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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 36


I thought, let me first go and freshen up before I go to Kev. I went and quickly wiped the traces of the tears on my face. I went back to the table. When I get to the table, Kevin was not there..And everyone looked at me very funny and somehow I felt they were thinking I am just a whore..Well they like Kevin do not know what happened back there. While I was by the table, I looked back towhere Rich and I were standing, yooo, I was not aware that I was so exposed to everyone on this table. Probably they saw everything from the time Rich was holding me from behind, and him pulling me, and me standing and listening to him and then the heartfelt hug..Yoooo.

I thought..Holy chicken Shit..

Kevin too. Did he also witness everything? Yoo, Me pointing my hand at that Skank? Jooo I hope the whole thing does not blow on my face….
I looked at Kgosi, just as I was about to ask gore Kevin o kae,
Kgosi said, “He went to the car. Follow him”

I quickly went out of the club, heading to the car. I was going through the events of the day. I was beating myself up gore why didn’t I think about it? Richmond told me earlier that he was going to a new club opening that his friend invited to go check it out. Why didn’t I think it was one and the same? And the VIP area being occupied? Why didn’t I check it out when we enter? But I wouldn’t have known mos? Yoo I was feeling really na├»ve, ignorant and stupid. I thought the very stupidity and ignorance is going to cost me the Lav’of my Life…

I finally reached the car. I knocked on the driver’s window, Kevin rolled it down. He looked like he was crying, but he was trying to hide it, by rubbing his eyes trying to remove off the tears.

Kevin: “I thought you left with him.”

Nna: “No Kevin, I came here with you. Why will I do that? “

He shrugged his shoulders. I asked him, if I could come inside because I needed to talk to him. He answered by nodding his head.I went inside. Kev was playing some sad song, I forgot the name and the artist, but it was saying, Im guilty of Loving you so much. I just said there quietly and then, put the volume soft.

Nna: "Lavo, why are you upset?" I asked.

He was facing straight forward. Then upon my answer, he turned and looked at me.

Kev: "I thought you wanted to talk, so why are you asking me questions instead?".

Yooo that was harsh, I even felt coldness all over. Just hearing that statement from Kevin. Yaa he is really pissed off..Maybe I deserve this, but, all I needed was to explain what happened back then. If ke a mo looser after that, Its ok. It clearly was not meant to be.I lied to Rich, thats why I bumped into him right here where I declined to come with him.I thought maybe God was exposing me. Hai, let me try and see what happens...

Rich o tlile le Thato, Kevin might want nothing to do with me...How will I get home? I had no idea le gore ke ko kae..I thought, if Kevin abondone me here, I will call Hlogi a mpotse gore nka fitlhela kae maxi taxi and go back home.

Nna: " Please Kev, don't treat me that way, it’s really not fair."

He interrupted me,

Kev: " Fair, are you taking about fair, do you know what fair means? Fair Obonolo, do u?. Let me tell you about what is NOT fair. What is not fair,is what just happened. What is not fair is what my friends and I witnessed, what is unfair is the humiliation I endured. That is Unfair."

He said, with an angry and hurtful tone. A tear escaped his eye. And he wiped it off immediately.

I was beyond shattered, I was hurt. I was confused.Ke eng se segolo se ke se dirileng to cause him such pain? Clearly o utlwile botlhoko. What did he and his friends witnessed? What did Rich and I do, apart from the hug, what made them think otherwise?. Ok, when Rich was talking, he held me with one hand. That's all. E le gore go emeng ga me le Rich and listening to him ,could have sparked this whole misunderstanding? Did someone misinterpreted that and teased Kevin in front of everyone, hence he is talking about humiliation? I need to clear this, and fast. I just lost Rich, I can't loose Kevin. Not now especially when Rich let me go, just so I can be happy with Kevin.

He didn't even know I was dating Kevin already, but he wished me well and said I deserved better. I knew today that, Kevin is my one. I wanted him, I needed him. And I knew he felt the same. But right at that very moment, the thought of loosing him, scared the sh#t out of me.

I looked deep into Kev's eyes and started talking

Nna: "Knowing you is the greatest thing that happened in my entire existence. I never realized how happy and complete I could be with you by my side, you don't even need to do anything. The thought of you staying by my side reassures me and gives a whole new meaning to my life. Every sound of your voice is like music to my ears, a serene lullaby that lulls me to sweet daydreams. I cannot imagine not hearing that sound, not now and not ever. I don't know what you heard, what you saw, or what you're friends saw or said to you. Yes, I coincidentally bumped into my ex. He was as surprised to see me as I was. We were making small talk, his girlfriend appeared. I must be honest with you, it hurt me to see him with another woman. Purely because, just weeks ago, he was begging me to give him/us a second chance. I was contemplating giving us that chance, but something kept stopping me. That was before today.

Today Lavo, When I gaze into your soulful eyes, I could see a brighter tomorrow. The soft whispers of your enchanting voice lifted my empty and lonely spirits and calm my weary thoughts. Your beaming smile chased all my worries and uncertainties away. Your warm embrace puts me in a trance of sweet lullabies and melody. The moment that I held your hand, the moment I kissed your lips, I knew right away that you are the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

So, without me even saying much to Rich, who by the way spotted me with you, and recognized you from the day at my flat. Said he saw how alive I was in your presence.He said he saw the hurt on my face when his girlfriend rocked up infront of my face. I think at that moment, Rich knew,He can't continue to hurt me.

I said, with tears now, rolling down my face....I continued..

Nna: "I was about to leave him standing there with his girlfriend, but be grabbed me and asked the girlfriend to give us space to talk. Kevin, I stood there, doing nothing but listening to Richmond apologizing for the way he treated me and asking me to forgive him,and even wishing me well. Richmond let me go. Saying, he can't hurt me anymore and that I deserved a lot more.

I don’t know, when and for how long were you standing there,and I don’t know what you and your friends think you saw, but, I was so emotional after that heartfelt talk from him. I just gave him a hug, and said thank you and goodbye. Nothing less and nothing more.

I was just relieved that he finally realized that I am not for him. I was even happy that, I was not going to be the one letting him go, completely, especially after finding you.

I was grateful that he was not about to cause a scene for me in front of you and your friends. That's the only crime I committed here, hugging him.I didn't do anything to jeopardize us.

I just lost Richmond, I can't loose you too.

No words could ever express the glee that I'm experiencing right now. I couldn't even start to fathom how blessed and grateful I was for being free from him, officially and for good. I knew then that this is a chance and opportunity to be with you, wholeheartedly and free from Richmond.

Kevin, you being so upset and broken, breaks my heart into million pieces, especially if I am the one who caused you such pain, unintentionally so. You have no idea, how I felt, when I went to look for you and you were not there. I almost died. I thought, I lost you again. I couldn't bear to loose both of you, in one day.

I dont mind loosing Richmond. It was bound to happen...but to loose you over talking to him? That is so unbearable and unfair..

You have no idea, the impact you made in my heart, just in one day. I know how blessed I am to have you in this life, in my life. In any other lifetime, I'd still choose to fall in love with you. I thank God for bringing you to my life.

You gave a new meaning to my existence and I could not imagine a life without you in it. You and I were made to be together, forever. Loving you is the most special thing that ever happened to me. You have a very special place in my heart and no one could ever replace that, be it in this lifetime, or any other lifetime.

When I'm with you, everything feels so right and I feel really blessed. I cherish every single moment that we spend together, even in such a little amount of time. I was not about to jeopardize that. Not with my ex."

I said, all those, with so much pain in my heart. I was crying uncontrollably, and so was Kevin.

He came closer, and gave me such a warm hug. We hugged for a long time. Sobbing together.

Kevin: " I'm sorry for doubting you. For thinking you and him were still together. I thought I lost you, before I could even have you for a while at least. Sorry shuga. I will never leave you and I will always be your knight in shining armor. I’m willing to go against anyone who wishes you harm. I will protect you from any danger that threatens your happiness. This will be my vow from now until eternity. I will never leave your side. I'll always be here my sweet love.

Yoo, ka utlwa pelo ya me e wela, it started beating normal and rhythmic.Hearing him say what he just said..Mmmm, now I can stop crying…..My Lav is here….He interrupted my thoughts…..

Kevin: “Bobo, I am deeply in love with you and if given another chance, I'd still choose to fall in love with you too. I never thought that I could meet someone so amazing. I never thought that I could be this happy.Ke a itse re fetsa go kopane today, empa, ke ikutlwa ekete I have known you for a while longer… I'll never let you go. Allow me to spend an eternity with you.

I have never been this sure in my entire life. I have never felt this way with anybody else. And I want to celebrate this deep love with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you and I'm willing to risk everything that life has to offer just to spend forevermore with you.

O mpone ha o fitlha monana, I was crying..I was talking to God, questioning him. I was asking him why a ka ntira jena. He just brought us together, and now without even spending more than 24 hours together a be a se a nkela wena? I was sad..I begged him to give me the strength to overlook what I thought was happening, I asked for strength to fight for you…Le nna, I could not think of my life without you in it.
You are the sunshine that lifts my dark days. You are the sweet voice that makes me want to wake up every single morning of my life. I'll never need anything or anyone else for as long as I have you in my life.

Its weird how much inlove I am with you already. To think we've been together for just less than twenty four hours, I cannot imagine living the next few days, months, years without you.

Obonolo Dire, ke a ho rata, I loved you the very first moment I laid my eyes on you. Ever since that day,I never stopped thinking about you, praying God to send you my way. Who am I to throw what God blessed me with away? Just because of a misunderstanding?, Definetly not this man in front of you."

The heaviness that was weighing my heart, just eased as Kevin declared his undying love for me. Finally, well, earlier than later, He said that word…The one I wanted him to say to me, “ Ke a ho RATA”, Aish, that arrrrrrrrrrrrr ne, made my heart skip a bit… My sotho man has spoken…Wa nrata..and that’s all I needed to hear…

We hugged once more and sealed our love, with a kiss.

It was the beginning of our lives together.

It was 22:50, he asked me if I wanted to get back to the club, or wanted to go home. I said I wanted to go home.

Just then, he said he's going to clear the misunderstanding le di buddy tsa gagwe and tell them that we were leaving.

Kevin Karabello Tau was finally mine, at that moment in time, I planned my tomorrows with him in it.


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