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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 22


My cell phone literally fell on the floor; I was using Nokia 3310 at the time. It split into pieces. Cover ya wela left, battery right, body ya wela on my feet. Obviously cutting off the call. I could not believe my ears, not in a million years. Kevin? Why did he tell my brother gore ke Ena Karabello? Fine, ke lebitso la gagwe, but, when we meet, he introduced himself as Kevin,or did he say them both and I forgot? Hai, le surname ya gagwe ke ne ke sa e itse. How was I supposed to know it was him? Why after getting my number from my brother, a sa leka go mfounela, or proper SMS saying who He was?

Wait a minute, my brother said; the guy called out my no. Confirming if they are correct and working. Meaning, he went to my brothers home, already a nale my numbers, but why did he not call me? Where did he get my numbers from? My brother also said, the guy kept coming to the house, always o ne a fitlhela Violet and leaving without saying anything. That time ko Pretoria, why didn't he say something? Yes it was same weekend mos? He confirmed my numbers on Saturday morning.

I remember vividly the events of that weekend. I can never forget it. Yooo, I had more questions than answers. And I am planning to find out what the freakadel is going on. Or what went on. He insists he has been calling me but I ignored his calls. How saw, when I longed and prayed and wanted him to call me.
As I picked up the pieces of my phone & putting them back together, I went into my brother's study room, to get a pen and a paper. I switched my phone on, sat down at the veranda; Aus Fifi o ne a ile go robatsa basimane. Atlang (Atli was 5) & Afilwe (Afi was 3).

As I was scrolling through my phone, ke dira my research, a call came through, it was a number not saved in my contacts. I was met by Kevin's voice, asking what happened to me. Why I dropped the call after learning who he was. I giggled. You know that embarrassing one.

Nna: "No man, I was just shocked and my phone fell on the ground. Kevin, can I call you back in 5 to 10 minutes?" He agreed. I hang up, and started operation find facts.

Firstly, I wrote down Kevin's number, the one he just used few minutes ago. I went to the saved number ya Karabo Who, BOOOM, the numbers are the same. How come it’s not registering when he calls? I remembered that Kevin said he once sent me an SMS on Valentine’s Day.

I went to my inbox. (I’m that chick who never deletes messages), I guess it depends. Like the one from Rich, I couldn't leave them there, so I deleted. Otherwise, I just keep messages on my phone. As I scroll through the incoming messages, there were 3 messages with unsaved numbers. I wrote both numbers down, the one matched Kev's number, I opened it, boom, the valentine's day cupid message that I ignored, hihihi, the plot thickens.

As I was thinking, and shocked, I remembered that, when one number is saved in your contact twice, with different names, the phone doesn't show either name. It just shows up as unknown number. Interesting, but Yaa, that's a Fact. But now, I only saved that number once, why is it not picking up Karabo Who's name? Even message register didn't pick up the name.

This is weird. I then thought, let me experiment.

I took Aus Fifi's phone, dialed my phone number, it was saved as Kimmy Noli (my second name is Kimberly). Perfect, I then saved it as Obonolo, then dial it again, hahahahahaha kaaaaaaboooooom, no name showed up. So it was proven, beyond reasonable doubt. I deleted the Obonolo details. Redials, then my name came up. Now, why is Kev's number not showing? O.k., I'm going to delete the Karabo Who details and dial the number to see which name I used, because clearly I saved it twice.

Technology, ka gongwe when you receives business card, it automatically saves itself, who knows, maybe me saving it, duplicated.

I dialed Kev's number from the paper. As it rings, a name popped up? OouEmmGeee... (OMG), unbelievably freaking. I quickly dropped the phone. Ohk, is this some kind of a joke or what? Is my eyes seeing in double or I'm imagining the irony of what lies before my eyes?

This is not happening, like seriously. It is all just a dream. I pinched myself, and I felt the pain. So I am wide awake ,not dreaming. Can someone, anyone, everyone else except me offcource, explain this in Setswana sa bo Rre. Maybe English is too advanced for me. Because, no way in hell, did I came to such a shocking revelation.

Banna, now I am more chuffed. As I was reliving and going through the events of that dreadful weekend of the 9th February 2002, in my mind, a call came through my phone, I laughed so hard, as tears come out of my eyes. Looking at the caller id, I remembered Rich's words.
“Why don't you call the number that is stalking you, and SMS me back, o mpotse gore who is stalking you.”

I didn’t listen to Richmond. To think that I accused Rich of stalking me, to accuse Kev of not trying to find me, to automatically assume Kgosi was calling me, just the thought of what I endured that weekend, made me cry even more. The phone stopped ringing. I stood up, went to the guests’ bathroom, I calmed and collected myself… I wiped off the tears on my face. I went back to where I was sitting.

Just then, a message came through to my phone. I picked up the phone, and checked it out.

It was a message from “Don’t Answer”, yes, all along, Kevin was reaching out to me, and I got obsessed with Rich and Kgosi, thinking they were stalking me. I didn’t even try to confirm for sure that it was not Kgosi. Like I did with Rich, I assumed it was Him. Now, I find out, in such damning way that, Kevin Karabello Tau , and Karabo Who, and TeeKay, and Don't answer, are one and the same person. The man who, I thought got away.

I read the message,

“Hey Noli, I don't know what is happening to your phone. But, anyway, I am sorry to have shocked you, as you put it .I hope you didn't damage your phone. Please SMS back. Can we meet tomorrow? Even in Southgate. Please, I want to see you. I have wasted so much time, I waited for this moment for a very long , I'm not going to waste it further.”

He was so right, we really wasted so much time, and if we continue, we might never find each other ever again. So without wasting any more time, I replied, yes I'd love to see you too.

Tomorrow at 13:30 Southgate. I owe you a big apology and I will tell you everything when we meet .
Good night.”

I have a date with Kevin..Hoop hoop hoop......

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