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Wednesday, October 14


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 62


I looked around, checking if people saw or heard the sound. Everyone seemed to be looking our way..They must have heard it. I was not feeling any pain or something.Ke bile ka tsamaisa letsogo mo marameng a me to check gore mpama e e llileng ga kana e tswa kae and e ile go mang.

It was definitely not on my face but my hand was hot and shaking, and a bit painful, surely I must have given my ex friend a hot one.

I looked at her; she had that filthy hand she was shoving onto my face on her cheek.

Kedi: “Did you just slap me Obonolo, o mpethile ka mpama?”

Yoooh, ka nnete ruri ke beditse Kedi ka mpama.

Hai, the nerve of that woman? I could not help it...I could not stand there and listen to the kaka she was saying and bragging about how Phalane loves her more than he loved me?
Bitch I don’t care and I don’t roll like that.

I am gonna whip yo ass chaana…Get you stinking hand off my face……That whore aint gonna disrespect me like that.. Hell No..

She surely deserved it.

Now, let’s see, who “Got it.” Nxxxxxx.

Just then, everyone was looking at us. I think because we were making so much noise and we were not aware how loud we were. The Dj was busy packing up gore a ye go set-up at the guesthouse.

TLC band was playing softly while people were making their way out.Some were leaving, some were heading to the guesthouse.

Kevin and Richmond were just few steps from us. They must have been tipped off gore e shubile, because they were rushing over towards us.

Well it was too late, I slapped the daylight out of her silly-self. I could not swallow makaka a neng a tswa molomong wa Kedi. Just nje, go kgalemela lenyatso.

Kevin pulled me and said: "What the heck got into your head maar Bobo? To slap a pregnant woman so hard? O tla ya chankaneng ausi. Do you even care?"

OMG, by the way she's pregnant.

Only then I wished I could reverse the moment, but unfortunately it was too late.

Deep inside I cared less about anything that got to do with Kedibone Lebogo.

Kevin was looking at me, with disappointment…

What was he thinking?

Rich: "What did you just do, what did you do to her?"

Rich was shouting at me rushing to be superman and saving the day.

I looked at him with disgust. I stepped closer to him and Kedi, leaving Kevin standing behind me.

Nna: "Ke mo baakantse, It serves her right. She will think twice before opening her stinking pedi sewerage. Hell. Ele gore o nagana gore ke seo mang? O maswe maan Kedibone. Sies, O tsala entseng yang? O jola le boyfriend ya mogotse wa gago. Worse you have the nerve to come to my wedding and brag about it. Maybe you went and trapped him with kids, hoping he would hold on to you for the sake of those children of yours.

Listen here, O nagana gore Richmond o tla fetoga se a leng sona for you? Shame on you madam. Read my lips...A leopard never changes its spot.

Ooh and Get this,He loved me,he was mine first, right now, I look at him, and all I see is a used to be bubblegum that I once chewed and threw away, you trashy skheberesh, wa e topa,wa e tsenya in your mouth. Yaak, o ja ditshila tsa me sweetheart!.That's a fact.

You may now think, he is yours, and that he has changed, Flashback, you probably are number 4 on the list. Come to think of it now, it is clear gore, one ontse o mo batla, even when he was mine. Hence you didnt waste time to jump into his pants la dira bana...Sies. Have him.Ga ke mo batle, ebile ga ke itshole gore ke mo latlhile. He is what he is, Thrash, that belongs ko dumping. Thanks to your kindness and generosity, you went and dug out a used thrash and cleaned it up...Well done. O dirile sentle jang ausi , batho ba go tshwana le wena ba a tlhokwa mo lefatsheng lena. South Africa would be a much cleaner place had we have people like you, who gathers thrash and renew it.

Your biggest mistake was that you betrayed our friendship, stabbed me behind my back and lied to me.

My biggest mistake ever was trusting you, now I have paid the ultimate price.

You disgust me. La ntshisimosa, la nnyontsha ka bobedi ba lona.
Have him Kedibone, I don’t want him, I’m happy where I am.
Le a tshwanelana le le babedi, mapedi ke lona. Nxxx,

Wena Richmond don't even say anything to me. Just shut the hell up. You caused all this, ka go tlhoka mekgwa le maitsego. You can’t zip your pants neh? Ga gona skirt se se go fetang. Really? Is this your best shot? Whoa.

I was clapping my hands for Rich when he tried to say something.

I interrupted him

Nna: “don't open your mouth, take this thing of yours, o e tlose fo pele ga me, leye go swela ko Limpompo for all I care. I don't ever want to see you, ever, le a nyontsha"

Wena Kedibone, before you go, let me give you piece of advice, don’t burn the bridge of friendship, you wil never know when you might need to cross them later.

Mark my words, I don't mind swimming in the river if the friendship bridge was fucked up to begin with. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Next time, le seke la be la tlhola le latelela noga mosimeng. Le ntateletse lenyalong lame for that matter, you did not even rsvp, so this is trespassing. So fok-off. "

I was so mad. Very mad, angry and hurt. I didn't even know what I was saying, but I must have said a lot, in front of Kevin and other people who were passing by.

My husband was so stunned and looking at me with those, “are you for real eyes”

He pulled me aside, he looked mad. He just gave me a scarey stare

Kevin: "Clearly you are not over Richmond; otherwise you would not be so worked up and referred to him as your boyfriend"

What? Kevin are you kidding me? I thought…

Did I even mention the word boyfriend? What was Kev talking about? Yooo (I must have been too furious, I didn’t even hear what I said to Kedi, referring to Rich as my boyfriend, in front of my husband, that would get me into sh#t)

Nna: “Did I refer to Richmond as my boyfriend Lavo?"

Rich and Kedi left the reception, they must have taken the advice to just go. I was now, facing my own husband who was mad. I didn't understand why he was mad, I needed to tell Kedi all that. I don't get why he was not supporting me but instead insinuating that I was still in love with Rich. How ridiculous was that? The only person I was mad at was my friend. It had nothing to do with my marriage or my previous relationship with Rich. It had everything to do with the principles behind the whole Kedi dating Rich, and breaking our friendship code, worse coming to my wedding pregnant and bragging about how she and Rich were meant to be. Clearly, she had motives to work me up. And she did. I burst out and now my husband is questioning my actions and my commitment to him?

Nna: “Lavo, right now I am mad, please don't you start with me. Not now. Can we get to the guesthouse? Ooh and by the way, that feud you witnessed had nothing to do with You, Rich and anyone else. It was between Kedibone and me, it was about our broken promises as Friends. So ke kopa o ska leka wa di kopanya. I never spoke to Rich, because it has nothing to do with him. I expected something like that from him but not Kedi, hence I'm so mad. I love you and I choose you to be my husband, that has not changed. I just got out of hand while talking to Kedi. She provoked me and I overreacted. I didn't mean to cause a scene.”

Kevin: "Obonolo. Who are you fooling? Do you have any idea how what just happened seemed and looked like to me and probably to people who witnessed that? Ere ke ho hlakisetse hore e ne e lebeha joang.

Se se diragetseng haufinyana maane, seemed like two straat-maids, fighting over a guy. One proving she won and the other one being a sore loser.The winner had proof of victory, being a pregnancy and the loser has only words and she was angry and bitter about the loss. Plain simple. I'm sorry if wena ha wa e bona jwalo, efela, that's the whole picture painted. And to top it up, the one with a pregnancy was being cocky and vindictive and feeling victorious while the other one (you my wife) was being all bitter, angry, defensive, frustrated and defeated, to the extent that you became physical.

I saw the side of you I never knew existed. Believe me, it’s the side of you I don't like. You seemed like a different person, a hyena gunning for blood, protecting its curb. Hence, I'm standing here, thinking maybe you need to think deep, you still care a lot about your ex, more than you are willing to admit. And that scared me.

Maybe, I should cancel the honeymoon, let you deal with your clearly unresolved issues. Once you are sure that you are completely over your ex, then you and I can go to Dubai for our Honeymoon......

Sort yourself out Mme. Fast le hona.

Chickenkak!!!!!!! What is this man on about? What did he just asked me?Do what?

I was spinning in my dress

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