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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 4


The drive to Muldersdrift was too short. We arrived there, just before 17:00, everybody was there. Bridesmaids were doing their hairstyles, manicures & pedicures, eyelashes, the works. 
Kevin's cousin Paul(a) is a professional makeup artist& a fashion guru, so s/he offered to be the makeup artist for all of the bridesmaids & Queen Bee (as s/he affectionately calls me).
All that will be done free of charge, as a Wedding gift for Me. So, s/he, yes you guessed it, Paul, is so gay. A woman trapped in a man's body. Apparently s/he is saving money to do some gender corrective surgery to be a full woman. Hence she goes by her feminine name Paula. From now, we will address her as a woman neh).She was busy making trial make up, ensuring that everyone looks perfect for tomorrow. From the beginning of my wedding preps,She was in charge.

She was coordinating Bridal entourages' attire, color scheme, dress designs etc. She was good like that. She is our family’s Fashion Police; she knows style, so I trusted her that much.When we arrive, she was busy with the girls inside, doing their thing.
We were all going to have early supper together, my in-laws, and my family and bakgaphi ba botlhe.More like a rehearsal dinner.
We had our supper ka 19:00, afterwards, we did final touch ups tsa Step. Paula organized one of her gay friends, Thapelo (aka Thaps) to choreograph the step. Everyone except Kgosi the Best man, ba ne ba le right ka step. Obakeng was not happy with Kgosi moving left and left, a ntse a mo gata, but the choreographer was patient with him.Thaps decided to let others rest while he was helping Kgosi to master his step.

It was so quite, the groom and his crew, gathered by the Lapa, having some drinks, whereas bridesmaids went inside. All the gadgets were lying together on a bench outside the B&B' s Lapa, before our step rehearsal. Thaps instructed everyone to put it there.One of the phone rang, my flower girl ,Oratilwe, fetched it, ran towards me, ke nagana gore she thought ke ya me, but the ringtone was not mine. Ora knows my phone because she always asks to play games on it.So I was confused by the ringtone.

Ora: “Auntie Noli, ke phone ya gago, it’s ringing. “
From far, it looked like mine, but as she gets closer, ke bone gore ke ya Kev, because the covers are different in color. By the time Ora, my niece reach me, she had already pressed answer.
As I put it mo tsebeng, without checking caller id, I was met by a woman's voice, it was not clear, but I heard she was saying

Caller: " Babe, Babes,can you hear me, Kevin....move, I really can't hear you."

The reception was not good,somehow the caller was breaking, but a few words tsona, ke di utlwile... then the call just dropped.

Did I hear correctly? Did some woman call my man Babe? Or Babes?

I stood up, headed towards maGents, sitting on the other side of the Lapa, drinking. Kev saw me coming, O ne a nkgatlhanetsa, boy, I was fuming as I replayed the caller's voice & what she was saying. I was trying to go through the phone's call register, to check the caller’s name. The damn phone was taking its pretty time. I needed the name of the caller so that when I ask my husband to be, ebe ke nale little information. My hands were too sweaty and shaking at the same time. I was finding it difficult to navigate through the phone. For some weird reason, I forgot how to get to the call register.

Million questions went thru my mind.I needed some answers, and I needed them right now.
You ladies know exactly what I'm talking about.What I basically went through that very moment. That moment when your world is about to fall apart, when suddenly you have figured out everything without knowing the real facts…The suspicions, accusations & making conclusions after adding one plus one, getting eleven. Ke ne ke fufuletswe. I was ready to strike, ke nagana gore I really caught the thief (my husband to be) right handed, I was ready to put up a hell of a fight.The way things were playing fast in my mind, Kevin seemed like he was running towards me.O ne a setse a fitlhile.

I was just few steps to reach Mr.Tau, my sweaty and shaky hand still scrolling to his call register, when suddenly the phone rang again.

Kevin knew the personalized caller ringtone very well. I say 'he knew very well' because He is so obsessed with assigning tones to his callers. He assign different ringtones, according to the song lyrics or artist to his frequent callers. If you like certain song, He will assign it to you. If you like certain artist, he will assign him to you. Like that, For office, there’s a ringtone, Mom & dad has one, I have one, mine was Usher - My Boo. And there was his Ringtone for all other callers – R Kelly’s – The world’s greatest. He loved the song so much that sometimes he will let the phone ring longer so that he can just sing along.All his siblings had their specific ringtones.Which I knew very well. Whenever Nthabi/Thabiso/Reatli or Retha was calling, and he doesn't want to answer, he lets the phone ring till it goes to voicemail.Hence I know pretty well gore o avoid-er phone call ya mang.

This one was not familiar; I never heard it before until today, until now. It was "Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing"

Joo weee, the look on Kev's face, as He rushes to grab his phone from my hand, said a million words. Guilt was written all over his face, but he composed himself as he extended his hand to grab the phone.
I looked at the name quickly before ke mo fa phone, it was Written L.S.G.

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