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Tuesday, October 13


Broken Vows - Diary ya ga Obonolo Chapter 15



Nna:" Batso, what do you mean? Ke go dirile eng tota se se kana? I am so confused, please tell me what I did to you, gore o be o bue gore ke selfish."

I tried to think of something I might have said to her or did. I could not think of anything except that I was in the flat when she ,Kevin and Kgosi arrived, then Rich came in, then I was with Rich, then ka felegetsa his brothers and back to the flat to be with Rich. Lastly we cooked and ate. Can it be that she knows about me, knowing Kevin? Or she picked up some vibes between Kevin and me earlier? And she is hurt that I didn't tell her all along? Or did Kevin tell him something after I left them downstairs? Is it about her brother trying his luck with me? Or Rich coming in? Is she jealous of me?

I had million questions about what I might have done. I was getting angry now. She can't say I want everyone to myself, while she is the one who kept pushing her brother to me. Kevin and I are not even dating, and I broke up with Rich, basically I have no one, just like her. Well apart from her mystery man. So where does she get it to accuse me?
Batso: " Obonolo, please, if you don’t mind, get out of this room, I need to bathe. A ke batle ho bua ka taba ena. It does not matter anymore.”

Yooo, I thought, ena yona e boima. Just like the events of the day, something is not ok. Hai Un-fortunately I cannot smell, if she is not willing to tell me, so be it. O tla ba strong. I left the bath-room and went to the sitting room.
Just as I was in thoughts, I checked my phone, no missed calls, but 3 smses. I got excited think-ing and hoping Kevin would sms me. I opened the first one, it was my brother, he just send a business card. I opened the card, found contacts, it was Karabo's numbers. I immediately saved them, as Karabo Who? I planned to call Him sometime during the week because even now, I still couldn't remember any male Karabo in my circle of friends. I replied with a smiley face, and a thank you.

I went to second message, it was my little sister Omontle (Omo), and it reads,
"Hey sisi, I miss you stax. I really need to talk to you, face to face. Let me know when I can come over.Xap Love you."

I wondered what is it that Omo wanted to discuss. Face to face nog’all.
I then remembered last year November I was talking to mama, she mentioned gore Omo wa jola, ebile, motho yo a jolang le ena, is an older married man, who is some hot shot ko Impala. She said Papa heard ko tirong, about it and he was not happy. Mama asked me to speak to her. Omo was just 17 years old then; doing grade 11.I was busy with my exams, but I promised ma-ma gore ke tla bua le ena when I get home for Xmas. Immediately then, I called ausi Otsile (Tsitsi, that's how we all call my elder sister). She said we will have an O'Family General Meeting ka December.OFGM is a meeting that all the Dire siblings have when one of us, has strayed, or out of order, or has an announcement. We spoke to her that December, Omphi and Tsitsi even told her to dump the old man. We were all disappointed in her. She promised that she will dump him.

I wondered, what was wrong now. I replied to her, said I was planning to go to Soweto for weekend, but if it’s urgent, she can come over ka Friday, after school. So it was a date.

The last message was from Kedi. Yoo, nothing from Kevin.

My friend gape ke mmaditaba. Her message was straight to the point, "Hee Gane wena le Mr Money le boelane? Are you guys back together? I saw his car mo parking lot"
Hee bathong... Iyoo. What a question...I replied and said, “No, it’s complicated."

Batso finished taking a bath. Banged and locked her bedroom door. Yoo. Roomie o jele dipe-kere tse di tlhababng botlhoko e le tota.

I took a bath, went to bed early. As always, I said my prayers,
Dear Lord, I thank you for the gift of life, I praise your mighty name, I exalt You above all things. Lord, please hide me in Your secret place in my time of struggle. Nor matter what is going around me, You are in charge of my life & I trust You to bring good out of it. As I go through the challenges in my life, when everything seems to be going wrong, I draw near to You and disengage from the concerns of this life. I thank You that You are able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that I ask or think, according to Your power that works in me.I worship You, Father of mercy and comfort and further thank You for your unconditional love. In Jesus name, Amen.
The week went by very fast with no drama, just Batso's cold shoulder.I haven’t heard from Ke-vin nor Kgosi. On valentine’s day, I received a valentine cupid red heart message from a num-ber I didn't recognize. I ignored it, thinking its random messages by advertisers. Omo arrived on friday. We planned a movie night, so Rich came, and dropped us ko Menlyn, are o tla re lata.

We watched a movie, then went to Ocean Basket, had supper.
We ordered our dessert. As we were waiting, my little sister dropped a Bombshell; she was 16 weeks pregnant by a married man. I was crushed, I was disappointed & hurt. I couldn't believe that after OFGM, she continued with the relationship? After she promised all of us that she was going to dump the sugar-daddy and focus on passing her matric. She is just a baby, has so much to look forward to, not a being a mom at 18

She asked me to tell mama & Tsitsi. Ke maketse ke setse ke mmotsa gore is she keeping the ba-by, and what are her plans? We spoke further about everything, and her plans. She will be showing soon and she's in Matric. She said baby daddy is happy about the child and he's going to look after both of them, so she's going to attend high school pregnant as is. Yaaa, that’s my little sister for you. So Stubborn. A married man promising to look after her and her baby? Really? Ke simolla go e utlwa ena. Le gale, “re tlare re re ke dipitse, ra bona ka mebala”

Rich fetched us, and dropped us ko flateng. We spoke briefly and I got out of the car, Rich stopped me,he asked me to hug him. We hugged then shared a very long intimate kiss. Yooo, what am I doing? I broke the kiss, ran upstairs. Sunday Omo went back home. I kept her secret.

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