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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 14



I answered the phone.
Rich: “Mabhebheza I'm at the door, please open."
I then seemed suprised and said, "Which door will that be Mr?" I think the room got so quiet and bigger. I felt like I was standing in the middle of everyone in the room. I then excused myself from the guys, I went to the balcony. I wanted to stop Rich from entering the flat. 

I wanted to ask him to go and come back later, and that I will explain everything. Time was running fast, and I wanted to do damage control fast. I think Rich thought all that talk was part of the plan.
Remember the plan? Yes, the stupid plan that I seemed to have forgotten all about. As I beg Rich not to knock and make a U-turn, I was a little too late; there was a knock at the door.

Holi-chicken kaka. I'm so screwed. I went rushing to the door, ke ipolella gore ke tla ema fo mo-jako and prevent Richmond from entering and ke mo kope a tsamaye. Batso beat me to it. She opened the door and yep, there was Rich.

He was standing by the door. He was looking Oh so handsome. Did I tell you how handsome my Ex was. Wow, I don't know how I can begin to describe him but I’m going to try, He was tall, the Shaquille O'Neill height, fairly lighter. He was not muscular; e ne ele slender matheka, he had those bedroom eyes, the ears, eyes, nose and juicy looking lips. He was sexy like that guy on Stormed the yard (Columbus Short). Yes that one, but He was extremely Handsome, I don't want to lie .He was not the gym type mara o ne a ikemetse sentle. And boy, He could dress so well. Anything he puts on just fit him. You know basimane ba Pitori chaana; they dress so well, and expensively. He stood there, all well dressed, searching for me with his eyes around the room.

As I finally made my way towards Him, he had his hands backwards, like he was carrying bunch of flowers, box of chocolates or something. So I wanted to drag him by the hand, to the balcony for a quick chat. So Mr smooth operator revealed a Teddy bear and handed it over to me.

Nna in my mind: “Are you freaking kidding me Rich? You knew I said we have to talk about that number 13 later, so why did you even bring this? “
I was really bored. Richmond o tletse ka go tshameka this guy. Goreng a tlisitse that stupid ted-dy bear for his acting part? This could blow on my face ka nnete. I thought, maybe Richmond decided that he is not really going to be acting. For him that was real life drama. I could kill him right there.

Was this the part where he was giving a Stella performance, to supposedly convince Kgosi that nna le ena re boelane, or was he being the money showering jerk and pulling his I’m sorry stunt that he used to pull when we were dating ? I was really confused. I was so mad, angry and embarrassed. The timing was bad. Kevin was looking at me, you know, with a little disappointment on his face. I wished I could just run to his arms and tell him that Richmond being there was just an act. I wanted to hug him….but I couldn’t…

Batso interrupted my thoughts, and greeted him and went to the balcony. Kgosi and TeeKay (aka Kevin) stood right where they were; Rich extended his hand, in a fist, to both the guys

Rich: “I’m Richmond, heita” He was fist-bumping with both Kgosi & Kevin.

Kgosi: “I’m Kgosi, Batso's brother and this is TeeKay, my friend.

Kevin: “Hola, Nice meeting you.”

Rich: “Is waar.”

I just stood there frozen to death, with million things running through my mind. Kgosi & Kevin followed Batso who was standing by the balcony.
Rich went on and on about how sorry he was about yesterday’s SMS, how he wants to make things right between us. How the past two months have been such hell without me. How he realized that “you never know what you have till you lose it"

I was so pissed off to even care what he was saying. A part of me wanted him out of the flat as fast as possible. Just when I was about to ask him to leave, Kgosi & Kevin came back from the balcony, announced that they were not staying longer, they are leaving!!!!!!!!!!

Ooh no, what have I done here. I threw a chance to even utter a single word to TeeKay. Why was this happening mara? Is it that moment that: ‘A sad thing about Life/Love is when we meet that someone that means a great deal to us, but we realize it was not meant to be, and that you have to let go? There and then, before my eyes, I saw a chance of what I called happiness, was slipping through my fingers. I realized that, I finally lost Kevin before I even had him.

I still can't make the connection between Kgosi constantly calling me & him coming with Kevin. Did Kevin tell Kgosi about our meeting at Nkagisengs wedding? Kgosi wasn't at the wedding; He was flying back from USA, that afternoon. So when I left, he was still not there. Kevin was heading to the airport to fetch him after he dropped me. So I am confused. Or purely Kevin is not interested in me; hence he did not even try to find me? Yaaa it was quite a hell of confusion.

Just as I snapped out of my absent minded thoughts, Batso called my name. Noli, bo abuti ba re goodbye, kea ba khapa. Wanna come? I quickly said wait for me, I want to say goodbye to them anyway Rich was also leaving. I said that out loud without thinking. Rich said, no I'm not going anywhere, not yet, O ka ba khapa, I'll help myself with dikuku tsa my future mmamazala. I just left him there, ran after Kgosi and Kevin.

Kgosi & Kevin were already going down the stairs. Batso and I following them.Kev looked up, and he saw me rushing behind. He smiled, ooh my, ooh my, that man's smile lights up my world tlhe.

Kevin: “careful, don't fall.”?

Nna: “hai, I wanted to say a proper goodbye. I was rude earlier, neglecting you and Kgosi. Askies tlhe.

Kevin waited at the bottom of the stairs for us. Just as I made it safe to the last stair,Batso said something funny:
Batso: “Roomie, o tlohetse that man of yours alone, ko flateng? I don't like that. "

Hee basadi where does that come from? Batso is being really funny now.

Nna: “Hau roomie, I wanted to say goodbye to the brothers, Rich is a regular, so he will be fine. As for these fine gentlemen from Vaal, hardly grace our presence, so they are priority for now."

I lashed out, sarcastically. Batso didn't look happy at all. I didn't know why she was like that. Was she mad that Rich came and disturbed Kgosi to talk to me? Clearly something ticked her off. I decided to ignore her and focus on my dream man Kevin. Who was also looking a bit offish. Understandably so, he must have been turned off by bumping into my Ex. Or maybe he think it’s my boyfriend. Hai, ka tla ka ipakela.

We were walking towards their car, Batso continued with her funny way, wanting to push me to Kgosi.

Batso: " abuti, please bontsha Noli your pics from USA, I have been telling her about the pics you took le Jayzee & Kanye West, le tsa ko Disney world."

Kgosi: " Ooh, I deleted them from my phone, di ko laptop, sure will bring them next time we visiting properly."

A disappointment escaped her face; I swear she was on that operation match making ya gagwe. She still continued with her plans of pushing me to Kgosi or Kgosi to me.

Kgosi seemed way too uninterested in me. Kgosi's phone rang, he picked up and moved away from us. Just then we had reached their car. For a minute there was silence. Remember, Batso don't know gore nna le Kevin re kopane ko her sister's wedding? So, I acted like it was the first time ke kopane le Kevin. I decided to strike a conversation and broke the silence. I looked at Kevin.

Nna: "Why ba go bitsa TK?" Just as he was about to answer, Batso interrupted him.

Batso: "Noli, don't you think its been long since o siile Rich? Nna ha ke a dudisega hantle, wa tseba ha ke mo tshepe motho wa hao. Why osa boele back to the flat? You will get to know Teekay properly, next time.”

Yoooo, If I didn't know her better, I'd swear she didn't like it when I spoke to Kev. So I read between the lines. I went to where Kevin was standing, I gave him a hug, briefly and said good-bye.How I wanted to sleep on his chest, but with Batso on my case, I pulled off.

Nna: "Don't be a stranger; please do visits again, this time, le bue to avoid bumping into un-invited guests, keep well.”

I was so disappointed by Batso's reaction. I walked away from Kevin, not even looking back. I was hurt. I really thought that was it. I lost him again. I turned towards Batso.

Nna: " ke kopa o re goodbye to your brother. Yaa you probably right, let me go upstairs."

Kevin looked disappointed, it was written all over his face. I turned towards the stairs. I waived my hand towards Kevin. It was just too sad. He was staring at me, as if he was too deep into thoughts.

Nna: "Goodbye TK, I really mean it, le eteng gape, very soon, and le dule longer than to-day.Today gone, it was unexpected and short, you just teased us."

I said as I went back to the flat, Heartbroken Off course. Something is not right. I just can't pin it down gore ke eng. Fela; this whole thing doesn't make sense. There are lots of holes.

What a weekend I had, Kgosi & Tk left, Rich as well, he left the Teddy bear. I accepted it.
We accepted each other’s apologies, but I told him I need time to think about us trying again. There was a lot going on, I needed to be sure of any decision I take. Rich agreed to give me space. He said I must take my time, no rush. He asked to at least call me and see me once in a while. I said, we will see what happens.

Just after I came back from downstairs to accompany Rich to his car, I went to the kitchen, to-prepare for supper. Batso was in her room, ever since I was with Rich ko balcony.

I decided to call her, letting her know that Rich is gone.

Nna: “Roomie, get you firm butt here."

I shouted. No answer. I did it again, and I heard her bedroom door open.

Batso: “Yes, o mpatlang?"

Nna: “Woa No need to bite my head off, I just need you to make green salad & wedges. I need your help not you"

I continued, talking to her.

Nna: "The thing is, I started supper late, and so if you help me, we will finish fast, and then eat. We have a lot to talk about. We must catch up on the events of this weekend."

She seemed so uninterested in my conversation. I thought, hai there's a lot of drama that happened this weekend. I wanted to tell her about it and also con-fess about Kevin and me meeting at Nkagisengs wedding. She just said ok, in a very cold tone. I knew Batso, and I could pick up that she was not happy with me.

Earlier she was to bubbly and giggly, now all of a sudden she is too cold. I thought, I will ask her ga re ja. We finished off, not talking much. It was weird, but I thought I should not read too much into it. We dished up, went to the sitting room and ate. We watched gospel gold. That was the quietest time me & Batso ever had in a long run.

Nna: "Roomie o sharp mara?" I broke the ice.

Batso: "Yes, Ke sharpo. Ke no mpa fela ke kgathetse. Hai not to be funny Noli, I’m going to take a bath and have an early night, lets chat tomorrow."

She stood up, took the plates to the kitchen. Le ga ba ka reng, go nale taba moo. Batso is not happy about something and she can't hide it. E le gore o kwatetse eng?

Ka ipotsa, e ka be o kwatetse gore Rich was there? Especially in the presence of Kgosi whom she is trying to match make with me? Or o kwatisitse ke dilo tsa gagwe le mystery man?

Something inside forced me to follow her, I had to ask. Taba yona e teng, and to let it hang over us like that? It was not good. Apart from us being friends, we are roommates, and we have to get along.

I followed her to the bathroom, where she was running her bath. I knocked at the door, it was quite. I knocked again, this time, opening the door. There she was in tears, sitting on top of the toilet.

Modimo wa batshidi, go diragala eng?.

Nna: “Matebatso, molato ke eng, O llela eng? "

She looked at me, with so much pain in her eyes. I knelt down before her, trying to reach her hands. She pulled them away and said something I couldn't understand.

Batso: “Leave me the hell alone. You are so selfish and self centered. You think the world re-volves around you. You want everything and everyone for yourself. Is it not enough that you have two men wanting you? Get out of here please; I need to take a bath."


Sentle sentle mosetsana o o reng? Ke selfish and want everything and everyone to myself? What is she talking about?

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