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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 60


This was our day, we did things the way we liked, in no particular order set by anyone. After our speeches, Mc made some remarks, jokes and also vote of thanks & toast to us. 

He announced that Starter will be served, Ushers were called in to take orders for the starter.

There was a choice of two starters. 

Smoked salmon parcels with tomato and marinated chickpeas with herb salad
Stuffed chicken with thyme, spinach and pistachio nuts served with cauliflower & mushroom sauce.

Guests were really enjoying themselves. Kev and I were catching up on some wife and husband talk. I wanted to know about the suprise honeymoon he mentioned in his speech. He was reluctant to say.

My husband: “I am taking us to Middle East for 2 weeks. That is all I am prepared to say. We are leaving Monday.”

Yooo, the furthest place I've been in my life outside South Africa was Lesotho. Kevin's grandparents originate from Lesotho. We went there one X-mas. What a breath of fresh air. So hearing that I was going overseas, Middle East, was like a dream come true. I've always wanted to go holidaying overseas; in my mind I had African places in mind, Mozambique, Tanzania, etc. Here I was, couldn't even wait for Monday…

Right there, I wanted the night to end.

We had our first dance afterwards.Dj played our favorite song by Beyonce and Mark Nelson- After all is said and done.

We were lost in each others embrace. Taking time as we remembered what we have been through and a journey that awaits us.Guests started joining us, dancing and having fun. Then Dj played Dance with my father - Luther Vandross, Kevin handed me over to his dad, my DaddyT.

We danced to the song, him holding me so close, I broke down and cried, thinking about my own daddyD Russell.

My father in law was such a great man. He was so firm, straightforward and strict yet so gentle and loving. I would say between him and his wife, Mme ‘Mantebaleng, he loved me more.

My mom in law was more the soft-spoken, sarcastic and pretentious type. E ne ele Thola boreledi. Outside she was sweet, but inside, yooo…gevaarlike.

She has never been funny with me, atleast on my face. But I knew her to be those kinds of mothers who liked to control, meddle and interfere in their kids’ lives. She was those mothers who didn’t know when to cut the umbilical cord.

I then moved to dance with my brother. Till the end of the song.

Mc announced that main course was about to be served.
Guests were served an elegant plated dinner. The buffet - style main course included:

Lamb Shanks,Roast chicken,Grilled Fish, Beef stew and Pork chops served with side dishes of plain and savory Rice, steamed bread( Ledombolo), soft porridge ( Bogobe ba Ting),roast vegetables, creamy spinach, traditional chakalaka, potato salad, pumpkin, chutney beetroot, and Greek salad and a variety of sauces.

We decided to keep our menu to simple day to day food that we were sure our guests will enjoy. The food was so delicious. I must say. Compliments to the chefs.
Dinner was perfect. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves.
Dj played some music and everyone was happy, people went to the dance floor to do their thing.

Kev and I then did the garter and bouquet throwing.

Mc announced that everyone should be seated, as we were about to cut the cake.

Kevin and I went to where our cake was placed, this time closer. As I studied the cake, probably because I knew it was somehow damaged and wanted to check where exactly the damage was, I finally saw what was wrong.

Apparently, the first two top tiers were not my original cakes. They looked different to the rest of the cake. It seemed like they were baked overnight. The thing that caught my eye was the colours, it did not match with the bottom six tiers, nor wonder it was not set up the way I saw it on the picture I copied from.

I was not bothered because only a few of us, Baksy, Paula Kevin and I, PDDs and my sister knew what happened. If you didn't know, you would not spot the difference between colours.

One thing that didn't bother me was that, when Kevin and I were deciding on the flavors, and designs, and sentimental value of the cake, the top cakes were to be cut and eaten as part of the dessert same day and the bottom to be for saved.

The way our eight tier cake was set, made it extra easy for us to share it according to our plans. The Eight layered cake with 8 different flavors .The three bottom layers were not meant to be eaten at the Reception.

Kevin and I cut one of the top five tiers, and gave each other a piece from the slice. Before the caters could come and remove the cake for serving as dessert. We took the second tier from the bottom, the Milky bar flavored, which was my late father's favorite cake; Kevin gave it to Dire's family to take it home with them.

The third bottom one, the Red Velvet flavored, which was the late Nkgono Mmalereku's favorite cake, I gave it to Tau's family to take it home.

The largest bottom Fruit cake was to be saved for the tradition of reserving the cake for our first anniversary. I asked the PDDs to pack it for us. This will be frozen for a year.

Kgosi made a toast to us again.

Mc announced that Dessert and tea to follow but first the bride, groom and bridal entourage to grace the stage and get down. Thapelo the choreograph did his job, teaching us some moves.

We danced to Malaika's song, Muntuza (Twobop), boy did we rock that stage. Yooo, even my poor Lavo was moving much better.

DJ and Mc asked the guests to join in if they wanted to. The place was on fire.

Dessert was then served

It consisted of: Malva pudding served with homemade custard, flavored jelly, variety of ice creams,Tiramisu, Strawberry Cheesecake, Peppermint Crisp and the five top tiers of our Wedding cake - flavors were, Plain vanilla, Chocolate Bar One, Amarula Chocolate Fudge, White Chocolate Passion Fruit and Fruit cake.

As guests were enjoying their Dessert, Kevin and I went to change into comfortable after party clothes.

I slipped into my third dress of the day . It was a sexy lacey backless cream dress. Holding me on the right places. Kevin wore a cream linen suit, a dusty coral t-shirt with casual shoes. He was just quicker than I.

He left me in the room. I asked him to call Paula for me to re-touch my make up again.

Paula didn’t take long; she was in the room in no time. I noticed that she still had Kevin’s phone.I thought, Mmmm, I must do something. I send her to get me a glass of water. Besides wanting to snoop, I was feeling a bit nauseous' and thirsty.

Paula left her stuff on the bed, with Kevin's cellphone as well.
I thought , "Good shot, I quickly opened it. There were still lots of missed calls from LSG, I ignored them and wrote down LSG's numbers, on a tissue with my eyebrow pencil and throw it in my make-up bag. I didn't have my cellphone with me. So I will check them out later. You know, just for control.

We went in, join the guests. Kevin and I asked the MC to thank everyone for sharing our special day with us. Mc made an announcement that the party wil be continuing at Thabong Guesthouse afterwards, for the Bride's birthday celebration.

What? Another celebration? Yooo. I was so suprised; I didn't expect anything else more especially after the birthday breakfast. Kevin and my family really went all out, no expenses spared.

We also said a few words of gratitude and bid the guests who were ready to leave, goodbye.

DJ did his thing, the dance floor was happening. Guests dancing and having fun, while others were leaving.

I was busy chatting to my colleagues and friend Lesedi who was about to leave, when Kedi came towards us, you could see she wanted to talk to me. Yoo I was in such a good mood, I had even forgotten about her and the sword she plugged into my heart.

Yoo, I spotted the bun, it was really huge, looked like she was about to pop in a month or two. I told her that I will be there in five minutes.

I accompanied my colleague to her car, as she wanted to give me the wedding gifts from other colleagues who couldn’t make it.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t want to get into it with Kedibone. Go tswa ka nna, I wanted to ignore her presence and say nothing to her. Ke moo, she wants to talk. I hope nna le ena re tla bua briefly and not even discuss taba ya gagwe le Richmond. After-all, it was not important anymore. I just married the man I want to be with, the man I loved. Taba ya gore my ex friend is shagging my ex boyfriend and they are expecting a child, was old news to me.I accepted that she betrayed me and yes it was paonful but it was not important to me any longer.

I had more burning battles that I should focus on, yet I chose to ignore them…If I could ignore the threat of infidelity in my marriage, I can surely ignore backstabbing by an old friend and an ex boyfriend. So, I chose to ignore her and Rich as well.

As I entered the Reception area, I spotted her, speaking to Batso.
I called Omo, gave her my gifts to go place them with other gifts. She asked me, if I saw Malankane ( she calls Rich that way).

Aish, I think the anger came back, but I focused on the simple question from my little sister and I said, yep, and I asked her to guess who Malankane came here with? She shrugged her shoulders and I said le mogotse.

Omo's jaw almost dropped down the floor.

Omo: "Sesi ere o bua maaka. Ok ok, let me start , Malankane o tlile lenyalong la gago le mogotse wa gago, who looks so pregnant? I saw Kedi ko bathroom before reception, I was in a hurry, so I just greeted her and left. I really didn’t even think she came with your ex… Ke eng, dintshang vela? Ena le Malankane ba betsa mnike?"

Omo shockingly asked. I was now the one shrugging my shoulders to the questions.

Nna: “Ngwana ko gae, I'm as shocked as you and probably everyone else who knew us."

I told Omo that, Kedi wanted to speak to me but I was busy with Lesedi, I told her I will come to her. I told her that, ke tseleng ya goya ko go ena. I just want to find out gore o batla go bua eng le nna.

Omo : " I really hope they just came together, not as couple but friends. I just hope ka nnete otherwise, ba tlabe ba tsenwa if ba jola. Worse to come tell you today,mo lenyalong la gago, yooo...Sesi Go and find out. Call for back-up ne."

Omo is ghetto like that, she's my grandmother's version, when it comes to conflicts.

We laughed.I said, she must keep her eyes on us. Omo left.

I headed to where Kedi & Batso were sitting.

What am I going to say though? What are we going to talk about?

Well, I was about to find that out aren’t I?

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