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Thursday, October 1


Diary of a restless soul Insert 54


Insert 54
After nomonde left,
the ceremony continued as planned.
They paid nwabi's bride price.
Did what they usually do in those ceremonies.
Which i can't get into details in.
We dished up for everybody and we serve them the food.
Mandy had since locked herself in her room.
I was beginning to be worried.
After everybody had eaten and drank,
most of the outsiders left.
Only my family and my uncles were remaining.
We (me, nwabi, yolo,vuyo, khitha and sibu).
Went to knock on mandisa's door.
We knocked for the longest time ever and she didn't respond.
Luyolo: nana please open up don't shut us out.
You know we care about you.
Mandy: please leave me alone.
Nwabi: mntase you know i can't do that.
I can't leave you alone.
There's no me without you.
Please don't do this,
don't let nomonde win.
Mandy: she has already won njena.
Me: no girl your mom only feeds on people's weaknesses.
If you overcome your weaknesses you will overpower her,
and you will see that she hasn't won yet.
Please sisi let us in.
We all care about you.
Then there was silence for a while.
And the door was unlocked.
We all came in her room.
The guys fetched chairs for themselves. And we (the girls) sat on the bed.
We all shifted our attention to her.
She looked so misrable.
Her eyes were blood red and swollen.
From the crying she has been doing,
nwabi gave her one long warm hug.
Mandy broke down and cried while she was in nwabi's embrace.
Finally they broke the hug.
We were all quiet.
No one knew what to say to mandy.
Not that there was nothing to say.
Infact there was plenty to say.
we just didn't know how to use the right word.
And the silence was getting so loud.
" don't cry nana atleast you know the truth now.
Half siblings or bilogical siblings we still love you lanto indala.
Our love hasn't change torwards you" vuyo broke the ice.
Luyolo: ewe maaan you know how nomonde is.
Don't let her actions bother you.
Mandy: (sniffing) still she should have told me in private.
Not tell the world that i was the results of infedility.
Wwwhy did we have to get her as a mom.
Why didn't god chose someone else to mother us.
Me: well maybe its because god knew that you were strong.
He knew that you will succeed without your mother.
And he knew that you guys can handle whatever your mom throw at you.
God never gives you a burden which is havier than you.
And one thing i know is that we don't and can never choose our family.
But we choose in which direction we want our lives to go.
Mandy: ncoooh you guys are the best thing in my life right now.
Although i still wonder why did nomonde did what she did.
Khitha: ah stop wondering girl.
No one knows why that woman does anything she does.
What i know is that she is just pure evil.
I don't think there's any heart left in her chest.
Its just some rib cage with nothing in it.
Sibu: and if there is any heart left then i think its pumping black blood instead of red.
Being yellow bone doesn't suits her.
She should have been pitch black. (we all laugh at sibu's comment including mandy).
Vuyo: yoh i salute my mom.
I think she's been a witch for so long that even the time of the day dont matter to her anymore.
For some time there i thought she was gonna fly in since she couldn't enter the gate by foot.
(we bursted out laughing again)
khitha: why couldn't she get in vele.
Nwabi: because athe's mom put some medicine in the gate a while ago. So real witches cannot get in, unless she sends someone else who is not a witch but who can carry out her instructions.
Mandy: so does that mean nomonde will send someone to carry out her deeds.
Nwabi: i think so.
Mandy: maybe we should sell this house and move away from here.
Besides i already hate this place already imagine how will people look at me knowing that my mom cheated on my father.
And to top it all, she is a witch.
Nwabi: running won't help,
i am sure she will find us wherever we go.
Well the rest of the day went well.
Mandy talked with mzukisi.
A month later they took nwabi to her husband's house.
They were gonna have a white wedding in december.
And mandy was her maid of honor.
Well i wondered how she will look in her wedding gown while pregnant.
But i am sure she was gonna pull it off.
So now at home it was just me mom and mandy.
But it was still fun to be at.
Althogh sometimes the house tend to get a little bit empty.
I was at the libraly most of the time. My study group and i were studying for the trials.
So every after school we went to the library.
Well september came and we started writing.
I prayed to god that i may write my exams well without any disturbance.
And luckily my prayers were answered.
Mandy had a relationship with her father.
She visited him most of the time.
But she didn't wanna stay with him.
To be honest,
I would sometimes envy her and the relationship she had with her dad.
I wished that i could also have a relationship with my own dad.
But nomonde decided to make me fatherless while,
my father is still alive.

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