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Thursday, October 1


Diary of a restless soul Insert 55


Insert 55
It was now october we had finished writing our trials.
I was in a bus home coming from school.
i was still confused on whether to attend our matric dance/farewell or not.
I mean i didn't have a partner to start with.
And i didn't have money for a dress or to even rent a car.
I just had gotten of the bus when my phone rang.
I checked the caller i.d and i became annoyed in a second.
What did he want now.
Mnxxm i let it rang untill it stopped.
But he didn't give up.
He called five times more untill i picked up already breathing fire.
Me: don't you know that when someone doesn't pick up it means that she doesn't wanna talk to you,
infact she wanna be left alone.
luyolo: or she doesn't hear that the phone is ringing.
Me: mnxm
luyolo: you know that's a possibility right.
Me: yeah but not in this case.
Luyolo: what's the scenerio then in this case.
Me: i don't wanna talk to you.
Luyolo: ouch!!! i didn't know you hated me that much.
Me: please cut to the chase or i will cut this call.
Luyolo: please my princess don't hang up on me.
I thought you would have forgiven me by now.
I am sorry i caused you pain.
I was the one who was supposed to take any pains away from you.
Instead i inflicted the pain myself .
I regret the decision i took.
Because it feels like i made a terrible mistake.
I thought this feeling was gonna subside with time but it keeps getting stronger and worse each day that passes by.
Me: fuck you do you hear me.
Fuck you and your apology.
Fuck your mistake.
(i don't know where did that come from, and i don't know why i insulted him but that seemed like a right thing to do at that moment and it sure as hell felt great).
Luyolo: i deserve that so i dont blame you.
Me: you got issues you know that.
Where is your wife and her baby.
Luyolo: she is not my wife.
We are only binded by the baby.
And she's gonna leave my house soon,
i still wanna raise this baby with you princess.
My life feels incomplete without you.
Me: the fact that you still think that baby is yours shows how dillusional you are.
You need prayers.
And deliverance.
You need god's intervantion in your life right now.
You should go to church.
Luyolo: i love you.
" you love who now.
Who are you talking to on that phone.
Are you cheating on me now luuu.
Have you forgotten that you are a father now.
And the baby needs all your attension"
mpumi's voice sounded in the background
"awulethe leyo phone (give me that phone) "
she continued.

I heard some noises in the background.
Mpumi: i thought as much.
I knew he was talking to you.
Bitch please leave my man alone he is happy with his family.
Stop calling him.
(she shouted at me through the phone)
Me: the fact that you don't see that your man is the one who called me,
makes me think that stupidity runs in that perfect family of yours.
(i said in a calmest voice ever).
Mpumi: so you are calling me stupid.
You are so full of shit you know.
Ujwayelana kabi.
Me: haiska khandiyeke wethu uyangxola.
(ah please let me be, you are making noise)
I cut the call while she was still getting all worked up.
I smiled at myself.
This girls is just something else.
She used to make my blood boil.
But today each and every word she said to me didn't mean a shit.
I was so calm and she was the one getting all crazy on me.
I put my phone back into my pocket.
I got home and the was no one but the keys were under the mat.
So I let myself in.
Went to my room took of my uniform and wore my casual clothes.
I wondered where everyone was.
But atleast the house was clean.
So i made myself a sandwich and juice.
And i ate while watching tv.
An hour later mandy came back with a shoprite plastic.
Mandy: hey so you are back.
Me: yep and i came back to an empty house where have you been.
Mandy: i went to mandla (her boyfriend) he called me to meet him at the mall.
Me: mmmh what's in that plastic back.
Mandy: goodies girl
(she came with the plastic to me and we helped ourselves with the junk that was in there).
Mandy: so mom is not back yet.
Me: i guess so, there was nobody when i got here.
Mandy: i wonder where she is.
I woke up in the morning cleaned the house.
And i went to ask if i can make her breakfast
and the was nobody in her room.
She was gone.
Me: thats weird and unlike her.
Where could she be.
I was slowly getting worried.
My mom is not those type of people who like being on the road.
She liked being indoors.
So it was highly unlike her to be gone more than an hour.
I started preparing dinner.
My mom was still not yet back.
After i finished cooking i dished up for everyone including my mom.
At 19:30pm my mom came back shouting and singing things that didn't make any sense.
I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing.
Yes!!!! For the first time ever in my life,
i saw my mom drunk.
Not just drunk but pop drank.
The alcohol smell filled the house just as soon as she entered.
She smelled like brewery.
For a moment there i was actually speechless and dissapointed.

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