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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 71(Part A)


Our honeymoon was something out of this world. Kevin and I were even regretting (jokingly), to have gotten married at Avianto, because Abu Dhabi was such a romantic place to get married. The place was such a breath of fresh air. We toured the entire place and every day was just adventurous and greatest memories were created. We had lots of alone time,lots of sex, lots of future planning. We truly captured lots of memorable moments and we will remember them for years to come.

Now we were back to reality, starting our marriage life. We both were excited and looking forward to our future. We were still house hunting and got places and houses to view. We then decided, since my house was spacious enough for now, and I was not satisfied with a lot of houses we already viewed, we opted for buying a land and designing our own castle.

We were looking forward to meeting with an architect and design my home.

I was back at work, catching up on the full month I was absent. I took leave two weeks before the wedding and another two weeks after.. My colleagues were blown by the wedding album and pictures from Dubai.

When we get married, we sometimes tend to forget our friendships, re ba too focused with marriage. We neglect the people that went through our ups and downs of our relationships before the altar. Those who also helped us make it on time and safely to the altar. We suddenly change and become different people. I always told myself that I will never let making to the altar, alter me. Yes once you get married, some things will have to change, but your friendships should not.

I was blessed to have a balance of friendships. I had the unmarried and married friends. Both will forever be in my Life. The one friendship in particular, Mmata wa me…I always had Baksy in my life since we were in primary. I was not planning to neglect her.
We had a catch up session planned with Mmata for that 22nd November. My first weeks at work went so fast. Before I knew it, it was Saturday, 22nd November. I was really looking forward to spending time with her.

Kevin was also going to catch up with the boys. We decided that, end of the month, we will have a get together for both families, to come see the videos and all wedding/birthday and honeymoon pictures together. So we thought lets first do our boys and girls catch up with our friends.

My Lavo kissed me goodbye and headed to the garage. He left me behind.

There was a knock at the door; I figured when Kevin was leaving, he let the person who was knocking in. I went to open the door.
Nna: “Hello Mmata, mmmm, yellow bone yaka. Gorgeous as always, you must consider being my image consultant. I love your dress sense”

I said to Obakeng, who just stood there, looking so gorgeous but a bit sad, but she opened her arms with a forced smile and we hugged for a good three minutes.
Obakeng: " I just crossed ways with your beau, o ya kae? "
Nna: “O ya go bona ditsala tsa gagwe. Otherwise how have you been Mmata?”

I asked her as we made our way to the patio.

Obakeng: “Yoo Mmata, ke ntse ke leka tlhe. My life is still as you know it, miserable and unbearable.”

She said with a heavy heart and continued.

Obakeng: “Mmata, I wish things were different mo lenyalong lame, instead, everything is just getting worse.”

We sat down on the patio chairs. Nxoo my friend is really not o.k, she looked much drained and beaten up. Can her marriage be that bad though? Yes marriage is not just bed of roses, you sometimes sleep on top of the thorns..So I guess Obakeng was on the thorny side and she will be ok. ….I thought to myself as she disturbed my thoughts.

Obakeng: “Hai Mmata, enough ka soapy stories about me and my miserable marriage life. Tell me how was Abujabi?”
Kwaakwaaa, I laughed so hard, I even shed tears. She was just looking at me, wondering why I was laughing at her instead of answering her question. I just cracked with laughter.

Nna: “Aowa Mmata, naare o nagana gore re tswa Nigeria? Ga o setse o butsisa ka Abuja, Aowa, Mmata ke Abu Dhabi, Dubai.”

She joined me ra tshega gore. Just then, she lightened up , I saw my friend, as bubbly as I knew her when we grow up, dreaming. I wondered what was eating her up. I know, she's not really happy with her husband JK (Jabulani Khoza) , but I didn't know the extend. She barely goes into deep details, but sometimes, you can pick up that she's scared of him..

The first time I met JK, I didn't like the way, Baksy a ne a le ka teng, she seemed like a doormat and seeking JK's approval or affirmation. But then I shrugged it, thinking, maybe I was being too judgmental and maybe because ke ne ke fetsa go mo itse.
Just as I was thinking of a lot of times,I felt about JK, Baksy disturbed me, and asked for the Wedding album and honeymoon pictures. I was taking her through the album and telling the story behind each picture.Where we were, and what we were doing.

She was envious, she kept saying,”Mmata you are blessed and you should be grateful for the kind of life you have, ga se ba bantsi ba phelang jaaka wena. You got it all together. A perfect man, perfect career,perfect family and perfect everything. At times ke nale go kgalela ekete re ka swapa matshelo a rona, I'd give anything to be in your shoes, living your life.”

She became so emotional, that her face turned pale.

What is Obakeng talking about?

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