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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 8


With Batso gone, I was alone at the Flat. I went out to get some take-away and rent some movies; I left my phone, ke tshaba ditsotsi tsa Pitori. When I came back, as I unlock the door, my phone rang, I tried to rush, but by the time I reached it, it stopped ringing. 4 missed calls from Don't Answer. I got irritated, dialed Rich's number, it rang twice, and finally he answered. 

Rich:"Mabhebheza, What do you want from me? I thought you fired me."

Nna: “Richmond, o bua nnete. Yes, I fired you and I told you to stop calling me. When I ignored your calls ka January, I was letting you know that I want nothing to do neither with you nor from you. So why are you calling me ka some strange numbers Richmond? Don’t you get it? It’s over tlhe, kgaogana le moya wa me tuu."

Before he could say anything I dropped the call. I put my phone on the charger, went to the kitchen. Ka baya di take-away tsa me. I decided to take a bath pele ke ba cozy and watch my favorite movies, while eating my steers Lunchbox. Dijo tsa di students’ tsa month end.

Off I went to the bathroom, ran the bath, kaya ko kamoreng, ka baakanya my Pjs, robe n slee-pers. I went & soaked myself in a bubble bath. I thought of my childhood friend Obakeng, we haven't spoken since we left home ka January. She is studying Law Degree at University of Zu-luland, so we only see each other ka di school holidays. It was her second year. She took gap year after matriculating. Ke ne ke mo gopotse, and planned to call her after bathing.

As I was bathing, my phone rang, about 2 times and stopped. I finished bathing and went to my bedroom. Ka fitlha ka itlotsa, ke rile ke itebella mo seiponeng, ka gopola Obakeng, Yoo, this past December o ne a fetogile, she was looking fresh maan & glowing, I even commented that she gained weight, but she brushed me off. I remembered when we growing up, Obakeng o ne a rata go ntshwenya a mpitsa Pakistani.

O are ke nale dibono tse digolo. Are banna ba tlo tlhopa nna go nale ena because ale motsetserepe. Go tloga kgale ke nale mmele, though I was not fat, ke ne ke le fresh pumpkin. Obakeng ene o ne ale mosesanyana, a le mosweu, a le montle go kgaisa basetsana botlhe ko middle school. Re ne rere ke Marcia Turner. O ne bile a tsenela di beauty contest a di winner, so she was popular ko Rustenburg and the surroundings.

As I looked at myself on the mirror, admiring my ATM's and thinking of Obakeng and how she really gained weight. Hai, Durban e mo tshwere sentle ele tota. She is in a 2 years relationship with a certain Jabulani. She showed me his pictures. He was so muscular and bold, nkare Hulk. He looked very strict and so unfriendly & unapproachable kind of guy. She seemed smitten by him, so that's what mattered.

I finished putting on my Pjs, and took a last glance at the mirror.
I remembered Obakeng saying my ATMs will get me all the man eating their hearts out, yet, here I was, as single as a slice of unbuttered brown bread with a stalker of an ex and un-interested guy I met at a wedding. All in all I had a Nonexistent love life.

I finished in the bedroom, took my throw and went to warm my food. My phone rang again, while I was in the kitchen. I ignored it; put my food on the tray. As I wanted to watch the DVDs I hired without disturbance. I took everything from the kitchen that I needed, my buddy bottle of Fanta Orange, snacks & a slab of Chocolate, I headed to the sitting room. Yeah, I created a cinema scene type of setup.

Problem ka go ba single, you can be weird. You just don't have life nje. You just wonder around, stuff yourself with food and drown your lonely heart. That’s what I was planning to do. I'm going to watch my old time favorite movies, Set it off & Titanic for the 5th time. Trust me; I was look-ing forward to watching them.

I checked my phone again, hai, Rich o ntlwaela gampe jaanong. When is he going to stop this? I must say I was so convinced that Rich is stalking me. I thought, well, let me send him a hot SMS, maybe he will get the message, bold and clear.

Before I could type the sms, I decided to call Obakeng first.

Nna: “"Mmata wa me, Dumela, kana wena le phone le manaba a matona. What's up?"

It seemed she was slightly asleep. Her voice was little down.
Obakeng:"Mmata wa ga Obakeng Selemo bathong, kana wena motho wa go lebala, bare nna ke tsamaya ke dira diphone my enemies? Ija kana wena wa tsenwa. Wa reng fela tlhe Mmata?"

Obakeng: "Ke go gopotse jaang Mmata, o ntse o itshwere sentle?"

Nna: " Eya tlhe Mmata, ke right, ke bolawa ke bodutu fela, I wish you were just 5 km away."

Obakeng: " Ao Mmata, kana o latlhile papa Rich? Bad move ne? Hai, askies,Mr Kelvin T ha so go letsetse le jaanong jaana?"

Nna: " Owai, niks Mmata, o nyametse ka lenga la seloko, ga ke nagane gore ke tla tsoga ke ko-pane le Ena. Ka gongwe I scared him off. Ga ele papa Rich wa gago ena. I m better off without him.” He is stalking me, and it irritates me. Ka gongwe o batla di Love back. I'm not so interest-ed. I rather be alone than be unhappy."

Obakeng: " Ao Karyn White wa me. Wa bua mantswe a botlhoko ka nnete. O tiisitse ga o mo batle back, just to keep you company? Anyway your happiness comes first. Mmata, ke nale di-taba for wena, mara ga ke batle go di bua ka founo, I'll come pass by your place ka Easter. I’m going to Mmatau."

Nna: “Wa itse ga ke rate go ema, hai Mmata, since I have no choice, I will wait for you, ke a go rata ne."

She said luls (love u lots). We dropped the phone and I felt like I was with her. That's how close we were. We might not see each other often, but circumstances of our friendship and love, always combine us. Nothing, no one and no distance can ever come between us.

I sat down and started with my ‘hot sms’

“I’m so sick and tired of your stalking habits. Please get it in your thick skull, you and I are over. Delete my number and focus on things you are good at. Like misleading, lying and playing other women like you did to me”. I pressed send to....

I had a notification confirming that, sms delivered to Richmond

I put on Titanic first because it is longer. I started eating while watching the movie. As I finished my last chip. I heard a peeping sound of an incoming message. I checked it. It was a reply from Rich. I paused the movie, started reading,

“I really don't appreciate your accusations and name calling. U called me earlier and dropped the phone on me without hearing me out. Seems u already concluded that I’m stalking you. Well, let me put it this way, Maybe after reading this, you will believe that I am so over you. I don’t want u back or anything. In FACT, ever since you dumped me, I have been so relieved. I couldn't bring myself to be the one dumping you. Don't get me wrong, Obonolo, you are a very beautiful girl, but you tend to be naive & clingy. I felt you wanted to tame me. I kept on disappearing from your life, and you always find a way to lure me back.

Eintlik ha ke motho le di steady relationship. I don’t like to be caged. Wena o phanda outie e tla ba steady ko wena A marriage material type of guy not a guy like me. O Bonolo, just like your name. U are so sweet I must say, but o ne o mpakela slow down at times. Now dearly beloved, I must thank you for finding the courage to end the longest 2 years relationship ya rona. I wouldn't have had the hearts to hurt you. I adored u, still do. Sure; I will delete your ringers as you wish. But first, dial whatever number that was calling you or stalking you then SMS me or don't SMS, it’s your choice. So, who is a stalker between the two of us? "

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