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Sunday, October 4


Diary of a restless soul Insert 57


Insert 57
I woke up the following morning took a quick bath.
Wore my school uniform.
Cleaned my room,
and i went to knock on my mom's door but she didn't answer.
I knocked for a while without getting any responce.
I thought she was still asleep.
Or maybe she had a killer hangover from last night's drinking.
So i opened the door.
"mama i.........." i stopped mid sentence.
When i was greeted by an empty un made bed.
I went to check her in the shower and she was not there.
I went to mandy's room.
And knocked once.
She ordered me to come in.
Me: hey morning.
Mandy: morning ntombi yinton (girl what is it) so early in the morning.
Me: have you seen mom.
Mandy: nop ain't she in her room.
Me: nop i'm just coming from there,
and strange enough her bed is not even made.
Mandy: well maybe she went out for some fresh air.
Me: since when does she goes out for fresh air in the morning.
Mandy: maybe its a new habbit
or maybe she is really stressed.
Me: owh i wonder what could be stressing her.
Mandy: you have to go you are already late.
I will send you a message when she comes back.
Me: ohk then.
I quickly ran out of mandy's room, i took my school bag and took an apple from the fridge
and i ran to the bus stop.
The bus was already there so i ran as fast as i could.
Luckily i caught it.
I boarded breathing heavily
and i went to sit next to some girl.
My mind was still troubled.
The fact that i left the house without seeing my mom ate me up.
It felt weird in so many levels.
When we got to the school gate i got off,
and went to our spot.
Sibu and khitha weren't there.
So i waited for them almost 15 minutes.
And still the were no sign of them anywhere.
I saw nceba(the guy from our study group) approuching me.
"Owh god why is he coming here"
i silently said to my self.
I was really not in the mood for small talks.
And i was definantly not in the mood to entertain him.
Nceba: hey girl (he flashed a smile).
Me: ey you (with a lousy smile).
Nceba: i couldn't help but notice that you are standing alone.
"duh you just stated the obvious,
so how is it any of your business" my subconscious said.
Me: yeah well i am waiting for sibu and khitha.
Nceba: inoba ba late ne (they must be late)
"mxm isn't it obvious"
me: yeah maybe they are.
Nceba: so are we studying this weekend.
Me: i don't know.
But even if we are studying i don't think i would be able to make.
NCeba: owh why? (with a disappointed face).
Me: i have some personal issues to attend to at the moment.
Nceba: then i don't think i will also attend.
Me: why not.
Nceba: well honestly you are the reason i joined the study group.
I really like you.
You are so beautiful,
intelligent, and most down to earth person i ever seen.
I like the fact that you don't look down on other people.
You inspire me.
You have every quality that are men desire in a wife.
I am crazy inlove with you.
And one day when you have agreed to my request i will love to take you out on a date.
And i promise i will treat you special because that's how a lady like you deserve to be treated.
I really love you girl i just need to be given a chance.
He came closer to me and planted a faint kiss on my forehead.
Just as i was about to open my mouth as to respond to what nceba just said.
Khitha sprang out behind me and thickled me.
Sibu: mmhm did we interupt something.
Nceba: no guys i was just living,
Athe i will see you around
and please take good care of yourself.
(he ran to his friends)
khitha: and then.
Me: and then what?
Sibu: yehake bhabha what's up with nceba.
What did you do to him.
Me: nothing he just came to keep me company because i was standing alone.
Sibu: so why doesn't he go and keep that girl over there company (he pointed at some girl that was behind us).
because she is also standing alone
since he has become a company keeper.
Or is there terms and conditions in his company keeping business.
Me: ai sibu khayeke maan hau.
Besides its your fault guys sendikhishwa company nje its because you are late.
Khitha: my alarm didn't ring.
Me: and wena sibu what's your excuse.
Sibu: khitha's alarm didn't ring.
Or maybe we forgot to set it up.
Besides xa seku hectic the mind forgets everything.
Me: mxm you mean to tell me that you guys were sleeping together on a school night.
Sibu: ewe bhabha this things have no specific dates nor time they just happen.
But you will understand when unceba seyekufake inxeba.
Me: mxm i will never date nceba.
I am taking a break from guys.
Khitha; aibo ntombi you can't take a break forever.
You want to die a virgin marry.
Sibu: ai stop talking nonsense ku bhabha wena khitha.
There is nothing wrong with being a virgin.
You should try it khitha.
Khitha: mxm i don't want my punani to be eaten by insects when i die mna shame.
Sibu: so you wanna die with a borehole between your legs.
Khitha: yep
we all laughed at how stupid our arguments were.
And at how silly we actually sounded.
The bell rang and we went to class.

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