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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 38


What the frickadel happened to my wedding cake? And why didn't aus Pat tell us? Is it bad,what happened? That's all I could think at that moment. I just didn't even wait to hear what that guy was about to tell us. If it was bad news, I needed to hear it from the person I hired and paid to be my wedding planner.

I left everyone standing there, and scrolled my phone to call ausi Pat. 
The phone rang twice and went to voicemail. I dialed again, it rang 5 times and made a beeping sound. I dialed again ,then it went straight to voicemail.

I felt a chill on my spine,thinking, this woman is ignoring me.

That's when I recalled our conversation earlier in the day, when we were setting the appointment to come see the final product. She mentioned something about my cake, how it is big and needed special delivery.

O ne a re wa itshola gore why re sa tlogela the guys who baked it to deliver it to the Guesthouse. She said it was such a hassle for her, especially because she had to drive slowly with the cake. Blah blah.

I was not impressed by the conversation, because, when we went for cake tasting and choosing flavours, She personally volunteered to fetch it and she was going on and on about how delicate it looked on paper, and said, the final product will be even more delicate and needed extra care when handling it. She said she doesn't want trouble and can't let anyone mess it up. Hence the decision to personally go fetch it at Sweet Tooth Bakers.

Thomas,from the STB told us that they could deliver it, at a charge offcource, but the challenge was,the time frame ya delivery. Pat said she won't be at the venue ka nako e bona ba tlabeng ba isa cake and she didn't want to take chances so she rather fetch it on Friday on her way to Muldersdrift. Now she has issues with driving with the cake?

So while we were chatting, She asked if Kevin can organize someone or himself to fetch the cake, because her transport is half full with her stuff. I told her Kev is already at Muldersdrift.

I couldn't go fetch it myself because I also had things lined up and most importantly to rush to fetch my dress.I was running late, otherwise ke ne ke tla lata cake.

She then said she wil make arrangements to get it to Muldersdrift.

Eka be cake ya me e senyegile bathong?

I couldn't even begin to think that way. I couldn't bear the thought.
Ka ge Aus Pat a ne a sa arabe founo, I decided to go back inside to hear from Budgy what happened.

Yooooo, as I approach, my man, Mmata n Paula, stood there frozen,the look on their faces told me that, whatever happened to the Cake,it was bad.

My head was spinning. I asked myself,what could have happened?

That cake is one of the most priceless token of my wedding. Besides the fact that it cost us R16k, the Eight-tier double-layer base design, is to die for,the strings of mini glass crystals, dangling between the tiers added to the elegance of the confection and the different flavours we incorporated.All the different flavours, were incorporated according to our guests and both families' cake preferences.

The cake has sentimental value, it meant more than a wedding cake to me & Kev. It meant the world to me. I couldn't bear the thought of something bad happening to it.

Kevin disturbed,a trail of thoughts going through my mind. The first thing he did was to give me a warm, a tied one for that matter.

You know there's different types of hugs right? There's the everyday I love you hug, the please forgive me hug, the sorry for hurting you hug, the I missed you hug, the sentimental hug - the one that the person has done nothing wrong and found you crying and you just look at them and all they could do is give you that hug? Yes, that kind of I am here for you babe hug?

Overtime dating Kev, I have learned to differentiate between the hugs my man gave me, hence, feeling that hug, I knew something is wrong, I knew whatever happened to our wedding cake is bad and that I'm going to need that hug.

All I did was broke down and cried. I just let go. Ooh boy, did I cry? Or did I cry?, yep, I poured out like waterfall, somehow I even asked myself,ele gore tota ke llela eng botlhoko yaana? Ga ba ise ba mpolelle gore go diragetse eng ka Cake, fela I'm crying like crazy.

Kev kept patting and rubbing me on the back, saying nothing but "shhh Bobo,shhh Shugaboo,..."

That's my man, he knows when to be there,when to keep still & let me be ,when to talk , when to just act and off course, when to walk away .

I guess it was that moment that He was letting me be.

Paula and Baksy were standing few meters away, with Budgy. I then wiped my tears with Kev's t-shirt and said Thank you.

I then held Kev's hand ( we love doing that all the time when we want to put a United OK - Obonolo &Kevin - front😎 .

We walked to the three people standing before us.
I said, alright Budgy, give it to me, what happened, aus Pat seems to be ignoring my calls or something, you said something about " not good news", ke kopa o mpolelle, go diragetse eng ka wedding cake ya me?" Bua, ke reeditse.

First words that came out of his mouth was, Aishhhhhhhh....

I just looked at him with a brave face. I knew what will follow, will definitely, break my heart.

Budgy: "Ausi Obonolo, the cake is damaged and that is all I know."

A e beya taba die man, n that was it.

Ka robega maikutlo. I wanted to scream. But something inside me said, calm down. There is no turning back, you will just have a cake less wedding. Be strong. Its too late to overreact.

" Damaged" bathong, its such a very strong and ugly word ga o e bua ,referring to something valuable".

When someone say Your car is damaged, My relationship is damaged, your phone is damaged, a person is damaged, go raa gore, might be repaired but it will never be the same....or it is damaged beyond repair.

I just thought, a cake being damaged, meant, its beyond repair. Can a cake even be repaired? I remembered a verse in the bible that says: Be still and know I am God.

For some weird reason, I felt peace in my heart. I knew that the peace came from Higher authority. I just said,

Nna: "oh well, it's damaged, it's not your fault,guys can we go?"

Kevin was closer to me, still hand in hand.Squeezing my hand,

Kev: "Batho ba me,lets go back to T'mans place. The Queen has spoken."

A smile escaped my lips. We headed back. It was so quite in the car. Kev was driving, I was sitting at the back with Baksy. She just held my hand,rubbing it off.

Inside my heart and soul, I was humming, Great is thy faithfulness, Oh Lord My father, All I ever needed Lord, thy mighty hand, hath already provided...

Great is Thy faithfulness is one of my favorite hymns. I sing it even in my sleep.I was raised in a Christian home, I knew God, deeply so. My mom, always taught us that, In times of distress, call upon God. Worship and praise him. She always said, You will always find peace in the presence of God.

Right at that very moment, that's what I did,Praising.

A 5 minutes drive felt like 30 minutes. While in the car, Obakeng aka Baksy made a call, I think it was to Otsile ( aka Tsitsi,my eldest sister)

Obakeng: " Ausi,re mo tseleng re a tla.Nyaya,ga a raete, but wa mo itse gore o rata go baya sefatlhego se se tiileng even if she is hurting. Go Siame, I guess. Sure."

She hung up and smiled at me...

Nna: "Haaaibo Obakeng, O bua ka nna ekete ke ko Avianto? Ke siame tsala. Off course, I'm heartbroken but there is nothing I can do with the situation.I might have to accept gore ke tlo nyalwa ka moso, without a Cake..Its too late to think of anything else.What hurts me more, ke gore Aus Pat a ikgatholose nna. A palelwe ke go mpolella gore go diragetse eng. Maybe ne re ka be re dirile plan B. Anyway..Gante o setse o boleleltse Aus Tsitsi gore cake is damaged?

Obakeng: "That time you were outside le Kev o lla, she called and asked me why are we taking so long.So yes, I told her."

Nna: " Ohk, at least I wont have to say anything, thanks Mmata".

Finally we got to the Guesthouse, and all I wanted to do, was go to my Mom,and be a little girl and cry in her arms. My mom is such a strong woman,God fearing & wise. Her counsel and support always makes a huge issue seem lighter. She is such a pillar of my strength, at all times.

She gets that strength from her mom, Makgolo MmaK. Oh Mmakoma Jobbertina Mmotlana,( famously and affectionately known as Makgolo MmaK), is my 82 years old maternal Grandmother,( mmaago Mama) who looked nothing like her age, so strong and still active. She has 5 kids , my uncle Leswika Mmotlana, three aunts -Mmamogolo Banyana & Barona ( twin sisters) , Mmamane Gabaiphiwe aka Gaba and my mom.

She lost our grandfather to Cancer 2003 at age 95. She stays in Brits with her lastborn son & his family. She said she won't miss my wedding for anything.So she was inside the guesthouse, charming my In laws,especially Ntatemogolo Tau ( so I. Heard).

Makgolo is different to mom ka one thing, my mom was a very soft spoken and down to earth yet so strong, whereas Makgolo was loud, cheeky,witty, ghetto and very strong.O ngopotsa Madea ( wa Tyler Perry movies)

Makgolo will give you a hiding ,daylight. When we were growing up, visiting Brits during school holidays, jerrrr, we had fun but also a lot of beatings. She believed in that. My mom hated that, she believes in talking, lecture & giving a dog, a long rope to hang itself.Makgolo o ne a le free, she will give you advises, but in that rough and ghetto manner..A re you fight fire by fire...

The way I was feeling, talking to my mom was definitely going to make me feel better. That's where I was heading to, mama's room.

As I enter the door,headed to the ladies only side of the Lodge, I was met by a loud screaming.

........Surprise ........

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