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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 30


I asked to be excused, and asked for the bathroom, he then pointed it to me. I didn't waste time, we had 10 minutes, so I must go freshen up and come back quickly. I went to the bath-room, opened my bag, took out a wet wipe, freshen my jj, just nje, took out a packet of my gums , pop one in my mouth, put my clear fruity lip-gloss, flushed the toilet , washed my hands, put on some hand lotion, off I went towards the opened planned room, where he was seated.

As I was approaching, he summoned me to sit next to him I did. Boy did we smooch?. Yoo, I was enjoying the moment, he made me lie down on my back, slightly put his chest on mine, and did magic on my mouth. That boy had skill in kissing. Hai, pity we had less than 10 minutes, I swear, by the pace he was going, given another 15 minutes, He was going to do me rough, and I don't think ke ne ke tla gana. Ga ke batle go bua maaka or something, I would chow mei him anytime.

That guy's sex appeal is remarkably amazing. He is just yummy, gentle and soft, he takes his time when kissing me. Like he is savoring the moment. Mm the aim is not to sweat, he aimed to please.

That man was patiently touching me, kissing me, he was not even touching the dangerous spots like the jj and the breasts, but the feeling on those spots, send a chill and spark somewhere deep inside of me. While I was taken to some place far, He started sliding down towards my jj, pulled my dress slightly up, kissing my thighs.. Ooh no Kevin. Don’t do that to me. Please stop.. ( I screamed silently in my head),

I obviously didn't want him to stop .I was just thinking and clearly enjoying the moment. He stopped, came up to my face.

Kevin: “Maybe I should call Kgosi and cancel the outing, re relax and have fun, just the two of us."

Yoo, motho suwe o batla go ntirisa diphoso tlhe. I was tempted to say a big yes, actually I wanted to say yes please… just as I was about to say something,

There was a knock at the door....

I know some people say that they won't get down on the first date and those who will, both for different reasons. There are those ladies who can date a person for 6 full months, a sa dire sepe. A gona go emisa during a heated moment, for days and weeks a emetse a pre-set date/ time frame before they can get down. E be ere when that moment finally arrives, o be so dis-appointed. That self preservation and waiting for the right time turns into a disaster. Lephondo la berethe, no skill, anacondas, excruciating pain, all the sexual disaster you can think of, you find out that you cannot stand each other anymore to even try to fix the mess of false expecta-tions. You end up losing each other and throwing away 6 long months of your life for nothing.

Also those who, on a first date, they get down and dirty, they have the time of their lives.They either enjoyed or think what a waste of time. Both ladies are faced with deciding there and then if they want more or they can't deal. So, which ever category one falls into, it’s purely a personal choice, so let’s not judge. Yes, don't judge a woman who knows what they want, when they want & how they want it. You have no clue what pushed them to be in that position. What I'm trying to say ke gore, go tswa go motho gore o batla fana ka jelly jar neng & ga gona motho yo nang le tetla ya go go bitsa maina.

Yes, I was willing to go with the flow. If it meant giving my jelly jar, ka nnete, I was so prepared. Kevin blew me, each and every moment,I was falling for him. His gentleness, his touch, the way he was kissing me, the way he spoke about us. He had vision, he had purpose, he was intelli-gent. He really was a complete package. Ka nnete, nka mo dira net daar and not even regret. O ne o bonagala gore o itse se a se batlang. And I might be wrong, but he looked like he could give me the time of life…I never doubted that…

I was impressed by him. Everything he had was purely hard work. He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth, as he mentioned. He did not once show signs of a materialistic person. He spoke a lot about future and the nice thing about it, whether true or not, he was seeing me, in-cluding me and carrying me with him into that future. This man was talking the language of love that I understood, that I longed for, that I wanted for myself.
Even though his family was middle class to rich, they really taught him to earn whatever he wanted to have. Every little thing he had, was through his hard work. He worked hard at the gym, he worked hard at school to be the best civil engineer, he worked hard to be where he was. He was planning to work even harder to be the best. He inspired me, motivated me and I also wanted the same out of life.Well earned life of bliss.

I must say, we shared same values and goals. We truly were compatible in more ways than we could realize. All this, I saw in him, just in a few hours of being with him.

He was really different from Richmond. Offcourse I'm comparing them. The one was about to be my past forever. And the other one was to be my future. So unlike Rich, Kev was different. Rich lived for now only, he was not bothered by tomorrow. He had so much love for material world. He had so much money that he was splashing around. He inherited that money; he doesn't know what it feels like to earn a living. The only future plan he was making was for a scheduled event that he is invited to. He'd plan if he's going with me or if he decides I'm coming with, he will plan in advance what we are going to wear.
If there's an opening of new club, or a famous international artists were coming, he will be planning to get the VIP tickets etc. I don't remember him ever talking about our relationship beyond the present. He hardly spoke about his own future plans or his feelings. He was studying but he did not put focus on his studies.
I am not against fun, nice time, once in a while is needed in life. Not every weekend tlhe. That life e monate yona, very addictive, but let’s be real. There is more to Life than constant partying. With Rich we were out and about. If we are not planning a drive to some hip and happening events, we will surely go dine and wine at up market places.

We never planned a quiet evening together, just to know each other better.
That was just the last thing we'd do, le teng it only happened when I force it .That's the kind of relationship I knew.
Here I was, with a man of vision, making me feel like the future is looking bright and to really look forward to it. Here I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. A chance of the love I always wished to experience…

Hai, should I say we were saved or disturbed by the door bell, but whichever one, we stopped kissing, ra ipakanya.

Kev went to open the door. I went to the bathroom to cool the fire that was burning down there. I heard voices. It was male and female voices.

I was about to open the bathroom door to go join everyone, when I heard a lady saying loud,

Lady: "Kevin Tau o bambile njena.There is a woman in this apartment..... Where the hell is she hiding?

Kevin: "No, there is no woman here, why do you think there is?

Lady: "Because you don't wear this killer heels ? "

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