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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 51


It was just after 12:00 midday when I went back to the guesthouse with Paula and Obakeng, to change into my second dress. My 2nd dress was just to die for. Totally different to the first one. I looked like a Cinderella in my ball gown dress.Paula re-touched my make up,ready for the reception.

I told Obakeng about Kedi & Rich. Apparently she saw them while getting to the altar. She dropped the bombshell that Kedibone is expecting. Obakeng spotted a baby bump. I was wondering gore ntate wa ngwana ke mang? Can it be Rich’s? Or Kedi met someone who made her preggos? If that’s the case why were they so lovey dovey and intimate? It is highly possible that Richmond is the baby daddy.

A part of me was broken into a million pieces. I don't know why. I couldn't get it in my head, the reality before my eyes.

After what Rich said to me, after the incident at Club Coco in Rivonia and our final breakup, I never thought he will finally move on with his life, worse with my friend. Kedibone le ene, o nkutlwisitse botlhoko e le tota.

You do not break the girl code rule.
Kedi, Fikile & I had a girl code book. We swore and promised not to break it, unless one of us is willing to risk the friendship. So here I was, hurt by what i just heard and saw at my wedding ceremony.

I didn’t care about Richmond's betrayal, not by a long short. It was so like him. O tshwere Masters in hurting woman. I was hurt by the kiss of betrayal by my bestee, mogotse waka. She should have known better. O ikutlwile jang fa a ne a ipakanyetsa to rock up at my wedding with a bun & a baking machine? That was beyond the pain of a sharp knife that went deep into my heart and cut all the veins that transports life into the heart. I was really hurt.
Ke ikutlwile ke tlala pelo, ke batla go mo lebella mo matlhong and asked her gore o batla eng lenyalong la me. Its been long re sa bue nor see each other, why didn't she atleast had the decency to tell me on my face/ or SMS to let me know of her relationship with Rich? Than to throw it on my face like that? Ka lenyalo la me. Go reng ?

She knew Our 5 rules , and still went on with this.
True friends remembers and respect the pacts and promises they make for each other , to each other.

Ours were:

1. Though shall not date a friend’s ex. 2. Honesty is the best policy 3.Thou Shall Not Fight over a Guy. 4. Friends Must Defend the Reputation of a Friend No Matter What 5.Dating a Brother Requires Permission.

I was really hurt. Kedi has broken the top 3 of our friendship rules, not just any, but,the most important Girl Code rules ever.
Number 1 being the biggest sins a girl can commit according to the Girl Code.

The last thing I wanted is my best friend going after my leftovers. Think about it; there are so many fish in the sea and for some odd reason she choose my ex? You know, after meeting Kev, I told Kedi how I felt, the mixed up feelings I battled with, those first months sneaking with Rich behind Kev’s back? How hard it became to finally let go of Rich? She knew everything; she knew how I truly felt. She was my friend, she knew everything.

The least she could have done was going with the, one exception to rule no1, when your friend is completely over her ex and gives you permission to date. Then , only then, you can take the leftover.But, even then, it will hurt but atleast she should have gone through with being honest according to rule no.2.. She should have told me.This situation would have been avoided at all costs.

Friends trust other friends to be honest with them and spare them the embarrassment, which is why she should have been straightforward with me.Go ne go ka se nne bonolo to accept or go tlhaloganye maemo a situation, fela, ke ne ke tla tshwanelwa ke go mo naganela gore ka gongwe ba tloga ba ratana ele ruri to even let me know. Ke ne nka se mo ganetse gore a latele pelo ya gagwe. Pelo e ja serati. Sometimes we don’t choose who we fall for. I would not have refused her to follow her heart, even if it meant the end of our close relationship.

She knew exactly how I felt about Rich, I really loved him, from the beginning of our meeting, even at first it was one sided, he was my first. He is one person I will remember forever, He broke my virginity, he was a biggest part of me, for close to 3years.Off course. I don't feel that way about him anymore, I moved on, but for him to reappear in my life, brought back by my friend? Hell no. That was just too much to handle.

There is no worse a reason to fight with a friend over a guy. I could not believe Kedi betrayed me like that. It clearly shows that all those times, she always wanted Rich, for herself. To think I kept running to her in tears, when Rich broke my heart, to think she would babysit me all the nights I laid awake at night when Rich stood me up? How she used to say how she hated Rich for hurting me. Now, she chose him over our friendship. That's unforgivable. It’s truly hard on me. I realized at that moment that, I lost my friend.
Kedi knew better not to break the code, and since she went ahead and broke it, she knew she was no longer accepted at Girlville. She knew the Girl Code Rules should be followed under all circumstances; the failure to do so will result in pain and drama.
Ladies, It is our duty as women to protect and support each other, especially when we are bound by a close friendship. Simple as that.
She knew I was going to be hurt, the big question was, why did she come to rub it on my face? Ka letsatsi le le botlhokwa ga kalo bophelong ba me.

I really wanted to know.

For her to show her face here, pregnant and with Richmond, she wanted war. Trust me,if it is war she wants, I will gladly give it to her.

I snapped out of my feelings and thoughts of rage.

I took a long deep breath; I was ready to go enjoy and enjoy my wedding reception.

In my heart I was hoping that Kedibone Lebogo and Richmond Dikgale stay very far away from me. Or all hell will break down.

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