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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 26


Ke utlwile ekete ke a tsenwa. Omphile jaanong o tsenwe ke eng? He said he doesn’t want to be a chauffer, now all of a sudden he is taking us to the party?
Aowa, that wont happen tlhe. I don’t even know le gore Naturena e ntlheng efe ya Lefatshe. I only know Fikile’s sister Nonku stays ko teng, but don’t know where. Le teng, if ne ke itse, abuti would expect to be taken to a place where there is a party. Yoo I was busted.

Just then Fifi came to the rescue.

Fifi: “ Ao Dire, ga se wena o rileng ga o batle go ba mokgweetsi? Jaanong o batla go ntsha batho mo mabakeng a bone. A kere Kimmy o fetsa gore ba tsamaya le ausi wa Lehlogonolo? Hai, a ko o relax. Trust your little sister. Loosen up. She will come back safe.

I think I was dancing domboloo that time, kwasakwas and twalaza di ne di ka se expresee or show my excitement. Oh how I love my sister in law… Yooo ne ekete nka fofa ka suna aus Re-filwe. She was such a darling. She continued

Fifi: “Kimmy, go get ready, don’t call Hlogi gape. Wa bona ke go buella jaang ausinyana? You better be home on time, or if theres any delays, call us. We will come to fetch you. Deal?”

Nna: “DEAL”

Omphi: “Ok Ok, no need to bite my head off. Noli, le itlhokomele. I don’t like parties’ tsa mo Soweto. Don’t make me regret allowing you to go to a place I don’t know. You must have your phone fully charged and with you all the time."

I was so overjoyed. I was going on my date. Nothing was going to stop me.
I had five full hours with Kevin that was more than enough. I swear, I will make sure I was back ka nako.
Nna: “I will make sure ke boa ka nako. Ke a le tshepisa. If anything, I will call. Ke a leboga Ausi Fifi, Abuti, thank you.
It was now 16:30; I decided to make supper for my family, buying face. It had to be something that I can quickly prepare because I had an hour and a half before my date. I went to my room, changed my clothes, wore something homely and started with dinner. I prepared Lamp chops, mashed potato, buttered peas and roasted vegetables. Fifi came in the kitchen, said she will finish off, I must go get ready. Off I went to my bedroom and decided what I was going to wear for the "party" tonight.

I did tell you about Richmond's state of Finance right? Yes, Rich was Mr. Money, so, he used to spoil me a lot. Being a student and dating someone senior, who is providing for you can be nice. I was that student who lived like a working person. I dressed so well. My mom and sisters, al-ways said, I'm lying to them. Ke tshwanetse kebe ke dira,gonne ke apara sentle and I always have money, my flat was well furniture, esa bontshe ekete ke ya student. So, I lied to them, kere my flat mate Matebatso is from a wealthy family, so most stuff in the flat, ke tsa gagwe.I could not tell them that I'm getting all those from a man.

Richmond was like a sugar daddy to me, he was seven years my senior. So he was spoiling me so much. He would buy me expensive clothes ,saying I must dress up properly for our dates or when we go to his hangout places. Richmond o ne a rata monate, ne re tswa di out almost every weekend, so everytime we going out, he would buy me a new outfit. So I had a lot of clothes.
When my brother visits us at our Flat, I would pack some clothes and give them to him,a di tlise teng mo Meredale. I spend a lot of time between Pretoria & Meredale.I hardly visited Tsitsi ko Alberton, I didn't like husband ya gagwe Rendani, especially after what he did to my sister. So school holidays, some weekends & when I wasn't studying or not going home to Mmatau, I'd go come here, in Meredale.Hence, half of my stuff were here.

I needed to have options whenever I was in Meredale just incase Hlogi takes me out or Fifi is invited somewhere or we go out as family . Ke ne ke batla to always be on point, as Fiks always say. So I opened my closet, browse through it, and as I go through it, I saw my yellow dress. Yoo, I remembered vividly...gore go diragetse eng for me to have that dress, and what it reminds me of..

Rich bought it for me ka February previous year. There was a yellow and bling bling themed party ko Morula Sun. It was just after an awful valentine's day fight we had.

On valentines day, I was with him,dining ko BBQ- Menlyn, some girls passed through the place and one of them spotted him.She then said something to the one she was with, I guess she was telling her gore o bone Rich. They stopped turned around came through the place. They approached us. Yooo,the girls caused such a scene. The other one kept on shouting,

Girl: "Yaa neh, ke Sosha moo? khante o byang maar,ke re ke sosha moo Phalane, why o bolela maaka so, ke yona ntho e ba reng o shiana le yona e, e go pallisang go keeper your promises and be responsible? nxxx, o useless maan, otswe mo bophelong ba rena, wa nkutlwa, ebile s'tlhele o tla le ko gae. We don't need you."

The girls turned & left.

The place got quite for 5minutes. I was so embarrassed, people starring at us. Rich was also quiet, with a tail between his legs. Yooooo, it was hectic, seriously, hectic. You gotta love basetsana ba Pitori chaana, they have this way of talking, and they are not scared of expressing their feelings, ba ghetto like that. Although it was entertaining, I was boil-ing with anger, and Rich never uttered a word back to the lady, even when she called me names, Ntho e? Ruri? I became a lady, I kept my cool. We were eating dessert. Ka gora same time, actually, I lost my appetite.

Nna: “What was that all about?”

Rich: "Let’s get out of here."

He said pulling out his wallet and calling the waiter for the bill. He took out notes, paid, and stood up. He said, "Are vaye" and left. I was stunned. I also took my bag and ran after him. This was drama at its best.

He was walking in front and I was following behind him. We got to the car, drove to Sunnyside in silence and I was ok with that, I needed answers and by the look of things, they are not going to come. So I kept quiet, debating with myself whether to talk about it, or just walk away. Ke fetse ka this son of a bitch. I was mad.

As we were about to get to my place , he opened his mouth.

Rich: "Hardi Mabhebheza, I really am sorry, Dai dinge e chunagetseng ko restaurant ha eyo grand. Dai cherry, ke mama Nqosi ya ka, Warona."

Hee banna, diphiri ke tseo di tswa pepeneneng. Baby mama drama. Ka nnete, this is too much for me to handle, at 20 years, I was not planning such drama. So I am not going to entertain it.

Nna: "So, Phalane (Richmond’s middle name) you are a father and you failed to mention that part, for like, how long have we known each other?
I looked at him and continued..

Nna: “Hai abuti, you have so much stuff going on in your life, I can't deal with it. Please drop me off and go to your child and girlfriend. You don't belong here."

I was now crying, reality hitting me. Ke duletse nyoko mo mosimaneng oo ka nnete. Ke eng e ke tshwanetseng go e dira maar? Batso has warned me about him, yet ke nna ka fo morago ga gagwe. Money does not buy one Love or class. Why am I hanging on to him? Really? He can give me all the money in the world, I can live a glamorous student life and dress like a person who wakes up in the morning to go to work, but I was not happy.

I cried myself to sleep now and again. Longing for him to Love me. This was the last straw..He can lie about anything, but the fact that he is a daddy? Hell no. I thought.

Rich: " Mabhebheza,look, that woman is not my girlfriend, yes we dated briefly ,then few months later she called are she is pregnant. I didn't believe it was my child. I know we used a condom, and yes somehow it burst. I insisted that she buy the morning after pill, of which she told me she did.She told me it didn't work.

I insisted gore, as soon as Nqosi e belegwa, ro chuna di tests. Ko gaabo ba ne ba tlisa molato ko dladleng, maOulady le Taema asked me if I knew her, I agreed, then bare, ke amogela molato and take responsibility for my actions.

I had no choice but to listen to setswadi. Vela I supported her, till Nqosi etla, but by then ne re hlokane Nna le ena re kopantsha ke Warona fela.I was the father, taking responsibility. Her parents insisted I pay damage or makgadi. I sent my uncles to pay damages only, they did.

I disappeared from both their life for a while, ke romela zaka fela. I was young, I was busy ka nice time, but every birthday ya Warona, I'd go see him. After a while I went back. Warona and I got so close, for a long time.

I became consistent, and started being a father to him. Later that year, Portia went back to Joburg with my child, for a year ke sa mo bone, I complained ko parents tsa gagwe, they called her to bring back the child. It was about six weeks since they came back from Joburg, Warona got sick, he was admitted in hospital.Portia called me ale ko hosi , I went there. We almost lost the baby, I asked for her forgiveness and asked her to let me be part of our son's life again, this time, full time.

Even though we never did paternity tests, the thought of nearly losing him, almost killed me. I convinced myself then, that he was mine. We clicked and had such a strong connection and we shared a strong bon that only a father and a son shared. In my heart it meant he was definitely mine. We were very close. My mom even said, He looked like me when I was that age. I was sold. Portia agreed to let me be part of Warona’s life.

I started bonding le Nqosi yaka period. I’d fetch him some weekends,re hang around, other times I would just go to Soshanguve ke mo chakele and leave. For the longest time we were close. Then one time I went to see him, Portia told me that, Nqosi o ile Jozy ko ausi wa gagwe ga tsebe o tlo boa neng .

I was hurt and left.I haven't seen him for a long time, nor contacted him, until this morning, when she (Portia) called are Warona is back home for the weekend and want to see me. I asked her to tell him that I will come see him later. I didn't go.
Ten minutes before I picked you up, she called to check if I went to Sosha, I lied, said, I'm on Mabopane highway going there. That is why she is angry and that is why I didn't say anything because I know I was wrong.

I am sorry Mabhebheza, I didn't tell you about the baby, I have no reason why I didn't, but now I'm caught. Sorry, ke kopa o ntshwarele."

We were already by the gate. I didnt say a word. I got out of his car and left. I had too much to process. Rich is such a patho-logical liar, he was irresponsible, he was a smooth operator. Hai, I was done with his nonsense and shit. I thought to myself as I get up the stairs.

Weeks passed, still not talking to him, though he kept trying n smsing ,I was still mad.He used to come to the flat, and I would not open for him until he went to Kedi, asked her to come with him to my flat, as I was not opening for him. Kedi agreed to help him. She came to my flat, and knocked, without telling me that she was with Rich. I opened & they both got inside. He had teddy bear number 9.

Kedi left and he begged for forgiveness and then I forgave him. A week later, on a Friday afternoon,a day before the Morula Sun Yellow & Bling party, he asked me if I'm ready for tomorrow's party, I said yes, he asked me what I was going to wear, I said, I was gonna go to Trueworths in the morning, get something.

He said not a chance, he took me shopping ko Hydepark, for a killer outfit(he said). Just as we were looking around for something bling and yellow, we saw a yellow gorgeous dress on display at some fancy shop. We both fell in love with it, so we decided to buy it.

We went inside the shop, the lady said that they were sold out and that the one on display was the last one. Yoo, Rich demanded that I try it on, if I look hot, he is buying it. The store lady was very skeptical about removing it on display, but Rich the smooth operator convinced her. I went to the fitting room. When I got out, Rich and the lady were out of breadth, I looked so beautiful in it. That lady just went to the cash register, hit the till & said: Sold.

I got the dress and we left. We went to another fancy shop that sells shoes & bags. I bought myself a beautiful silver grey heel and a matching clutch bag. He paid and we went back to Pretoria.

The following day, Rich picked me up, we went to Morula Sun. It was so packed. People were all dressed up and shining through the afternoon. I was having fun till I spotted my brother in law Rendani (Tsitsi’s Husband) with some girl.

I could not see her face as she was looking down. I zoomed out to check her out.

No freaking way. Is that not Portia - Rich's baby mama?

The one that was swearing at Richmond ka Valentine’s Day, the one who called me names?

I checked her out properrly. Definetly it was her.They were so cozy for my liking, it was clear that they came together. I might be wrong mara, after seeing them, I was convinced gore ba jola.

I even wondered if she is the little Barbie doll that nearly destroyed my sister's marriage. Tsitsi said she was from Sosha .

It can't be her. Or can it be? I was confused, because the Barbie doll that nearly destroyed Tsitsi’s marriage is also from Soshanguve, but ena o nale a son with Rendani named Unarine, who stays with Rendani,Tsitsi & their kids.

Well, Portia & Rich have a 4 year old son Warona who stays with Portia's sister in Jozy.

Is this a coincidence or am I putting apples and grapes into one basket? (I thought to myself, phew).

I wonder how my sister will handle this one. I needed to find out more. I had to investigate before I drop the bombshell. I thought yaa, Rendani o ba tseneletse bana ba mo Sosha.

My entire evening was ruined by the side of my brother in law with Portia ( My boyfriend’s ex? Nog’all).

Pelo ya me e ne ele botlhoko. To think my own sister is stuck ko ntlung, and being fooled by this guy, after everything He has put her through? My sister was even looking after His love child.

Nxx I was so pissed off. I avoided contact with him at all costs. I ended up asking Rich to take me back to my flat. I lied that I had stomach cramps.

The truth was: I didn't want Rendani to see me. Rich agreed. We left.

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