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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 74


The next thing I heard,” Dumela Mrs. Tau “

Well well, if it isn't my ever so vicious and oh so mighty friend, no ex friend, Kedibone Lebogo. 

Ooh she was so pregnant. I turned and faced her.

Nna: “Dumela Kedi. Looking good I see”

Kedi: “Oh ke a leboga. You don’t look bad yourself. How are you?”

Nna: “I am good thank you. Wena?”(Very calm)

Kedi: “Oh I couldn't be better, I'm overjoyed.” (Bragging)

Nna: “Goa itumedisa ga o siame. Keep well, see you”

I said, turning around, facing to the wine rack with her getting a view of my ATMs. I carried on putting my wines in the trolley , thinking and hoping o tsere seshwapa sa gagwe a tsamaya. I heard her talk.

Kedi: “Ga o sa mpotjisa gore o kae Phalane? I'm sure you are dying to know?”

Aowa banna. Not another confrontation again. I was so over her. She really needed to come down to earth, the horse she was riding on was way too high…

This time, I was not going to play into her hands. I planned to keep my cool and not let her get to me. I was not going to entertain her.

I decided walk away. I pushed my trolley towards where she was standing and as I went passed her, I stopped and whispered in her ear.

Nna: “Ga se nna yo tshwanetseng go tshwenyega gore Phalane o kae, ke wena. Nna ke itse sentle ko monna wa me a leng teng. I’m really so sorry to disappoint you lala. I couldn't care less about your fiance's whereabouts. Ciao”

I said walking away feeling great. Just then, Obakeng appeared and I told her to look behind me to see who just showed up mo Sunninghill.

Hai some people ba ka go lapisa mo moyeng, but, I was not going to let her win, by entertaining her. So I changed topic and we went to pay for our groceries and fetched our pizza and went back to the house.

We dished up, took our juices and went to sit at the tv room. We ate, catching up on our gossip and then Obakeng asked me what happened between me, Rich and Kevin at the Reception. I laughed and almost choked up.

Nna: I was nearly arrested for assaulting a pregnant woman.”

Obakeng sat properly on the sofa to hear the details.

Nna: “Kana wena o tsamaile ka bonako go ya go lokisetsa birthday party le bo Tsitsi, and afterwards we never spoken to each other.”

Obakeng: “Eya Mmata, I overheard Batso & Omo talking about it, I didn’t take it to heart ...What happened? Etla ka tsona.”

I gave her the story, from the time Kedi called me up until the time Kevin and Rich came to stop us , to Kevin’s ultimatums till we kissed and made up.

She was shocked. Unbelievable that Kedibone,of all people,did me like that. We ate while talking about so many things. We were catching up. Until an SMS came through Baksy's phone. She looked at it and shook her head.

Nna: “Ke eng Mmata? O sharpo?

Obakeng: “Ke rakgadi wa Minenhle, Phumzile. Apparently Jabulani fetched Minnie and she is suprised why, especially since I agreed that Minnie could sleep over at her place. What was Jabulani up to maar?

Mmata, ere ke tsamaye, ke ile go bona gore bothata ba monna ole ke eng. "

Nna: “It’s ok Mmata, go home, JK is just playing games with you.”

Obakeng: “Ke leboga tsotlhe tse o di ntiretseng tsone. For being a true friend when I needed you. For listening,for crying with me and most importantly, thank you for the advice and support. I promise I will keep you in the open about everything. You are the only person right now I feel comfortable sharing such matters with. Thank you Mmata, luls.”

She came closer to me and we hugged for a long time. She broke the hug, I went to the sitting room and fetched her bag, pictures of her that I gave kept for the wedding.I also brought her Maid of honour gift I bought for her ko Dubai. Knowing my friend, I got her a pair of stiletto heels, matching handbag and a purse. I didn't wrap them, so as soon as I handed her the carry bag, she peeped into it, jumped with joy and came closer and gave me a big hug and a kiss on my forehead.

Obakeng: “Ke a leboga tlhe tsala. You have no idea. I haven't put them on yet, but, I can see its perfect fit,colour and style. You really know me too well.”

I went to the fridge, took out her packets of mini magnums and chocolates.

What a great day I had with my friend? Nxoo. She always brings the sweetness in me. Apart from her venting out, we really had a ball catching up.

It was around 17:00 when she pulled out of my yard and left for her home in Midrand. I cleared up the dishes and empty Jc Le Roux bottles we were indulging in.

I was thinking of Kedibone. Ke ipotsa gore o ne a batla eng mo Sunninghill alone. That day at Avianto she told me she moved in with Richmond, and I know Rich had an apartment ko Pretoria north. Yooo, ka gonwe o ne a etetse ditsala tsa gagwe or bo abuti ba gagwe. The last time we spoke as friends, she said her elder brother moved to Jozy, so I could not remember gore o rile o nna ntlheng efe ya jozi.

Anyway, she’s no longer important or relevant in my life.

I dismissed my thoughts about Kedibone Lebogo and went to put the lights on...

I had the best day with my Best-est Friend...

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