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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 52


I took a last glance at the mirror and I was satisfied.In my heart I thought, this is my day, this is my wedding. I am not going to waste anymore time, energy and hurts myself over Kedi and Rich.

After all, I just married the Lav'of my Life....

Just as we were about to leave, I heard a phone ringing, it was now a familiar ringtone.

Paula had Kevin's cellphone with him since he gave it to her when we started the Traditional vows ceremony. So on our way to the guesthouse, she was going to drive us, and gave it to me.I put it on my bed when I was changing into my 2nd dress. So as we were about to leave, it rang.

It was the same ringtone I heard more than enough time to know whose phone was ringing and who was calling. Yes you guessed it, It was LSG with “Sexual healing". Paula even sang along with it when I went back to fetch it from underneath my first dress.

Paula: “Go leng founo e e nthasetsa, the whole ceremony, with same song, hai, I even know the lyrics".

I thought this man does not listen to me ka nnete. Last night I asked him to remove that disgusting ringtone, but here it was e re tlhodia letshegare lotlhe. I shrugged off the thought. Just as I found it, it stopped ringing. I looked at the screen.Twenty two missed calls? Yooo, my husband was the most wanted man. I thought.

I was about to give it to Paula, it rang again,aowaaa banna, 'sexual healing’,again! Just as I looked on the screen, I was met by the same name I saw last night and even confronted Kevin about it. It was "the colleague LSG".

A part of me was now curious about her constantly calling my husband.

I then remembered that she wanted the GPS coordinates. Initially I thought maybe I should answer the phone, ke utlwe gore o batla eng. Ka gongwe she is getting lost or even worse,maybe Kevin forgot to send her the coordinates ka ge a lebetse to change the ringtone as requested, ( more like ordered to). Or ka gongwe she was already in Avianto and trying to get Kevin to know that they already have arrived.

I was battling with what was happening.

A part of me refused the idea of talking to her. Well, Kevin and I hardly ever answer each other’s phone. Unless if we ask each other to. Ka ge a se mo gaufi, ga ke na tetla ya go e fetola.

I thought let me just give it to Paula to answer and she will give her directions if she is lost.Besides, Paula is one of the people we wrote down on the invitation for Rsvp and any information.

Paula took the phone and answered.

Paula: “Paulicious Taulicious, Karabello's phone hellu?”

I was giggling because of the drama diva’s way of answering that call. Paula kept saying hello, hello. Then she hung up.

Nna: “Go diragetse eng?”

Paula: “This person must get a life now. She is now getting to piss me off….She just listens to me and doesn’t say anything. Ke tlo qeqela ke mo rohakile shame”

I was surprised by what Paula was saying. O ne a bua ekete this was not her first time a bua le the LSG woman. Yoo I wanted to know why a le ticked off.

Nna: “Shhh calm down, don’t let anything ruin your perfect day sweets. Why o tenegile ga kana?”

Then Paula said something that raised my eyebrows.

Paula: “this LSG woman has been trying to call abuti Kevin ever since he gave me this phone. And almost three times I tried to answer, she doesn't say anything. She only spoke once, first time I answered, she just said Kevin are you ignoring me? I tried to tell her that I was not Kevin, but she dropped. I decided to ignore it."

I was shocked. Why does she feel ignored? Why will Kevin ignore his colleague? The one who is supposed to be in his wedding? Clearly LSG knows its Kevin's wedding today, so he won't be answering his phone,most of the day. I had to do damage control and cover botlhaswa bo, mo matlhong a Paula.

Nna: “ooh, Ke colleague ya Kevin, I wonder o gonne go fitlha naa? Give me the phone,I will send her sms to find out. "

Paula: “There you go Queen B, sort her out haai, she was really irritating me, ke sa gone ho utlwa your vows. Nxxxx, I had to put it on silent nje, but she couldn’t stop calling. Ooh I really hope o fitlhile.”

You know my grandmother always said “O tshepe letswalo la gago, and your gut feeling. Something was really not right, my gut was shouting loudly at me.

I wondered gore go diragala eng with this LSG and my husband.

Setswana sare Ga ene, eya komakoma. That’s how I felt. In less than two hours I needed to deal with all this crap, ka letsatsi la lenyalo la me.? First was Kedibone rocking with Richmond, Now this LSG lady who doesn’t know when to stop pressing dial on her phone, a batlana le monna wa me.

I remembered that last night before the bridal shower, LSG kept calling Kevin and at some point, Kevin said she sends him sms reminding him to send the Gps coordinates. Kevin was ignoring her to the extent that I even asked him to put his phone on silent or answer it.

That sexual healing ringtone was irritating me. I also asked Kevin to send her the Coordinates and change the ringtone as soon as he gets to his bedroom. Why is she still calling? Already the first part of the wedding is done. Go setse the last part, Reception, she should be here by now. Most guests were not at the garden ceremony, I only saw them after the ceremony while mingling around.Or maybe she is lost ka nnete.

I decided; let me check if Kevin sends them, and if not, I will ask Paula to send them. Ka nnete, she can’t be phoning so many times for directions. Kevin must have forgotten to send them or maybe she is not phoning for directions nje.

Paula tapped me on my shoulder, disturbing my thoughts.

Paula: " Mme Tau, se ele nako jwale, are tsamaye. People are waiting for you ko Avianto and go leng re emisitse ngwana batho? Obakeng is been waiting for us ko koloing."

Nna: “Aish ka nnete, it’s almost time for the reception tlhe. Let’s get going.”

We walked to the car. Obakeng was seated in the front, Paula went in the driver’s seat while I took the backseat alone…My dress was ballooned so I didn’t want it to be squashed, hence I was seating alone at the back.

As soon as I sat down, I went through my husband’s phone. Wow, interesting! I thought.

Out of the twenty four missed calls, LSG called Kevin, 14 times. Really? I studied the pattern and the time frame, first missed call was at 09h45 till now. I went through the received calls register, Paula said she answered her first call, it was 09h30. Was it after Kevin gave Paula the phone? I wondered, that was just too much calls from one person tlhe.

Other missed calls were from people I knew, and most of them Kevin and I mingled with them after the garden ceremony.

I went to messages to check if Kevin sends his colleague the GPS coordinates.

I went straight to sent items. The Top messages send just said,

Kev 1: Dated 25/10/08 - “I will get back to you, I am not ignoring you, I’m just tied up, call you soon."

Kev 2: Dated 24/10/08 - “Just ignore what I said. I will answer and explain everything when I see you; we will find a way to work around this.xoxo.”

Kev 3: Dated 23/10/08 - "Time goes fast, before you knew it, I will be back. Just be patient, I promise, I will make up for lost time. I miss you too.xoxo."

Hee banna, why is my husband missing his colleague??

The funny thing ,on the messages sent yesterday, there was nothing to LSG about GPS coordinates.

Yooo, I got confused, and wondered why Kevin a ise a romele “colleague” ya gagwe directions? Especially when I was told that the reason for all her calls and sms was for Directions to Avianto?

Here I was bumping into only those sweet nothing messages; which sounded more like he was answering her questions.

Those messages really got me worked up…

I couldn't make out what were they communicating about. Haai, ga di mphe tlhogo ka nnete. E kete ke tsa batho ba ba ratanang. I could not say for sure, but they really seemed very intimate.

I felt a chill on my spine.

Is Kevin having some fling with his colleague? Those messages suggested that. Although they don't say much, but they have this, tone of flirtation.

That was not good.

I stopped browsing further on the sent items, All other messages were from 23rd down, and nna ke ne ke batla messages send Last night and this morning for GPS Coordinates.

There was definitely no send message with coordinates….
Did My husband Lie to me?

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