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Saturday, October 3


Diary of a restless soul Insert 56


Insert 56
The look i gave my mom was priceless.
I still remember that day like it was yesterday though.
My mom couldn't stand on her feet without falling on her knees.
I wondered how she got home while she could barely stand.
She kept saying things that didn't make any sense.
This woman who was standing infront of me was clearly not my mom.
I was still trying to make sense of the situation at hand.
I didn't want to believe that my mom was drinking alcohol.
Maybe it was a dream.
"Yes!!" Its all in my head,
i tried convincing myself.
I was still battling with my mind,
when i saw my self covered in vommit.
This woman had the nerve.
She vomitted all over the lounge,
as if that was not enough,
she just had to throw up on me too.
I quickly ran to the shower.
I got in with my clothes on.
I rinsed my self.
And i took of my clothes and washed them.
I went to wear something else.
I went back to the lounge and mandy was mopping the floor.
I took a dump cloth and wipe the couches.
After that,
mandy helped me carry my mom to her room.
"yhey nenza nton,
please don't abduct me,
i have kids who still need me"
she yelled.
Me: khayeke mama maan no one is abducting you,
its just mandy and i,
we are taking you to your room. Mom: yhuuuu ma ATHEZA kamama njena,
mommy loves you vha.
Yho kanene how did i get here.
Where's my beer.
I need to pee.
We took her to the toilet and she pee'd.
Then we helped her up,
took her to her room.
She threw herself in bed.
I took off her clothes because they were covered in vommit.
I poured water in a basin.
Took it to her room.
I tried wiping her face.
Then we tried getting her inside the blankets.
She was already snoring.
We tucked her in.
Switch off the light and exited her room.
Mandy: yho i have never seen mom drank in my entire life,
i wonder what's wrong with her.
Me: lets just hope and pray that this is the first and last time we will see her like this.
Mandy: maybe she is stressed.
Me: what could be stressing her because everything is fine in this house.
Mandy: maybe something we don't know about is eating her up.
Me: i will talk to her tomorrow,
we need to get to the root of this while its still early.
We went to eat our food.
I put mom's food in the microwave,
incase she wakes up hungry in the night.
After eating i washed the dishes and made sure that everything was clean.
We went to watch the tv because it was still early to go to bed.
Just then my phone rang.
I checked the caller i.d and it was sibu.
I smiled to my self before i answered.
" hey bhabha" i said while smiling.
Sibu: hhayi stop smiling alone
its not attractive and you look like a retard.
Me: lol how did you know that i was smiling.
Sibu: well i know you more than you know your self.
Besides i have that tingling effect on woman.
Me: mxm you seem proud of that.
Sibu: of'cause i'm proud, why wouldn't i be,
while it takes years to make a women smile.
And i can just do it by calling,
now that's a real talent.
Me: whatever.
Sibu: see, you know i'm right.
Anyway i was just checking whether you got home safe after school.
Me: yeah i got home safe accept for the fact that luyolo and his baby mama called me.
Sibu: owh what did they want.
Me: luyolo wanted to apologise and mpumi wanted to tell me to stay away from her family.
Sibu: what family.
That girl is a lunatic.
Etsho ngoba yi side chick while there's no even a main chick.
I am surprised she still even have a mouth to talk,
while the only thing she should be doing is searching for her baby daddy.
Me: i am starting to think that she actually believes her own lie,
that luyolo is the father of her baby.
Sibu: thats what happens when you tell lies for a long time,
you end up believing them.
Its either that
or she really doesn't know who her baby daddy is.
If thats even a real baby.
Me: lol you still believe the fact that miyolo is some sort of evil spirit that looks like a baby.
Sibu: yeah girl with nomonde all is possible.
I am sure she has a big mirror in her house where she watches all of you.
And decides which life to ruin next.
Me: lol bhabha you watch nigerian movies too much.
Sibu: you never know maybe she is a nigerian witch inside a xhosa body.
Me: lol you really are crazy shame.
Sibu: hey bhabha let me hang up who knows monde maybe be listening to our conversation right now.
And she will trace me and kill me.
I am sure her broom has a gps and a tracker.
Me: hahaha you really kill me you know.
Ai shem bhabha you are hopeless.
bye friend.
Sibu: have a goodnight nana zam.
Me: you too
and pray that monde won't track you down.
Sibu: don't worry bhabha i am already on my knees.
We hang up.
I was now feeling a bit sleepy.
It was bound to happen,
since i am not a tv person.
I said my goodnight to mandy as she was still watching.
I'm sure she missed nwabi since they use to stay up till late together.
I went straight to my bed.
And i felt asleep the minute i got in bed

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