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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 61


The walk to them was a bit of a stretch. I finally reached them. Thank God they were seated; I didn't have to give her a hug. I extended my hand over to her. 

Nna: "Dumela stranger, o Siame?" 

She also extended her hand to me; we were holding each other's hands. She said.

Batso: “Dumela Obonolo Tau."

Iyooo, ever since I have known her, it’s the first time she address me in my full name. Except when she shouts at me for doing something wrong or she's shocked about something weird I said or done, le teng, she will be saying it in a funny way like O-bo-no-lo Di-re. So clearly she is not about to be friendly or she is embarrassed to call me mogotse wa ka, or Noli. I thought.

Just after we greeted, Batso stood up, said goodbye to Kedi and that she is leaving. She was going back to the guesthouse. She was taking her parents and mother in law there. She congratulated Kedibone on her pregnancy, told her to keep well, and that they’ll probably see each other ko Pretoria. Batso left.

It was me and Kedi, Rich was nowhere to be found, I guess I knew pretty well gore o ko kae. Obviously getting down ko dance floor. Hai, some people never change: TMTCTMTSTS- 'the more things change, the more they stay the same’. ( Basically that means that nothing ever really changes. Even when it seems that there have been a lot of changes, all of the "changes" produce only the same things as before.

That's. Richmond for you.

Kedi: "Congrats on your wedding to the Love of your life, you and Kevin deserves each other and this happiness."

Nna: “Ke a leboga Kedis.”

She continued: "Wa tseba mogotse, ke nale ditlhong. I neglected you way too much and was afraid to talk to you. I know you and Kevin were happy and also that you have gotten over Phalane. I don't know what happened, it just happened so fast and before I knew it I was in love with him, and we decided to give it a try and see where it takes us.

I didn’t have the courage to tell you. I know I broke your trust and our friendship code, but I want you to understand, it was not to hurt you. It just happened. I didn't want you to find out like this, but I couldn't bring myself to face you then.

The worst reason was because I immediately fell pregnant with our first child, few months after we started dating. After getting the invite, I decided I will come here and talk to you, explain everything. I am sorry I took so long to finally gather my strength to face you."

What? This is not the first pregnancy? Hee banna, gante for how long has these been going on? Kedi and I continued with our friendship even after Varsity. We kept touch for the whole 2003/2004. She left Pretoria end of 2004 to go work at Unilever in Durban. Yes we were no longer close, but we spoke once in a while. Although, come to think of it, that's when she started being distant, too busy and unavailable for our dates and catch up sessions. We always made a promise that, we must have at least one meeting in a month to touch base and keep the friendship going. That only happened in 2003, and that was it.

Although we were both to be blamed for neglecting our friendship, I made effort, at some point I tried to reach out, but she kept her distance or made excuses not to meet. So I stopped trying because I was beginning to feel ekete ke ne ke mo kgapeletsa. I also occupied myself with work and traveling to and from Three-Rivers Vereeniging to be with Kevin. Ever since then we lost contact and never made time.

So, I stood there, my mind spinning and searching for better words to come out of my mouth. All that came was,

Nna: "Wow Kedibone, really? You know, I can't believe you. O eme moo, telling me all that with confidence, expecting me to do what? Be excited that you finally gathered your strength? Ruri tota. I will easily be able to forget that I had a backstabbing friend like you, but I will never be able to forget that even a beautiful friendship like ours could have such an ugly face."

I saw her face turning pink, e kete o makatswa ke se ke fetsang go se bua. She seemed suprised, as if she was telling me good news that I was supposed to jump and hug her. She raised her eyebrows and looked at me with shock.

Kedi: “I just poured my heart out to you and all you could say is that I am a backstabber? Who exactly did I stab? Wena? Ka nnete! You gotta be kidding if you sitting there, thinking of yourself as a victim here, and thinking that I stabbed you. Ka nnete ke tla tseba gore you are more crazy and delusional than I thought."

I've known Kedibone for 4 years. So I could read what that expression meant.

She continued

Kedi: "Aowa Obonolo, I was not expecting such a response or comment from you, especially after I came clean to you. I’m trying to tell you how ashamed I was to face you. How I lacked the courage to tell you, knowing I have lost you. Now finally I was able to face you and all you could say and think is that I backstabbed you? Hai no. Ke nagana gore ke te tshenyeditse nako to even come here”

Nna: “Ooh really Kedi? O itshenyeditse nako to come here? Off course, who asked you to come here anyway? You came here out of your own guilt, with your own guilty conscious and shame. If you were ashamed to face me, and lacked courage to tell me, what exactly are you doing here then?

If you so wanted me to know about you and Rich, or to officially end our friendship, you could have just saved yourself the trip to come here and told me over the phone or email or whatsapp. Ga ke itse go reng ka nnete goreng o te tshenyeditse nako….”

I felt she was beginning to piss me off. Reason I didn't want to even entertain that, it’s as pure and simple, I didn't care.

Whatever she just said, was excuses and she was trying to ease her conscious. She was looking for something I was not about to give her. If she wanted me to Understand and forgive her, well she was bluffing. I was not about to. Not at that moment in time. Not today.

Nna: “look here Kedi, you decided when you wanted to eat my leftovers, you decided to open your legs for my ex and have kids with him, you also decided you wanted to come with him to my wedding, just to flash and show him off to me?

Sorry if you thought I would open my arms and give you a big hug and also congratulate you for what you did.

No, I can't and I won’t. No one asked you to come here, so don’t bullshit me about go itshenyetsa nako..You should have stayed wherever the hell you were hiding for 4 long years.

I would not have been bothered. This one is on you Lady. I can't believe you thought otherwise. You had no right to even come here just to explain your situation or whatever you call this.

You should have just stayed away Kedibone. To think you came here to make me understand all this, ka nnete you are really naive if you thought I will react anything but hurt, betrayed and disgusted.”

Yes, I was not ready to give her the response she was foolishly hoping to get.

Kedi: “ooh well sesi, ga ebane ke ka mokgwa o te kutlwang ka gona, fine with me. Nna ke be ke nyaka gore okwe from nna about Phalane and I."

Nna: “Ruri Kedibone Lebogo, ruri? ke ka mokgwa o ke ikutlwang ka teng? You think? You really think you were doing me a favor or justice to rock up mo lenyalong la me, ka mpa e kana and with my ex boyfriend by your side, to tell me masepa a wa buang?

Gore ke ne ke tla kwa ka mang would not have changed anything, Ebile maybe if ne ke kwele ka pudi ya tsela, go ne go ka nna botoka. Joo, o tlhakane tlhogo ele ruri. Ga eka ba ke lebaka la gore o tle lenyalong la me to failed and really wasted your precious time.

O ka be o sa legata leotonyana la gago moo. Your betrayal is far more than anything I can think of. I always thought that our friendship was supposed to be fun, warm, comforting, loyal, open and honest. Until a friend like you came along and made me realize that friendship can also be hurtful, painful and betraying.

Make no mistake, I don't care gore o jola le mang, mara, I care gore my friend would have tried hard to tell me her intentions to date my ex, before even opening their legs. Not what you did. You were my best friend Kedibone, you knew you could talk to me anyway, any day, ka anything. So what's your excuse to have kept your relationship a secret that long and only decided to tell me now, today, mo lenyalong lame?

I was not even aware that the music had stopped and I was raising my voice. I don't remember le gore re emeletse neng. Ke bone fela nna le ena re eme face to face, talking… ke ne ke dirisa matsogo a me and talking loud.

I continued, "Friends don't do such things. Atleast I thought so about you. I want you to get your baby daddy and get the hell out of my sight. I can't stand you. You disgust me. Come, go. I have nothing more to say to you. Besides, you said it le wena. You wasted your precious time to come here."

Kedi: "Whoa whoa, brika ngwanyana"

She said as she came very close to me. I looked at her with disgust, from her shoes till the top of her head.

She spoke.

Kedi: "don't worry, ke tla tsamaya ke yo lata 'baby daddy" ya ka re sepele. But before I do, hear this. Phalane and I love each other, way more than you wanted him to love you. He is committed to me; five times he's ever came close to committing to you. Nna le Phalane re tlo shata sesi and re tlo ba family.

Whether you approve or not, it’s your problem. I don't know why you are acting like a jealous lover; you dumped him for Kevin remember?

He was not yours to begin with. That is why it didn't work out between the two of you. It is clear; he never loved you enough to commit to you. Let go, be married to your Kevin, but get it in your head, Phalane is mine sesi.

O mo latlhile byale ka pampiri, o sa nagane gore o tla gweja lethabo le lerato. You thought he will be lost without you; you thought you were punishing him for not loving you enough. You wanted to force him to love you ,you wanted to change him to be what you thought a man should be.

You called him “damaged goods". You called him “incapable of loving anyone but himself". Ere ke go botse ngwanyana wa ko Mmatau, that damaged man who is not capable of loving anybody but himself, is my future husband. He is so capable of loving me. Isa moya wa gago fatshe.

Ke ratana le Phalane because he saw a future in me,something we both know he never envisioned with you. He wanted someone o tla mo ratang, a mo tlhokomele, a mo amogele ka mokgwa o a lego ka gona. So since wena o mo tlhadile, and nna ke le that woman he ended up with. I have loved him, looked after him and let him be what he want to be.Byale sesi ke gopela o amogele taba ekhi, ka moo e lego ka gona.

You can’t serve two masters Obonolo. Nna le Phalane re deserver a chance in love, just like you. Ke a bona taba ya gore ke mo file bana, something you couldnt and didnt give him for 4 years le jola ga ya go dula botse. O kwele botlhoko, le ge o mpona ke nale Ena, ke le pregnant and happy, ga wa thaba niks. Unfortunately, you must just deal with it.

Sepela, be married to your Kevin, your soulmate, ga ele Phalane Dikgale ke soulmate ya ka.

Ooh by the way not just baby daddy but my Fiancé (she raised her left hand, waving it right in my face, saying GET IT)"

I don't know what happened there, ke utlwile a loud sound ya mpama. Warm klap for that matter

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