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Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 113


Dygo 113
I was almost by my house when I received a call from Omontle saying she forgot bag ya di Pjs tsa bana mo ntlung. I looked at my watch to see how long I had before my date with my husband. Our dinner was planned for 19h30, I realized I had half an hour to be prepared. I told her I will get back to her. I thought let me get inside the yard, check if Lavo has already arrived. Just when I opened the garage doors, no sign of Lavo.

I decided to call him and ask how far he was. He didn't answer his phone. I called again, on the third ring he picked up.

Lavo: "Yaa, what’s up?"

I was surprised by how he answered the phone, knowing very well it was me. Ever since the birth of the twins, all the time when I called or he called, he always addressed me as Mama’waBoynGirl and I addressed him as papabanake. Ne re setse re tlwaetse jalo.

I said, " Hau papabanake, why are you answering the phone as if you didn’t see the caller id? Are you busy?"

Kevin: "Intshwarele, O ne o reng?"

Yoo, motho ke oo, being funny to me. It was so unlike him. Nor matter how busy my husband could be or even if he was in an important meeting, He would always answer and greet me with affection and respect. Then he will tell me gore o busy or something and cut the call. Right now, he was just too cold. I read between the lines gore he was not in a good mood. I just went straight to the reason for my call.

Nna:" How far are you? I wanted to rush to Omo, she forgot the twins’ other bag, so I was thinking to rush to Sunninghill to drop it off before our dinner."

Kevin: ( in such a hurried tone), " Its fine, you can go. We will talk along the way."

Hee banna, kante jaanong ? What’s going on with this man? I was asking him how far he was so that I could plan with him properly. I was thinking maybe if he was nearby, we could get ready for our date, and take the kids bag to Sunninghill on our way to Melrose…Or if he was still far, I could quickly get ready and rush alone to Sunninghill and he can go straight to Sunninghill and pick me up from there for our date. Yet he didn't seem interested to engage with me. I thought really.

Nna: "Lavo, you are not answering my question. I'm asking you gore o tlela kae, ke tsebe ho planner around that. If you are close by, we can go together drop the bag and go to Melrose, re dire one trip. I don't want to go to Sunninghill, come back to Dainfern and still go to Melrose. It doesn't make sense, I feel it's ridiculous."

Kevin:" I'm still in Vaal, ha ke so tlohe. So, we are looking at another hour and a half or even two hours. Just go drop off the bag. We will take it from there. I doubt we would do Melrose thing tonight, I'm a bit tired."

Yooo, what nonsense was that? I thought to myself, I send bana, nanny and helper away the whole weekend, so that we can spend quality time alone, and reconnect. Ena o tlo mpolella manyala a gore he was tired? Really.
Kevin o ntlwaela hampe. I was disappointed, I just replied him and said Ok, and hung up the phone. I was already in the garage. I got out of the car, and as I opened the door that leads to the house, I saw the bag that Omo was talking about. I went upstairs to put the lights on and dialed her number.

I asked her if she was only missing the bag or if she needed other stuff. I told her that I was on my way there. She mentioned that Mamo didn’t put in the kids’ feeding cups, lebese la bone and their toiletry.
I told her that I would bring them. I hung up.

I thought, it was unlike Mamo to forget to pack stuff for the kids. I decided to check what was in the bag before I go back upstairs to get the missing stuff. I went to check the bag, shame, I really know Mamo, she was good like that. I knew she would never make such mistake of not ensuring that the kids were sorted. Everything that Omo asked for, was right there in the bag that she forgot.

I was driving back to Sunninghill with a broken heart . I kept thinking about my earlier phone conversation with my husband. He was just too weird and offish towards me. I was thinking about what I might have done but nothing came to mind. All I needed was to spend time with my husband. I really missed him, I really missed us. I wanted us to reconnect, re gotetse mollo wa lerato la rona. He seemed like he was not bothered by my advances and requests. Yes, maybe he was tired, I get it. He really works so hard for us, but for him to reject me like that, was beyond hurtful.

To think that I was so prepared and really looking forward to spend quality time with him, only to be rejected, was really hurtful. Eya, ka gongwe going out was a bit asking for too much, but at least he should have suggested quite time ko ntlung. Get some take away, open wine and just cozy around ko ntlung. We used to do that sometimes before the kids. Friday nights we were always out dining or clubbing, but whenever either of us didn't feel like an outing, we would stay in and just relax together. What changed now?

I was disturbed by an incoming call. I had hands free, so I didn't even check who it was, I just answered. I was met by a familiar voice. Nxoo my baby brother Olefile. I haven't spoken to him in like forever. So I was just excited that he was missing me. I immediately thought, maybe he knows what was wrong with my husband, since he saw him today.
Oh Olefile is now staying ko Three Rivers. He bought a townhouse there. After papa's insurance pay out, my brother became the richest kid in the family . That’s what he tells us. He got the bigger portion as he was the youngest and papa’s heir. He bought himself a mini cooper.

Since he was now doing in-service training ko Sasol every Friday he sees Kevin at work or when Kevin pass by his townhouse to assist him with his work and school projects. So seeing that Kevin was delaying, I automatically thought He might have passed by Ole's place.

Ole: " Ous Noli dumela, wa reng fela?"

I just laughed and said : "Ke hantle Shimmy wena o kae ngwana papa?"
Ole: "Aowa banna Ous Noli, really now? When are you going to stop calling me Shimmy? No, ke godile jaanong. Lets leave some names for bo Kaho tuu."

Heeeheee, I was laughing at my baby brother. Ka nnete he was now a grown young man. He just turned 23 on the 14th of February. No more Shimane( shimmy as we all called him). He was now “alome Ollie" wa Kani and Kaho. That’s how the twins call him.

The past Xmas, he introduced a lady friend to mama. Apparently they spend the whole week before Xmas ko Mmatau together. Mama called me and telling me that Ole brought a lady friend home. Saying he introduced her as a friend but she can see they are dating. She said she was given strict orders that she should not, under any circumstances call him Shimmy in front of his lady friend.

Mama was battling because that was how she's been calling him for 22 years. He was not impressed by mamas’ slip ups. Mama said by the time they left, the lady friend o ne a setse a itse gore Olefile ke Shimmy. Olefile was not impressed.
On new years eve, he called a meeting for all of us, and kindly asked all of us to stop calling him Shimmy. So now and then, we forget, but He always reminds us.

Nna: " Okay alome wa mawelana, I will remember not to call you with that name ane?"

Ole: " Thank you. Jooo, ba kae batlogolo bame bathong? I can't wait to see them next three weeks. Ke a tshepa ba itumetse for the coming party."

Nna: "Yoo, you have no idea, ekare ba tlhaloganya gore go diragala eng. Shame my kokoberries. They are spending weekend le Omontle, actually ke mo gating ya mo Omo, dropping off some stuff tsa bone. So what's up little man?"

Ole: " Oh nice, please greet everyone for me. I am sure sister Oratilwe is so excited to be playing big sister to the twins."

Nna:" Sure, I will greet them. Yoo you know Ora so well, she doesn’t forget she is a diva sister. gore ke diva. Did you see Tau today?”

Ole: "Yes sis, I saw him briefly ko spaaneng. He was supposed to pass by my place later after work, but he didn't. He said he was rushing somewhere. Thought he was coming home. O kae Ena? "

Hee bathong, Monna waka o kae? Gante when he said o ko Vaal, o ne a raya kae? Ekabe o ile Sebokeng or Evaton? Naah, whenever he was passing by his parents or granddad, he always tells me when he takes any detour to any place.
The only time he ever delays coming back home on a Friday, was when he had gone via Olefile’s place, le teng, he gets home by 18h30, the latest. It was weird to learn that he didn't pass by Ole’s and he told Ole that he was rushing somewhere. It was weird. I couldn't understand gore Kevin o kae.

I ignored my concerns. Just as I was saying my goodbyes to Ole, he said he really wanted to talk to me and need my advise on, something personal.

Ole: "Sis Noli, I have dilemma and I seriously need your help and advice. Please don’t judge me or shout at me tuu sis. Promise…
Nna: “Mmm, that’s unfair, I cant promise if I don’t even know what you are going to ask me, but Ok, I will try.”

Ole: “My girlfriend is pregnant."

Yoo, ka tsenwa ke phefo , ka freezer. I repeated what he said, thinking he would say he was joking or just pulling my leg. There was silence from both lines.

Nna: "Olefile, how could you be so stupid? So reckless?, so irresponsible?. You are like 23 years old, at the prime of your life, and you think you can be a father? Ka nnete Maar? O imisitse mosetsana ? Have you ever heard of a thing called condom? I'm so disappointed in you. You promised us that you will get your BTech, start working full time and start earning a better salary and only then, you would think of steady relationships. Hai. You ruined my day further.”

Ole: "Ke kopa o ntshwarele tlhe Ousi. I don't know what happened. I thought we were careful this time around, that she won't conceive again. She was on a pill. Unfortunately it seems it did not work."

Nna: "Whoa Whoa, brikkka net daar young man. What do you mean ‘Conceive again? Are you telling me that Tshego has been pregnant before? O kile wa mo imisa before? Olefile Gladwell Dire, Nnaare wa tsenwa? You have another child?"

Ole: "Aish, please Ousi, relax, before you get a heart attack. Can we meet ko Southgate tomorrow, I will tell you everything.

Since I had plans with Kevin tomorrow, I told him that I won’t make it but I would see him Sunday after church. He said he didn't have plans and that his girlfriend went home for the weekend, so He will come sleepover by Omo tomorrow. I told him to call Omo to make arrangements, and I will see how my date with Kevin last till what time. I told him, I might see him tomorrow night or Sunday after church. We said our goodbyes. Just before he hung up the phone, he asked me not to discuss this with Omo and Kevin, not as yet.

Hau, what's with the secret now?

I called Omo to open the gate for me. It was 18:50. Omo opened and I drove in. She was now staying alone with Ora. Paula met a rich Greek sugar-daddy. So they were traveling the world. She's been out of the country for 8 months now. I cannot believe she will miss the twins first birthday. Although we are keeping in contact, it was just not the same without her around. Her rich sugar-daddy paid for her Transsexual Sex Reassignment surgery. She told me she is now Paulette, fully feminine. Shame it was sad for what she had to go through all her life. I was happy it was all over. I couldn't wait to see her. She was coming back end of June.

I finally parked inside the yard and took out the babies' bag. I was not planning to stay longer because I didn't know when Kevin will be home. I had to prepare for supper, since he was too tired to go out as planned. Hmm, I got inside and found Omo with her new beau. She's been secretive about him, so today, I was finally meeting him. I firstly asked about the twins, and I was told they were getting ready for bath, then bedtime. I decided to check where and how far Kev was, thinking that I should at least tuck the twins in before I left.

I dialed his number. It rang more than three times and went to voicemail. I dialed again and this time it rang twice and he answered. As cold like before, this time worse.
Kevin: “What do you want now!!!!".

DYGO 113 cont...

Okay, did I dial the right number? Who was this person that I called? Who answeredmy husband’s phone? The voice sounded familiar, but what came out of his mouth was foreign. Foreign in terms of familiarity. Words or sound that came out has never came out of the mouth of the man I loved, the man I married, the father of my twins. It sounded like I had a wrong number ka nnete.

But I didn’t, it was my husband ka seebele. He answered me like that. No doubt. I was shocked beyond . What was wrong with my husband today? Something was really wrong and he was taking it out on me.

Yoo monna o has serious issues and he need to deal with them before I get irritated by his attitude. Ke monna o mo feng o arabang call ya mosadi wa gagwe with such harsh attitude and tone? What do I want? Did he just asked me What? As if I'm irritating or disturbing him. I have the right to call him million times and he had an obligation to me.

I felt my blood boiling. I just said to him, he was being extremely rude unnecessary, and that if I did something to upset him, he should be man enough a mpolelele, instead of acting up and talking to me with that stinking attitude. I just hang up before he could answer.

I was really mad at my husband. I didn't care what I might have done to tick him off, or whatever has happened to make him angry or irritable, He just won't talk to me with such attitude.

I typed him an sms, since he seem to have mouth diarrhea.

"I don’t know what upset or irritated you, but I know that whatever it is, you will never speak to me that way. I am sitting here scratching my head, wondering why you are so harsh, cold and offish towards me, and all you can do is reject me?. Look, I am at Omo's place. I was not planning to stay longer, but I arrived just in time for the kids' bedtime. So I'm going to tuck them in. Sms me as soon as you are home. I will only leave here after I know you are home.I am sick and tired of being made feel like I was bothering or disturbing you so I wont be calling you again"

I send it. I went to the sitting room, where Siyanda aka C'ya Zitha was seated. I greeted him , made small talk and went to the kids’ bedroom. Oh C'ya is such a sweet guy shame. Ene le Omo were complimenting each other. Omo is the aggressive loud one, whereas C'ya was the softest one.

Kaho saw me first and jumped up and down calling me Bobo ( yoo that was a first, He always called me mama and only Kani called me Bobo). When Kani heard her brother calling me, she looked towards the door and saw me standing, she shouted Bobo, and they both came running towards me. They hugged my legs, each holding one . I just stood there, rubbing their heads when sister Ora followed them. I went down my knees and we had a foursome hug. I kissed both of them and we broke the hug.

Ora couldn't stop telling me how naughty Kaho was, how she was not going to play with a boy, why ke sa founele Mamogolo Tsitsi and Mmamalome Fifi ba tlise their cousin brothers to play with Kaho. Yooo, I was bombarded with questions that I had to answer. I asked them to get to bed. Kani continued asking me gore Lavo o kae. Yoo, that child was way too attached to Kev, more than Kaho. Kaho was just ladies man, he gave me, Dk and Mamo more attention than he was giving Kevin. Although he did love his dad but whether he was home or not, he would not ask for him. Unlike princess Kananelo. I told her that Lavo was at work. Shame my poor kids, although they were too young to understand, but I knew they also missed their dad because I always have to tell them that daddy was working. Hai. Was he working or whore’king ?

I bathed the twins while Ora was talking a shower in Omo’s bathroom. Hai Oratilwe, she really think she was big. Imagine, she left a shower in the bathroom I was bathing the twins, saying she doesn’t wasn’t Kaho to see her booty. Haa…. I let her be and finished bathing the kids and put on their pjs.

The kids were going to all sleep in Ora's bedroom. It had twin beds. Kani was going to sleep with Ora on one bed, and Kaho alone on the other side. I told them to get into bed. I read them a story. We chatted a bit. The girls were knocked down ka bonako, I was left with Kaho. Le ko ntlung, ke ena a sokodisang come bedtime. I read him two books, sing for him and all. He was a late sleeper. The only thing that works for us , ke ga nka mo bepula and walk around. I took a big towel and put him on my back. We went to the sitting room. When I get there, C'ya was about to leave.

Nna: "I hope me being here did not scare you away tlhe C'ya!"

C'ya: " Hai sisi,you are not scaring me. I'm driving to Umtata from here. I was just passing by to say goodbye to my lady. So I got to rush. I'm sure traffic was much better now. "

Omo stood up, a re wa boa o felegetsa C'ya ko koloing wa boa. C'ya held Omontle's hand and said goodbye. They left. They really seemed smitten by each other. They reminded me of my life with Kevin before the kids. We were really in love with each other; we could not be apart for longer except when we are at work.

Friday nights were the best. We made sure we connect and bond whenever we got a chance. Our marriage was a priority to both of us.

Priority equals time. At some point in our marriage, we had to put aside some things to make time for what was important. If something urgent came up that takes up all your time, being either one of the twins getting sick, finishing of some important project or unplanned disruption, we would communicate with the other spouse and tell them in advance that we might not honour our commitment to either a date or planned occasion but promise to make up for it.

I expected same from my husband, especially today because we had plans. Why was it difficult for him to communicate with me about such . Unless it had nothing to do with him working. A tear escaped my eyes, thinking about those days.
God has blessed me with two beautiful souls that I love to bits. I also know that Kevin loves them just as much, maybe even more.

I just couldn't understand why so much changed between us, ever since the birth of the twins? Did we focus too much on the kids and neglected our marriage? Did we forget that kids will grow up and live their lives and leave us behind? I blamed myself for not making sure I balanced being a mother and a wife. I shrugged off the guilt and thought I was just being hard on myself for nothing.

Kevin and I tried our best, besides, he never accused me of neglecting him or giving the twins too much attention. We always made sure they came first. I guess that's what most women do. Blame themselves for anything that goes wrong in their marriages or relationship.

In my case, I was blaming myself for my husband's issues that I had no business with. I was just wondering what was wrong with him. I remembered that after I smsed him, I left the cellphone by the kitchen. I went to check if he replied or called.
Omo came back and joined me by the kitchen. She was washing the dishes, Kaho still wide awake. I told Omo gore that was the norm. Abuti Kaho o rata mokokotlo. So, good luck for tomorrow night.

I checked my phone. Neither sms nor missed call from my husband. Weird hey!.

I thought, well, I asked him to buzz me when he gets home, so if he hasn't replied, perhaps he was not home as yet. I went to whatsapp, and checked when last was he online. He was last seen ka 17h55. Ohk. I decided to let him be.

I read my other messages I received. They were from Batso, Obakeng, Fifi, Hlogi and Lesedi. I replied all of them and just as I finished, Omo told me that little Tau was finally asleep. I took him to bed, closed the bedroom door and went back to the kitchen. I had a small conversation with Omo, and told her that I was leaving. I was planning to pass by the shops, and order some take away. I was not in the mood to get home and cook. It was late.

Omo asked me gore gante o kae Kevin? She thought we were going out. Mmm, I was not about to tell her that I have been stood up. So I lied and said, MmaTau asked Kevin gore a fete ko Sebokeng, so we cancelled dinner date. She bought the story. She told me that Olefile was on his way, he phoned her a few minutes ago. I didn't want to say I knew that he was coming.

I told her gore I might come to see them later tomorrow or Sunday after church. She told me that, she and the kids were going shopping tomorrow, and then they will be home the whole afternoon. I grabbed my car keys and said my goodbyes.

The drive to Dainfern was long. I was in deep thoughts. I was playing very sad music, thinking of my husband's attitude towards me. I let go of those thoughts and sang along to Usher's song Burn. I was just going on and on screaming my lungs out. I stopped when pina e fela.

I thought about Olefile. I was really disappointed in him. I thought he was too young to be a father tlhe. What are the chances that he will end up with Tshego? Hai, o itlhaganetse ka nnete. He should have waited. I then thought about something he mentioned during our conversation. He said this time he thought they were careful and didn't expect her to be pregnant again. What did he mean by that? I don't remember hearing anything about Tshego being pregnant or having a baby. Olefile a kabe a re boleletse. Either she had an abortion or suffered a miscarriage. Yoo, I felt a knot in my tummy thinking of what might have happened. Either way, they both have been in a tough position. I wondered how they handled it. When was that?, what happened? Aish, I was now too curious to know what happened. I was looking forward to our meeting to get the full story.

I saw myself ke setse ke le ko pele ga ntlu yame. I was deep in thoughts that I forgot to go pass the shops to buy take away. I thought let me go inside, and ask Kevin re ye together to buy food. In as much as he claimed to be tired, I will drive us to go get food, at least we could catch up on the way. He needed to tell me what was bothering him …

I was shocked to open the garage doors, and still no sign of my husband’s car. Yaa neh, interesting. I looked at the time, it was 19:59, and this was a first. Kevin ga ise a boe? He hasn't tried to call, he has not sent any sms, or even whatsapp to say where he was, what was delaying him. I thought of calling him but decided against it. I tried to call him earlier and he was just too corky. I was sparring myself another rejection.

I reversed my car and went to the shops. I got some Chinese food, and went back to the house. It was still empty. I decided to take a bath first, wore my Pjs and have dinner alone and perhaps watch some DVDs while waiting for Ntate wa mo ntlung.

I finished with all that I planned to do, and just sat on the sofas browsing through the TV . Hai the tv was watching me. I was absent-minded.

I must have dosed off because I was woken by a screaming sound. I jumped off the sofa, only to realize that the sound came from the tv. A horror movie was playing. I woke up and checked the time, it was 21:20. I went to peep in the garage if perhaps Mr Tau o buile while I was dosing off on the sofas or not. There was no sign of him. I got scared. I now worry about my husband. It was really not like him. Something must have happened to him. What if I'm sitting here, kere ga ke mo letsetse, gante he was in trouble or he got hijacked or even in an accident? Yoo I ran upstairs and took my phone.

I had a four missed calls from an unknown number, yooo, I was now scared, even more , I was shaking. Something really happened to my husband. Ke mang motho o mfounetseng ka nako e. What if ke di paramedics, or police or di hijackers? I had million questions playing in my mind.

You know the feeling. When your man or woman is not home, all those things you think about. At the moment, we even forget about our anger or unhappiness towards them, we don't even think that this is a grown ass man, who was really capable to find a way to let you know what was going on. Apart from if he was lying dead at the morgue, you just get worried.

I have watched too much of American movies and dramas. Where a husband goes missing and then a wife get a call from the kidnappers asking her not to involve the police or anyone or else you loose your loved one. They either demand a ransom or they want something in exchange of returning your loved one unharmed. Yes, those ones. I thought of them and got pretty scared.
Yes, Kevin was now involved in politics and he spoke a lot about making deals, getting tenders and lots of money. What if it was a business deal gone wrong? And my husband was in serious danger?

I snapped out of my thoughts of fears. I decided, let me call him first, then I will check the missed calls afterwards. I dialed his number. The phone rang for a very long time, till it went to voicemail. I dialed again, it did same, I checked whatsapp, oh, he was online about 10 minutes ago. I thought Ok, he was alive. Something told me what if his kidnappers are using his phone.
Jokes aside, I was not even thinking it was him. I was getting more worried. I dialed again, it rang twice then it was making a funny sound. Yooo, ke ne ke fufuletswe jaanong, worried as hell. My hands were sweating and shaking.

I decided to dial the unknown numbers to check gore ke mang.

The phone rang twice, the, I heard a familiar voice but couldn't remember gore e ka ba voice ya mang. It was a woman. She picked up.

Woman: " Dumela Obonolo. Sorry to bother you this time of the night. I just wanted to ask you if you have heard from Phalane or seen him lately?"

Are you freaking kidding me…

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