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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 12


I told him we are about to walk to Shoprite, He said we must wait for him ko Sunnypark. Kedi came and we walked to Sunnypark, 10 minutes later, A red gusheshe was parked in front of the mall.He called me, said we must come to the car, we did just that, and left with him. He hated Sunnyside with passion. So he always takes me to up market places. We headed to Menlyn. We went to Woollies,he pushed the trolley, we filled it with groceries, and got to the till, brothers paid the bill,without blinking. Ke dirile ka bomo, I was making him pay for the pain I suffered last night. Atleast for the last time.

We then went to some fancy restaurant,it was really not awkward because we had company. Kedi was just being her bubbly self, besides, she knew about Rich & I , and the kind of relationship we had.

So we wined & dined. Afterwards he said we must accompany him to some fancy shop. We got there, and he just bought a denim, shirt and cap tse very expensive, he paid and asked me what I wanted. I was very sarcastic.

Nna: " I wanted veggies and some necessities ko Shoprite which thankfully you bought for me, at woollies nogal, so no thank you. I don't want anything."

He was a bit disappointed, but tried to persuade me to get something, anything from that shop.

Rich: “Mabhebheza ungasabi, you know I love to spoil you. Take anything you want ntwana.”

I looked at him with piercing eyes.

Nna: “all I want is priceless, it can't be bought. You can't afford to buy it for me."

I was getting ticked off now. I told him, I don't want anything, yet here he was forcing me to let him buy me. I was done, letting him buy me with money and material. I wanted more than that. Clearly, he could not give me what I wanted. For a moment I forgot that we were with Kedi.

Ke utlwile setse kere: " Richmond, stop, trying too hard, to buy me with gifts, really, I don't want anything from you anymore. I wanted something that money can't buy and I thought you could give it to me, but you just don't have any idea how to give it. So please Rich, can you take us home."

I really snapped like that. A part of me remembered the SMS. Hai, I am human after all, yes I forgave him, wholeheartedly, but I can't forget, and we still didn't talk about what happened maobane.

Early when I returned his call, he asked for forgiveness and I am not so convinced that he meant all that stuff he said. I felt like I needed him to say more, but I don't know gore ke eng se a neng a tshwanetse go se bua, that was going to heal my heart.

Right now, all I wanted was to go to my place. I looked at him and Kedi, they were shocked. Bogolo Kedi, she had no idea what happened last night. We left the shop we were in. No one was talking.

There was a silent moment, for about three minutes, until Kedi broke the silent.
Kedi: "Hai, dilo tje dingwe gape di a tura tlhe, Le raa gore ntonyana e e bitsa so? She was pointing at something on a display window of some furniture shop.

Rich went close to where Kedi was pointing, I followed and we discussed it, debating about Quality and quantity. Kedi & I say-ing sometimes you want value for your money, Rich was saying, people should not comprise quality nor matter what.

Well, the conversation continued, and the atmosphere settled, we were now ok, talking about other stuff as we were heading to the car.As we got to the car, Rich insisted on packing all the stuff in the boot.

He asked us to get in the car and waited for him. He finished quickly and we hit the road back to Sunnyside. Just as we get to Sunnyside, a message came through my phone.

Aishhhh, it was Mpho, my cousin, I forgot to return her call, so she was asking me about my whereabouts so that she can come drop off my stuff from mama.

I asked Rich, if he doesn't mind ,re yeko Mpho's flat ko side ya Sammy Mark ,to fetch my stuff. I even told him,its my mom's secret reciped cakes. He knew exactly which cakes I was raving about, he knows the taste,and he loved them.

Everyone closer to me, knows how great a baker my mom was. So whenever I go home, or someone goes home or she and my dad comes to Pretoria, she always, brings me those cakes. I love cakes, any baked treats and desserts. Ke ne ke tseetse papa. Yoo, that man is a sucker for dikuku .Papa Russel was addicted to sweet stuff,his love for sweet baked treats really rubbed off on me.

I am from an average middle class family. My parents are not educated nor rich. They are just two hard-working people. They own a Bakery and a Butchery back home.My mother runs the Sweet Harven Bakery, my uncle runs RT Dire Meat Supply Butchery .My dad works as a Foreman ko Impala Platinum mine, ke belegwe a ntse a dira ko Impala. Regardless of their lack of wealth, they are doing well and invested a lot in our education. We are happy with the little we have.All my siblings and I went to good schools.

The excitement on Rich's face hearing ka dikuku, was like that of a child being promised a lollipop. Kedi asked that we drop her first, as she was going to Bible study ka 17:30 and it was 15 min before 17:30...So Rich agreed.

We dropped Kedi off, and as we were about to go, Batso called me, a le over excited, she said, they were passing BJs, and they will be here in the next 25 minutes.I said, ok. I told her that I was not home. I was going to Mpho’s place, but they will definitely find me at the our flat.

She dropped the call. Ka nxabetsa, ke boregile, Rich saw me and heard me saying nxa. He asked what was wrong. I told him about Batso's match making stunts , trying to hook me with her brother.

He was not impressed but it was none of his business. He asked me if I'm going to be at the flat when Kgosi gets there. I said

Yes Rich; “we are going to be there”. You will come along, so that He gets a message that I’m in a relationship.'

Well, we will pretend that you and I are back together. That will piss Batso off and maybe turn Kgosi down on his quest to pursue me. I then turned to him and asked, "When you said you'd do anything for me, did you mean it?

Rich: " is waar, I’d do anything for you Mabhebheza, even things that money can't buy. I want to try hard to show you how sorry I really am, for hurting you."

Nna: “O.k., so do you agree to help me later? Pretend to be my boyfriend? Just for Kgosi to get off my back? He agreed. Then I figured out a plan, to get Kgosi to back off, for good.

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