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Thursday, October 15


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 104


Dygo 104
Friday came, the trip to the doctor was emotional but we went in there protected by the mighty power. Dr Ledwaba was so shocked that I was that far along and did not suspect that I was pregnant. I told her we were not expecting it to happen that soon. We only thought that I was enjoying food and that's why the weight gains.

Dr happily announced that we were pregnant and that the babies are looking good.

Did she say babies? Or I didn't hear properly? Even Kevin looked at me with shock.

Dr Ledwaba: Mr and Mrs. Tau, you are over 13 weeks, 5 days ( 3 months & couple days) pregnant with Twins.
Twins, as in two lives were growing inside of me? Twice the joy? Was this a dream or ka nnete Nna le Karabello re emile? I looked at my husband, who had his hands on his mouth. He really looked overjoyed and still not believing what the doctor had said.
Getting the news that we are indeed pregnant was over the top, but the news that we were having twins was quite shocking, to say the least.
Mmm that was God. Oh and also the Tau and Dire genes. We all come from families where there's twins.

MaNthabeleng- my mom in law had twins (Thabiso and Rethabile), and Makgolo MmaK- my grandmother had twins (My aunts, Barona and Banyana).

So in as much as we were shocked, it was not that kind of shock because twins’ genes run in the family

Here we were expecting one bundle of joy – and just like that, we found out we are being blessed with two. How great and faithful was our God? Exactly the same timing I suffered a miscarriage; Dr was confirming that it’s not one baby but two, tadpoles looking images before our eyes and hearing both their heartbeats confirmed how blessed we really were.

Yes, just like the pastor said on Sunday when preaching about Ephesians 3:20- God can do anything, you know, you ask, you request, far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us. Indeed, he blessed us, Exceedingly , abundantly and beyond.

Since we were already far along, Dr was making sure our marshmallows were ok, no Down syndrome, abnormalities etc. He ordered the entire tests that were meant to be done to check for everything. She scheduled appointment to come see her in two weeks. She said because I had a miscarriage, and now that I'm carrying twins, she will want to see me more often just to ensure everything goes smoothly.

We left Dr Ledwaba office’s , happy and proud.

Time went so fast, at 20 weeks, I was already showing, family and friends knew the greatest news, Dr confirmed that everything was going smoothly and that we have passed the risky phase of pregnancy. We were excited.

They say time travel faster when you are having fun. It’s so true. I was enjoying the journey, having the time of my life and my ooh so awesome husband was too supportive and taking care of my every weird cravings. From slap chips with peanut butter to plain yoghurt mixed with avocado and cayenne pepper. Yeah I was pregnant and what Prego mama wanted, Prego mama gets.

I was really embracing my pregnancy. Tsitsi really knows me, thanks to her; I didn't risk my pregnancy again like I did before. I was taking it easy, enrolled in Prego fitness classes, just to keep fit. Dr recommended it, saying it will be good for me since I was about to balloon up with twins. It was always refreshing after the classes. My cravings got very bad, I was really eating weird stuff. Poor Kevin was working extra hard at work and at home. Whenever I crave something, he always had to go get it.

It was Saturday afternoon; I was meeting up with Fikile. Yoo it has been long re sa bonane. We always postponed our meetings. She once came with Obinna to watch the wedding video and DVDs. We never had a chance to catch up alone. So today, it was a girl’s only meeting, no husbees.

As she approaches, I spotted a baby bump. My friend and I were both pregnant. We were a month apart, she was 20 weeks and I was 24 weeks. We chatted about everything, and I told her about what Rich told me about Kedibone. She was so shocked. She was just caught in between Kedi and I, because we were both her friends and she didn't know how to handle this. I simply advised her that, whenever she was with me, we will avoid talking about Kedi in future tense, but we can talk about our time together in varsity. I suggested she does the same whenever she was with Kedi. That case, she will keep both of us happy and herself too.

Unfortunately Fikile had bad news. Monna wa gagwe was sending her to Nigeria at the end of the month. Apparently he wants his baby to be born there. Fikile was not happy about all this, but out of respect for his husband she apparently had no choice but to agree to go.
In 2006, after she got married, Obinna send her to Nigeria, and left her there for two years. Her worry was that Obinna only visited her four times during those times. Nagana? He was only sending her money. When Fikile was away, Obinna found himself a girlfriend. He didn't even hide it.

Rona basadi mara, we have to lose so much in marriages. Man feels like they own us, they can tell us how to live, where to live, with whom to live with. Imagine being separated from your own family and friends and the familiar surroundings? For two whole years?
Yaa o tshabe lerato .Ka neete that must have been the worst times in her life. Living in a foreign country, with people she barely knew, she barely understood what they were saying (language barriers) and a totally different lifestyle all together, alone? I felt sorry for her. Now she had to go back there, instructions from her husband and his parents. She didn't have a say in the matter nor a choice because she had no one?

Apparently During her lobola negotiations, when Fikile's dad realized that her daughter was about to be married to a Nigerian, He literally threw Obinna and his people out and threw them with their money.

Fikile’s uncle Baphelele, ran after them, and continued with Lobola negotiations at his home behind Fikile’s parents back. He was greedy like that. Took all the money and just spend it on whatever booze he could afford.

When Fikile’s dad finally found out that His brother in law ( uncle ya Fikile) accepted the Lobola and that Fikile was as good as married to Obinna, He gave Fikile an ultimatum, he asked her to choose between her family and her Nigerian . Unfortunately Fiks went with the latter. So she has been living with Obinna, who was doing everything for her. Fikile’s family disowned her afterwards.

Fikile has never worked. She did complete her degree in Fashion design and has been outsourcing clothes from Dubai and China, selling them. Obinna opened a shop for her down town to manage it. While she was in Nigeria 2006-2008, Obinna, gave it to his new girlfriend to run it.

Now that Fikile was back, she had nothing and no one. She was now at Obinna’s mercy because, both her parents passed away ka go latelana and her older sister Nonkululeko and younger brother Sipho wants nothing to do with her. They think her not even coming to bury both their parents was unforgivable. Apparently, Fikile didn’t even know her parents were late.Obinna didn't tell her. How sad.

Fikile told me that she was not sure what to do. She doesn't want to go back to Nigeria, at the same time she had nowhere to go. Pregnant as she was, she felt she had no choice but pack her bags and board that plane to Nigeria or Either pack her bags and be homeless and forget about Obinna.

She thought whichever decision she could take was going to hurt her unborn child.

Yoo, another marriage in turmoil…I had no connections in the fashion industry to help my friend regain her independence from Obinna. I just offered to pay for Baksy's varsity tuition and all, and with the twins on the way, my hands were tied. I told Fikile to keep applying for jobs, maybe, before end of the month, she might get lucky and never have to go to Nigeria. Shame, it was a tough one.

We ate and chatted a bit. We called for our bill, paid and left. She promised to see me before she leaves for Nigeria.
I was so sad for her.

My drive home was just emotional. I felt I had failed helping out a friend in need. I decided to talk to Kevin, with the hope that he can figure out something, re thuse Fikile. I was planning to ask pastor to pray for her on Sunday. We needed a miracle and we had 3 weeks to pull something up.

There's nothing depressing like knowing you have the best in life, yet you are surrounded by people who have been dealt a wrong hand. Here I was, happy as ever, everything in my life was going so well yet all my friends had so many challenges in their marriages. I even felt guilty. I even questioned if my own marriage was normal. Kevin was the best husband ever, so supportive, so involved, so into me and mostly so committed to our marriage. I was just happy.

God blessed me with a wonderful life....I am eternally grateful for my oh so perfect life....Nothing and Noone can come between the love so strong, the bond so tied. When Kevin and I said “I do“ , we meant it from the bottom of our hearts. Forever is what we promised, forsaking all others and loving each other equally...

Now more than ever, we were so happy, looking forward to welcome our bundles of joy in to such a happy environment, to give them everything they deserve.

Life after my fairytale wedding was just more than perfect. Everything was perfect. My Life was too Perfect .so was My Husband...

Ke a leboga Ntate Modimo. So as you the Lav’of my Life.

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