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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 17



A month later, it was April; time was running out, Omo's pregnancy will be showing soon, so I had to tell my mom & siblings. I finally decided to tell everyone, so I didnt want to tell them ka founo. I thought, I should go to Meredale ka weekend.

Another culture that the O'FAMILY has, ke go bua di taba or share news in a hierarchy of Birth. Whatever news, we start ka abuti Omphi. He then tells Tsitsi, Tsitsi tells me, then I tell Omo, who then tell our younger brother Olefile (Ole). If it’s something hectic or requiring to be discussed, we call O'Family Meeting.

So my plan was to tell aus Refilwe, my sister in law (Fifi wa Omphile), so that she can drop the bombshell to hubby wa gagwe & since this was a feminine issue, I was going to ask Ous Tsitsi to come over. Re e bue, then ene a botse Mama.

I still haven’t heard from Kgosi or Kevin ever since last month when they came to drop Batso. This was good. I made conclusion that Kevin is really not interested in me like I hoped, and wished.

Rich and I were really getting along. We have been talking and spending time together, few stolen moments, a bit of sex, now and then. Se re neng re se dira se ne se sena leina. One thing for sure, we were not back together,and we were not dating. We were going with the flow of the moment .I must say, after our talk, I noticed that Rich was trying to be a better man. He was really a fun person to be with.He was no longer the jerk I grew to love, for the past 26 Months. He was reliable, dependable and honest most of the times.

Batso and I were ok. She apologized for snapping at me. We were talking again, there was no animosity between us. She was still not dating mystery man. She wasn't even talking about him anymore. She said ka Valentine, she got a message from him, wishing her a great day, and asking her what she was up to.She was beginning to lose interest in him, saying, he gives her mixed signals. She told me that before she came back to school in January, he was flirting a little bit with her, but lately he changed his tune.

I told her maybe the mysterious guy wa cha’. I told her that she deserves someone who is bold enough to make advances. I told her to let go of him, and find herself mochaufi o mo serious. I had one in mind. My homeboy Tiego, who was and always has been so interested in Batso, from the first day He met her. She took my advice and started spending a lot of time with Tiego , as friends as she says. No more fantasy talks about mysterious guy back home.

I was just happy we were talking. I really missed her. Le ga ke ne ke ikhuditse taba ya gore ke jole le Kgosi, she still thought I should get rid of Rich. She still wanted me to date her brother. She told me that after Kgosi and TK’s visit, Kgosi asked her about me. O ne a batla go itse gore Nna le Rich’man re how serious.
I asked her gore o boleletse abuti wa gagwe are eng. Batso the match maker was so happy to tell dear brother that things were complicated between Rich and I and ga a tlhaloganye gore re boelane or joang.

I didn't discuss my relationship with Rich le ena, as she couldn't stand him.She knew so little about us,She did not know whether we were back together or what.I was happy that she said it like that to Kgosi, maybe He will want nothing to do with me. I said to her, "tlogela match making me with Kgosi maan, ga a mpatle, he is just interested in my life. That’s why he always asks you questions about me."

Kgosi said he only sees me as his little sister like Batso. I wonder what makes her think that Kgosi want a relationship with me? I didn't even want to ask her, ke ne ke tshaba go mo kwatisa like last month.
I told her that Rich and I might get back together. So I don't need awkward moments when her brother visits or I go with her home.

Batso: “speaking of home, what are your plans for weekend?"

Nna: “Why are you asking? Is Kgosi & Tk visiting?" I was just teasing her.

Batso: “matter of fact it’s about them."

I felt excited inside but not showing. The thought of seeing TK again brought a bit of sadness. I guess somehow along my deepest thoughts, my face went cold, because she disturbed me and said:

Batso: "Ke a pabala hle, wa tshoha jena?" She continued

Batso: “I don't know if I told you the bittersweet news. Well, depending on how you look at it. That University from overseas called Kgosi; he has been accepted to come study for 4 years there. So He is leaving this Sunday. My parents and his close friends are throwing him a send off party. It is Friday night. So I wanted to invite you to come with, if you don't have plans."

Nna: "Aish, I would love to, but I also have family commitments to attend to."

I said I was going to Meredale for my appointment with Tsitsi and Fifi .Deep inside I knew I could not bear the thought of spending time in Evaton, go nale Kgosi le Kevin. It will be too awkward. I just had to decline the invite. At some point, I was tempted to ask if Kevin will be there, but decided against it. I still haven't told her about meeting Kevin at Nkagisengs wedding.

I decided after our fight, I was not going to. Anyway, it was clear; Kevin was not interested in me. So it didn’t matter anymore whether we met before or not.

Batso decided that she's going home Wednesday afternoon, as she was rushing to help her sister with last minute shopping for Kgosi’s send off dinner.

I was deep in thoughts. Somehow regretting my decision not to go with my friend,I was thinking I was not going to see Kgosi for 4 years yotlhe and I couldn't even go to say goodbye? I was regretting my decision of not going to see Batso's family especially since I last saw them ka lenyalo.I really missed them.

It was hard, but I just couldn't face seeing Kevin and knowing that he was not interested in me. I wanted to completely forget about him before I can start going to Evaton. So nor matter my decision, I had to live with it.

Batso was very excited about going home. One other reason for her joy was that her mystery man smsed her during the week. She said the guy told her that he seriously wants to talk to her, so they must go for drinks on saturday afternoon.

Batso was suddenly overjoyed. Joo all of a sudden setse a thaba go bona the mystery guy? I guess deep down, she was hoping the guy finally came to his senses and they are going to hook up.

I was happy for her though. I was also hoping that the "date" goes well and that finally she will be with the man she loved before they could even date. I was feeling sorry for Tiego, because ba ne ba setse ba ba close. If the date goes well, it was not going to be good for him. He might have to move on after next weekend.

That week went so fast, Wednesday afternoon, Batso packed her stuff, and she was leaving. Ke ne ka mo felegetsa ko Sammy Marks, Nkagisengs husband works around there, so she was catching a lift with him.

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