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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 46


I don't know if I was relieved that atleast he was not here to cause trouble or I was hurt by the fact that he was actually at my wedding, as a Plus 1 ya mogotse waka? 
Richmond is a man of many surprises shame. Did he ask Kedi gore e be plus 1 ya gagwe? Or did Kedi invite him to be her plus 1? Well, ok, the two knew each other before nna le Rich re jola, so maybe Kedi o ne a tlhoka partner to accompany her and asked Rich. But goreng ba ne ba tshwarane ka matsogo in a very Intimate way? …
I then remembered what happened magareng ga me le Rich, after that day Kev and I went on our first date. Ka nako ele ke tla kgatlhanang le Rich at club Coco .His heartfelt apology and letting me go.

Two weeks after the incident, we met for coffee. Rich had changed his tune, from the day at the Club, he was now telling me how he missed me, how he was regretting letting me go. How he saw me with Kevin dancing in his arms and got jealous. He said he knew there and there that, re a jola. He also said, the fact that he also came with a girl, made it difficult for him to cause a scene so he decided to make things easier for me. He said he didn't want me to be uncomfortable upon seeing him there. He also said he was hurt that I could lie to him about me spending time with my family; meanwhile I knew I was going on a date. So basically what he said was that he did mean all the other things he said, but he didn't mean the part where he was letting me go. So he still wanted me back. Talk about Twisted psychological mind.

I told him that I was inlove with Kevin. I couldn't jeopardize my relationship with him. He swore that he was gonna get me back. He said, a kase tlogele bari ya ko Sharpeville e mo tseele cherry. So, that was a promise.

Rich continued coming to my flat, calling me and texting. I don’t know what really happened, but there were times when I was falling for his charm. I found myself missing him and wanting him to come. Now and then we would text each other and go out, off course behind Kevin’s back. I thought it was innocent, I thought I was obligated to just spend innocent time with him, but deep down I knew I was lying to myself. How does kissing and going out with my ex innocent? Although I always stopped crossing the line, but many a times, we would reach that fine line.

Hai, judge me, curse me, shout at me…But it was not easy to completely forget about Richmond. There is a say ereng, ‘didupyana marago, ga di tswane’ , ka nnete, ke ne ke sa itse gore ke tsenwe ke eng. Here I was, in love with Kevin, but lusting over Rich’s affection and attention. Hai ka nnete, sometimes motho ga a itse o batla eng tota. For some reason I was living a double and dangerous life. I found myself not being able to resist Rich’s advances. All the time I would tell him to stop visiting or calling or texting, but when he did stop, for a week nje, I will be the one running after him, like a stupid love-stricken teenager. I was really playing a dangerous game. Selo se se neng se makatsa ke gore, I was not in love with Rich, I only cared for him. I knew I loved Kevin and I wanted to be with him, but ke ne ke sa gone go lebala ka Rich completely. It was really difficult or maybe I didn’t try hard.

I told Obakeng about my dilemma. She was not impressed with my behavior, she even said ke bofebe ba ko kae bo ke bo dirang. I was really embarrassed. She said I was an idiot…I told her that it means I have improved, because really and honestly, I was being an Asshole to want to mess things with Kevin over lusting for Rich. She really talked some sense into me, even scared the shit out of me. She told me that, if I continue with Rich, knowing very well gore ke rata Kevin, I might end up losing both of them. So I needed to sit and decide what I wanted and who I wanted to be with. She said I can’t have it both ways. There and then, I knew who I wanted, and I knew what I needed to do.

I decided to put a stop to that madness, before I get caught and loose Kevin.

Rich was my good-time but Kevin was my Life-time…

I managed to have an honest chat le Rich. Ka mmolella gore he needs to stop coming over to my flat, calling me and smsing. I told him how much I loved Kevin and wanted to focus on him. I told him that whatever we were doing must really come to an end for good this time. I even told him to move on, and forget about me. I told him that I will always love him, but I was with Kevin now..Not him.

I focused on my relationship with Kevin wholeheartedly. Months went by without us seeing each other. I was avoiding him. I started spending a lot of time with Kev. Whenever I was back at my flat, Kedi would come and tell me that Rich was looking for me.

Kedi was not happy with me ditching Rich for Kev. She used to say, rather the devil I know. She complained about me and Kev moving too fast. Saying I'm on a rebound. I told her, I was inlove with Kev and that I cared & always will care about Rich.

I told her that Rich is a very resourceful man. Probably he has 5 different women. I told Kedi everything about what happened that day at Coco's. She still insisted that, I should give him a chance blah blah and that I was the only one who could change him. She said my Love for Rich could thaw his frozen heart. Yooo ka nnete? How frozen was Rich’s heart e paletsweng ke go melter or thaw for 3 years? No ways. I was not going to let Kedi guilt trip me to be with Richmond. She felt that I let Rich down for a fling with Kev.

Too bad, I had to choose whoever I knew was best for me and whoever would make me happy.

That was, without no doubt in my heart, My Dark Chocolate, my Morris Chestnut, The Lav’of my Life…Kevin Karabello Tau

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