, you can easily get lost. So they will be here soon."

Ok, sounds good. We got to his place. It was a beautiful place in a block of upmarket apart-ments. It was so quite, you'd swear people were asleep or some places were not occupied.

Nna: “It is very quiet here. Go dula batho moo?”

He jokingly said, “Shuga, kana moo ga re ko Sunnyside, ko ho tletseng modumo, monana go du-la di professionals not students. It’s quite like that.”

Nna: “Ouch, Mr Professional. Are you making fun of my place? , I asked him with a laugh. He said, he was teasing me.

Kevin: “But Yaa it is quiet because people here are out dining and partying the night away. Ke gone ele motshegare in Rosebank.”

Wow, I said. That makes sense.

We got to his apartment, you'd swear go dula le my sister, the way it was so clean, organized and feminine. It was a 3 bed duplex apartment; on the bottom part was a dinning and sitting room, spacious closed balcony he converted into a gym, with a view of The Zone and Rose-bank’s hotels and buildings. A medium sized kitchen, with oak build in cupboards, a small guest’s bathroom underneath the stairs. Upstairs was 2 en-suites bedrooms and another room he was using as his study and another separate bathroom. The main bedroom was bigger, with a little balcony also with a view of Rosebank. Yoo, that was a beautiful place I must say. Well furnished with modern day designs. It smelled so good too. I was in awe, as he gave me a tour. This man though, he seems so together. Well, after all he is a Civil engineer, that's expected.

While we were touring the place, he was referring to every room as our bedroom, our study, our gym, and I was just smitten. I loved the inclusion part..Hee “OUR” that is heavy and promising..

I left him as he was entering his bedroom, I went downstairs to the kitchen to get some water I was really thirsty...He said I must go familiarize myself with our kitchen, cause soon I will be packing my stuff in there.

Really, this guy, Is he for real or what? Where does he come from? I was charmed by his sense of humor. One a itshepa ele tota. So bold and confident, so charming and charismatic. He possessed all the quality of a marriage material man.

I was just in thoughts when I felt someone behind me. I knew it was him. I inhaled his perfume....He turned me around, facing him.

Kevin: “We have atleast 10 minutes before Kgosi & crew arrives. Let’s take advantage of this moment."

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